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Weltschmerz [ Min Yoongi ]

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Rating : PG-13  | Pairing : Yoongi x Reader 

Summary: [Requested by @soldmysoultosatansoo​ ] Weltschmerz | n. a feeling of melancholy and world-weariness.  |  Yoongi had been her home ever since he stumbled into her life three years ago, with his music talents, overflowing dreams, bright smiles that rivaled the sun, and kisses that gave her butterflies in her stomach.  So why did she feel homesick when she was already at home?  (College AU!)

A.N : Thank you for requesting! <3 Let me know what you think! Request are still open too so feel free to request a scenario :) not edited yet so there might be some mistakes.


Sunday afternoon found her at the park in front of the library, disappointment filling her eyes as she stared at grey clouds that slowly covered the sun, stabbing words from her professor and the rejected project still fresh in her mind. A bitter laugh escaped her lips when droplets of rain started to fall down, drenching her newly bought dress and white heels. Her grip on her phone tightened as she ran back inside the building for cover, ignoring the glares the old librarian sent her way. It took her a moment to realize her phone had been ringing while she sat on the steps of the library, which probably explained the angry glares and muttering from the people inside. and she quickly slid her thumb across the screen once she read the name of the caller.

“Hey, babe.” Yoongi’s voice was filled with nothing but love and she winced a little at his fondness, as if it could burn her. She bit her trembling lips and mustered a small, strained smile that she hoped would stop her from crumbling into a crying mess.

“Yoongi?” She calmly asked, eyes still glued to the rain outside the building. The pitter patter of water against the glass window made her feel more somber than usual.

She could hear him drop something in the background and the curses that soon left his mouth before he could answer her and she would have laughed and teased him until his cheeks turned an adorable shade of red if she wasn’t so exhausted. Her gaze glanced down to the drenched paper on her other hand, memories of the last few hours flashing back in her mind.

“What’s wrong?” There was worry laced in his question and it almost made her spill out the thoughts that had been gnawing at her, drowning her slowly and surely. Her hands shook a little and she wasn’t so sure if it was because of the cold.  

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This is Jooheon from Monsta X. Full name Lee Jooheon, born October 6th, 1994, main rapper. And now let me tell you why you’ll fall for him. 

Let’s just start with his rapping. Jooheon’s rap is killer. In K-pop you’ll occasionally find rappers whose skills are acknowledged by accomplished non-K-pop rappers. Jooheon is one of those. Listen to one of the songs from his mixtape, Rappin. And how about him performing it live:

But rapping is not Jooheon’s only talent. He also composes, and just listen to this beautiful song of his, featuring I.M and Sam Ock:

Two very different sides of Jooheon, no? Actually Jooheon is just a bundle of opposites. Hardcore rapper and… aegyo master? Scared of literally everything? Yup, the same person. The cool tough guy on-screen is the exact opposite of the adorable ball of fluff off it. Badass rapper Jooheon is actually an adorable sweetheart.

Jooheon’s funny too, and is a fixed regular on Weekly Idol, along with GOT7′s Jackson, who he’s good friends with. They did Celebrity Bromance together!

And just look at him

Cute baby

But sexy on stage

Looking awesome for Nike

Cute barista with glasses

The sweetest smile

Bottom line, if you don’t get into Jooheon and Monsta X, you’ll regret it

Photo credits: Spotless + Hoxication + Your Page

Monsta X’s new song All In is out now.

In case you have never heard of the World Championship of American Football (which is entirely likely), we must begin your introduction by stressing that it is not the same thing as the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a three-hour beer and soda commercial starring flaccid old rock stars and the occasional female rapper. The World Championship of American Football is the world championship of football (the type that is played in America).

It’s been held every four years since 1999, making it just as storied a tradition as the World Cup, which is the world championship of that silly bullshit football they play in Europe. The series is organized by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), whose 64 members include countries like Kuwait and Moldova (which we’re pretty sure was one of the sovereign territories of Vigo from Ghostbusters 2). The organization is also based in France, because as Euro Disney has unquestionably proven, France is the greatest place to put transplanted American culture.

The Hilarious Story of American Football Abroad