occhi di falco

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What's your ocs names? I'm new

i have a ton of ocs so ill only do a few

felix (acciai) ruggieri;; nicknames: feli
hes one of my main ocs;; hes the most important to me
hes got a lot of issues but refuses to acknowledge them and acts as if hes perfect;; hes narcissistic and wishes to be a king hes incredibly smart he likes to party and have a lot of sex to take his mind off things
hes got a smoking alcohol and sex addiction
hes very fake and will watch you closely so he can shape himself into someone youll like he just wants endless love and adoration,,
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub!

leonardo dioli;; nicknames: leo
hes another one of my main ocs;; hes 2nd most important to me
hes a long lost raremutant his family was thought to be dead but hes 1 of the 3 survivors;; however currently they only know of 2 (leonardo himself;; and his uncle alessio who faked his death and returned 30 years later)
hes a fashion designer he took after his fathers company;; hes also the head assassin/spy and the leader of gli occhi
he fights in a secret war against a group of nasty humans named i serpenti
he also leads a secret faction of pietros resistance
he tends to overwork himself;; he feels incredibly guilty 
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub

pietro falco;; nicknames: il falco
main oc;; hes 3rd most important to me
hes italys most wanted criminal;; he used to be a cop but his partner betrayed him and framed him completely ruining his name
he leads a massive resistance called i falchi
hes got paranoid personality disorder but has hope he can restore things and make things better for mutants
he does his best;; he also doesnt have fingerprints…he rubbed them off on impulse out of paranoia
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and charahub

the rest ill put under the cut!

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