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Word of the Week: Biergartenwetter

It is no secret that Germans have some of the best beer. The country also has plenty of beer gardens. On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, these beer gardens are often filled with people. After all, most of these locales are outside (thus the term beer “garden”).

Beer gardens are emptier when it rains, although some brave souls may choose to sit under the umbrellas. If you’re in the mood for a beer and good company, you may find yourself wishing for Biergartenwetter.

Biergartenwetter is the German word for “beer garden weather”, and it describes the most favorable weather conditions to enjoy a day at the beer garden. Biergartenwetter is usually sunny and warm (but not too hot). Imagine a 70 degree day with plenty of sunshine and perhaps an occasionally passing cloud: the perfect beer garden weather!

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But even if you have no plans to visit a beer garden, you can still use the term Biergartenwetter to describe the beautiful weather. In Germany, even weather channels will sometimes talk about Biergartenwetter in the forecast. When you step outside and feel the rays on your shoulders, you may be tempted to go meet your friends at a Biergarten - even if you’re just having a soda (or a snack). Better yet: pack a picnic basket with bread, radish, cheese and sausage to take with you and just buy an Apfelschorle at the Biergarten, as many Germans do. Because after all, who wouldn’t want to soak up the sun with friends at a Biergarten?

Seth Macfarlane

He gets a lot of hate from this site, but I don’t think people understand him. Often they say he pedals right wing views. This is in no way correct. It’s often a great weakness of the Americans to not understand irony. He is always showing right wing views in an ironic light, and makes them looks silly because of this. If you look at his points in American dad and family guy he is very tolerant and liberal. A great example is when Francine thinks left handed people are the devils minions. All the parallels are to gays and yet people can’t see that he’s trying to show how how silly conservative views are. The character he’s most sympathetic to is by far Hailey, who is basically our generation. He may not be perfect and occasionally be make a faux pas but that’s being human, at the core he sympathises with humanity and liberalism!

[ best friends ]

you love being best friends with wonwoo but lately he’s been acting rather cold. you’ve tried to see if there’s a problem but he won’t budge and eventually things start to crumble.

You loved having Wonwoo as your best friend. There were many benefits to his presence such as getting free strawberry milk in the cafeteria or sinking underneath the covers in his fluffy sweaters. On bad hair days he would lend you his bucket hat and whenever you were upset his long arms always caged you in the perfect hug. Occasionally, you couldn’t bring yourself to fall asleep so you would roll out of bed and toss on a jacket along with a pair of shoes and wobble out the door. Pulling out your phone you would send him a simple text and the next thing you knew loud cackles of laughter were escaping your mouthes from the night streets. Sometimes you would study at his place, your limbs sprawled out across the carpet while you propped a text book on front of your face.

As you asked him questions you would focus on the sound of his deep voice giving mostly the wrong answers until you fell asleep and the boy had to shift you into his bed. Today you were rushing to school, flinging out of your Dads car with a heavy backpack slung around your shoulder. You easily identified the bucket hat that belonged to the boy sitting on the steps, his friend mindlessly chatting away in his ear. Collapsing next to him you yanked out your notebook and dropped it in his lap with the page open to a list of questions. “Quiz me real quick.” You asked sharply with clenched fists. Wonwoo scrunched his nose and glanced at the questions while Mingyu hovered by his shoulder. “You don’t have to worry, sometimes over studying can make you forget.”

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i think the main problem that i have with people flaunting their relationships and personal life on social media is that there are so many people who can’t afford to go on fancy vacations, so many people who don’t have a whole, happy family, so many people who haven’t been able to find true love that hasn’t hurt them deeply in some way. and i know this sounds a little extreme–I’m also unfortunately guilty of sharing some of the above but I’ve come to the realization that happiness and financial stability are two things that many people don’t have due to their own circumstances and I would never want to be the one rubbing salt in those wounds.

Clean Eats for a Dirty Mind

On Twitter I occasionally do an #AskLzzyAnything hour, where you guys ask me about well… Anything! I’ve noticed a lot of you inquire about my eating and exercise habits on the road. But it’s tough to fit all the info So I thought I’d let you all in a bit and give ya the scoop on what my daily plate looks like. But before I do I must make a few things clear, I’m not a dietitian, I’m quite average in my body type, and like everyone in this world I’m not perfect and occasionally indulge in a favorite dessert or killer burger! What I’m sharing with you is what I strive for and consume 90% of the time. Also I’m aware that everyone has their own thing (paleo, vegetarian, primal, all American, etc) this post is not me saying you should adopt my habits, I’m just sharing what I do. Ok? Oh! And one more confession, I’m partially writing this to kick my own ass back into shape. By sharing this with you, it reminds and inspires me to stick with my plan!.
Ok… Now for the good stuff.

My eating habits are very simple. I eat as close to nature as possible, as in “could my food have developed on its own in nature”. For example, a cow is born, a carrot grows. Sugars, Grains and Dairy are manufactured. So I stay away from processed, “man made” products as much as possible. My diet consists of 70% meats, 20% vegetables and 10% fruits on any given day, but I’m not too strict with those percentages because it’s about the quality of the food not the quantity. You can’t really go wrong with those three categories. I do eat potatoes, but stay away from fried versions.
Now for the booze…I break my rules and indulge in good beer and red wine, because I’m human and like to have a good time. You just have to be careful to not over do it because too much a good thing is a bad thing. On a sad note, this is the year that I had to quit liquor. Something strange happens when the shots come out to play, my lights go out, and I become someone I don’t want to be (remember my past post about balance?)But it’s ok… Cuz that just means less shit to worry about.
Ok now on to Exercise.
Let me be honest, I hate exercise, and I hate gyms. But I’ve found 4 things that I absolutely love that still count as workouts and you don’t need a gym! 1. Walking. I walk everywhere and average about 3-4 miles a day. 2. Jump Rope. I carry jump rope with me on tour and put in about 30-45 mins whenever I can, I do this off tour as well! It’s such a great Whole body workout! Of course number 3. Rock Show! Even if you are a fan in a crowd rocking out in the pit! That is actually exercise. I burn an approximate 300 calories during a 90 min rock set. And…..
Last but not least… You guessed it.. Sex…get into it, its fun and is a great workout… With some awesome rewards too!
So there we have it! Hope you found this entertaining, and as always thank you for letting me into all of your lives!! If you have any questions I did not address… Feel free to write me!
Love, Lzzy

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re doing any kind of httyd AU, the dragons kind of…can’t be human?  not unless you want to change up their relationship with the “vikings”.  I mean, it’s not as though the dragons in canon are exactly…subservient, but at the same time there’s this feeling of “and now everyone has one!” that wouldn’t sit well with me were they, you know, human people.

so the conclusion would have to be just a simple “and now we’re all friends” instead of “and now we have augmented our society with the powers of these former enemies!!”  also, the whole “we’ve killed thousands of them” thing would be a lot harder to just gloss over.


Why doesn’t our Universe have magnetic monopoles?

“So he built this device and waited. The device wasn’t perfect, and occasionally one of the loops would send a signal, and on even rarer occasions, two loops would send a signal at once. But you’d need eight (and exactly eight) for it to be a magnetic monopole. The apparatus never detected three or more. This experiment ran for some months with no success, and was eventually relegated to being checked up on only a few times a day. In February of 1982, he didn’t come in on Valentine’s Day. When he came back to the office on the 15th, he surprisingly found that the computer and the device had recorded exactly eight magnetons on February 14th, 1982.”

The laws of electromagnetism could have been incredibly different. Our Universe has two types of electric charge (positive and negative) and could have had two types of magnetic pole (north and south), but only the electric charges exist in our Universe. At a fundamental level, between electricity and magnetism, nature is not symmetric. But it could have been! Magnetic charges could move and make currents; a changing electric field could induce them; north and south poles could be separated an infinite distance. Magnetic charge could even have been a fundamental property of black holes. In 1982, Blas Cabrera announced the first detection of a long-sought-after magnetic monopole event, and the physics world went crazy. But nearly 35 years later, a second monopole has never been found. Despite our dreams, it looks like nature isn’t symmetric after all.

Nino has figured out that Adrien is Chat but won’t mention anything about it until Adrien tells him. Mari is put in a position where she has to show Nino that she’s Ladybug. He’s super chill about it, they grow closer and he always helps her out by keeping Alya a little ways away from the action scenes when LB and CN are fighting to help protect her identity. And of course when Adrien mentions his interest in LB, he can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of his friends. Adrien becomes jealous at the growing bond between them, but Nino is the perfect wingman, occasionally dropping hints that LB should give Chat a chance outside of their work.

Finn and Rey laying together, sprawled in bed, covers tangled around them, Finn absently playing with her hair and twining strands around his fingers as Rey reads (or, at least, attempts to) and both of them are just so content in the moment, in the lingering idleness and togetherness that just feels so….perfect -

Rey occasionally aiming a few well-aimed swats (some by hand, others by the Force - she didn’t know the latter would be so useful) and making Finn jump and blush and whip around to playfully glare at her and she just smirks and walks away, feigning innocence -

Them being all flirty and leaning in too close when they talk and holding eye contact for longer than necessary, and their grins are huge and genuine and bubbling over with happiness -

Finn scooping Rey up and dropping her onto the bed to immediately run his fingers up and down her sides and avoid her instantly kicking and flailing feet before she snags a pillow and whomps at him with it before they both collapse into puddles of laughter -

Rey and Finn repairing the Falcon together, getting greasy and sweaty and hot, and just talking as their hands do the absentminded menial work about nothing, really, and cracking jokes, and Finn playfully swipes at her face with his thumb leaving behind a thick streak of grease (oh of course she reciprocates - by the time the thing is actually repaired they are absolutely messes) -

Them going swimming together, splashing each other and tugging each other underwater and wrestling on the wet sand -

Finn looking at Rey with this intense gleam in his eye and taking a deep breath and finally spilling everything he had been bottling up, all of his feelings for her, the fact that he loved her, EVERYTHING, and Rey is staring at him, taken aback, but then she interrupts abruptly by taking his face in her hands and crushing her lips on his and him eagerly reciprocating, hands tangling in her hair, and Rey at some point mutters, “I love you too” -

Finn and Rey finding the happiness they both utterly deserve in each other, and everyone around them, and just reveling in it.

i’m so tired of this like are y’all trying to tell me that when you were in middle school or high school you never called anyone a f*ggot and you never used the term “that’s so gay” like ???? i know i sure as hell did and yeah it was fucking wrong but i was a kid and i didn’t know any better because i didn’t have the Great and Powerful Tumblr to educate me but i grew up and i learned on my own that it was wrong and fucked up for me to say those things so i stopped !!!! 5sos are by no means perfect and occasionally they still say some things that they shouldn’t but they’re still young they’re still learning and for y’all to constantly bring up shit that they said three fucking years ago is so fucked up like they’re so much better than they were they’ve grown so much and they still have a lot to learn but they’re trying !!!! i’m not making excuses for things they said/did in the past just like i don’t make excuses for things i said/did in the past but y’all need to stop acting like you’re perfect because you had tumblr to educate you at a younger age !!!!!!!!!!!!!