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This is a post about bras. If that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t read on.

Last night I discovered that the makers of my favourite bra ever, Panache, have launched a range of bras that range from a 36 to a 46" back size, I have to admit this is the first time I’ve heard of such a range and I was pretty excited, hovering somewhere between a 38 and a 40, Anything that gives me more of a choice is a good thing, right? Right. So I emailed Bravissimo to ask if they would be stocking the range any time soon so I could pop into the Leeds branch and try it for myself (because when it comes to bras I’d rather try before I buy and I hate buying them online unless I’ve bought it before).

I got a reply this morning, and I quote:

I am sorry to say that we have no current plans to stock the Sculptress range by Panache. The reason for this is that their back sizes start at a 36. As we stock back sizes from a 28 up to a 40, and our best selling sizes are 32’s and 34’s, we would be eliminating a lot of women with the Sculptress brand. We will of course keep an eye on the brand; they stock some gorgeous styles, so should they increase their size range it could be something we look into again in the future.

So to sum up. They won’t be stocking it because they’re biggest sellers are 32’s and 34’s and to stock it would exclude a lot of women. But to that I say, isn’t not stocking it excluding a lot of women? Isn’t it a bit like saying ‘sure you can have big boobs as long as you’re not fat?’ Yes, it would be nice if Panache extended the range to include 32’s and 34’s, but it would be nice if every bra company ever extended their range to include bigger cup and back sizes too. Realistically, is that ever going to happen? Probably not. And this new range by Panache is great because it’s a leading, fashionable, lingerie company catering for a much maligned customer base and perhaps if it’s successful other companies will follow suit.

I hope anyway. A girl can dream can’t she?

Evans have just announced another collaboration with Clements Ribeiro and I have to say, I’m rather excited about it. The last two were alright, but pretty dull (though I did get my go to job interview dress from one of the collections) but this new one looks pretty damn good to my eyes! I want the top on the far left particularly.

I also like how they’ve used fatshion bloggers as their models, it gives a much better idea of what the clothes would actually look like on.