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Hi! I think that Castiel is an "act before you think" person, Nathaniel is a "think before you act" person, Lysander is a "think before you act & panic in certain situations" person, Armin is a "think 'what would a character from this video game do' then do that" person, and Kentin is a "think before you act but keep army tactics handy" person. Could you write a drabble where there are situations and the boys kind of act like that? If it's too much, just do Cas please. Idk if this even made sens

Hello dear! I’m getting to this request very quickly because it really caught my eye. I agree with what you said- about how each boy is and it makes perfect sense. I don’t know many video game characters that well, so instead it’s a superhero in Armin’s drabble (he’s made a few Marvel references in the game so it’s natural to assume he’s a big fan of superheroes too). I hope you enjoy!

Nathaniel (Think before you act)

Candy was leaving the school with Castiel, of all people. Worst of all, they were actually laughing, smiling…. It caused Nathaniel’s stomach to turn as he thought how happy she looked beside him. He wanted nothing more than to just angry, get between them, something. He wanted to run up to them, stop them, get Candy away from him… But he needed to evaluate the situation and each pro and con first, and he needed to do so quickly.

He could run up there and do what he wanted to do most- yell or hit Castiel. Yet if he did that, it would likely lead to a fight which would make Candy upset. Or worse, she would get into the middle of it and get hurt first. He could do nothing, but that wouldn’t really solve his problem. He could bluntly ask Castiel what his intentions with Candy were, but that would lead to a fight. He could text Candy to wait for him after school, but she could decline. He could walk with them, but that would mean staying with Castiel. His face grew a bit pink as he saw them continue walking.

He took a deep breath and made a decision. Forcing a smile on his face, he waved to them as he ran up,

“Hey Candy! Wait up!”

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Out of all the people that need support and are struggling in the closet, you choose the spoilt, drug addicts millionaires... It's ridiculous isn't it ?! And you are surprised that people may turn into antis... Don't waste your life like this

Out of all the people who are struggling in the closet I got the most intrigued with the story of two boybanders who have been in a committed relationship for five years, who are great people, down to earth, talented, professional, beautiful inside and out and genuinely loved by everyone they meet/ work with. They respect their fans not like some other stars. Who the hell cares if they occasionally do drugs and enjoy a pint here and there? How would YOU cope smartass anon with the shit they are going through? They are 21 and 24 for god’s sake. They are human, they make mistakes, they apologize. They are just two normal boys in extreme circumstances. Two boys who cannot catch a fucking break from their own team and ignorant judgemental assholes like you.