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This might (probably 100% will) be a shot in the dark but do you have any idea what bts skin types are or what you might think they are based off what products they use and stuff? Like obviously jeongguk is acne prone (or was I guess his skins been looking pretty lately....)

These are just speculations based on our observations of their unedited / barefaced pics and products they have used. This info may not be 100% accurate so please take it with grain of salt. All of them are beautiful regardless of their skin types and concerns  

  • Seokjin

Normal. His skin is never too oily, but never too dry either. Though sometimes he might feel dehydrated. He also has redness around the center of his face.

  • Yoongi

Combination / oily. His t-zone is quite oily but the rest of his face is rather dry. It’s especially evident when he’s exposed to dry environment (for example in Bon Voyage S1). He had occasional zits / whiteheads which might be due to improper cleansing (he has mentioned before that sometimes he’s too lazy to do skincare/cleansing).

  • Hoseok

Oily. There were times when his skin looked a bit too greasy (could be sweat too) but iirc he has never experienced anything major with his skin.

  • Namjoon

Dry. Namjoon rarely looks oily, but his skin isn’t as plump as Seokjin’s. Idk sometimes he looked like he needed extra moisture (?) He used quite heavy duty moisturizers too. 

  • Jimin

Oily (?). His skin is kinda like Hoseok’s except his isn’t as shiny. Usually it’s only his nose area that looks oilier but the rest of his face seems pretty normal (?). 

  • Taehyung

??? Taehyung’s is rather confusing tbh. I think he’s one of those people who thinks he has sensitive skin when actually he’s not (i could be wrong though). His skin is on the oilier side for sure. However there were times when the rest of his face kinda looked dehydrated / dull (and he said his face is oily but feels dry at same time). His love for junk food and soda might be to blame for his occasional pimple outbreaks.

  • Jungkook

Sensitive / acne prone. He has experienced breakouts and it’s most probably hormonal and/or due to genetics. Sometimes he looks oily… but the other times he looks very dehydrated. I guess it probably has to do with: 1) the way he applied products. He often rubs his face vigorously and 2) his cleansers. 

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You're so beautiful are there any special face products that you use?? And what brand makeup do you use??

I had terrible skin up until my senior year of college (still have the scars and occasional outbreaks). Tried everything. I think I grew out of it, thank GOD. Now I use St. Ives scrub on my face, plus a Dead Sea mud mask from Amazon once a week if I remember. Sometimes my roommates and I do a “spa day” where we dig into my crate of Birchbox samples to do masks and skin stuff. 

For when I do full make-up, I use a Garnier BB cream (just from the drug store) or Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion foundation. Concealer under my eyes (I have horrible undereye shadows) and on trouble spots. Some bronzer I found at Victoria’s Secret like 3 years ago to bring back whatever color my foundation takes away. Clinique contouring sticks if I’m feeling fancy (they’re idiot-proof). Sephora brand liquid eyeliner. Naked smokey eye shadow. Lip varies, but I bounce between Chanel, NARS, MAC, Clinique, Kylie, Bite, and Glossier if I use anything. They’re Real brand mascara. Sometimes Target brand false lashes. Some eyebrow definer/wax thingy I got in a Birchbox to keep my idiot eyebrows in check. Also, everything special I know about make-up and application comes from either Youtube or Pinterest. I had no idea what I was doing until about halfway through college and I’m still figuring it out.

The only piece of my beauty regimen I am RELIGIOUS about is eyebrow upkeep. I’ve been blessed/cursed with very strong, bushy, Mediterranean eyebrows (thanks Dad) that like to connect if not forcibly divided. I was tortured as a kid for them, and bless my mom for not letting me pluck them into oblivion. Instead, she kicked me off on getting my eyebrows done when I was around 11, and I’ve been doing them/getting them done every since. I go at least once a month, usually every four weeks, especially when I’m in event heavy rotations. 

Then Somebody Bends - Beauty and the Beast AU

Before Shirayuki, on a small pedestal, was a rose - beautiful, red, dying. It needed no water, no dirt as it floated, but still the delicate petals fell one by one. They laid shrivelled at the bottom of the glass cage.

It was one of the few plants left alive in the capital. The curse had affected more than the people; the entire landscape had frozen, covered in a thick layer of ice and snow, the winds blowing ever fiercer. Never had she thought she would consider Lyrias warm.

The rose had been secure in Izana’s chambers before Haki and her entourage of scientists and cursebreakers had arrived. Now it remained in the lab, a small room off of the library, for testing.

Obi entered the room with her dinner, his brass feet clacking against the stone floor. Even as a coatrack, he walked with grace, wooden limbs moving fluidly. Some of the curse’s victims complained of stiffness and lack of mobility, but he seemed unaffected. She glanced back towards her work, then up at him. He gestured expectantly toward the food.

“You have to eat.” He found her eating habits appalling, and she had only been here four days, only known him for three. She wasn’t sure what he thought about her sleep schedule, but it couldn’t be flattering.

She dragged her chair closer to the platter, sniffing it cautiously. Her stomach grumbled in impatience. She raised her fork, poised to spear an unknown meat, and paused. Obi was looming.

“How spicy is it?” She asked.

He laughed and backed away from the table. “Not as spicy as last time, I swear.”

Her mouth tingled at the memory. She ate the first bite slowly, then dove in. She was ravenous. Obi crossed his arms smugly.

He was an old friend of Suzu’s; she only knew of him because of the letter that had sent Suzu toppling out of his chair with laughter. Supposedly, Obi visited often, but she hadn’t been in Lyrias long enough to meet him.

Obi wasn’t a healer by profession, she wasn’t quite sure what he did, but he managed to keep up with the science flying around the room. She’d been skeptical at first, but Ryuu, one of Garrack Gazelt’s staff and a robin-blue tea cup, had vouched for him.

She finished her dinner swiftly, deciding to pack it in. She couldn’t do much right now without Suzu; between them, he was the better cursebreaker.

“Do you think they can do it in time? Haki and Izana, I mean.” Obi asked.

“They might.” Love wasn’t her area of expertise, but it seemed unlikely. “We’ll probably break it well before that point.” Neither Izana or Haki seemed eager to fall in love, even to break a curse - even though they’ve been engaged for a year. “Honestly, they might be resisting on principle.”

“Maybe they don’t know how to love freely.”

Shirayuki paused, considering. Often, Obi would speak so casually, but something in his voice made her certain he wasn’t being straightforward. The grooves and scars in the wood that made up his face made him hard to read, and she doubted it would be any easier once the curse was broken.

She wondered what colour his eyes were - the bright blue she’s come to associate with Clarines, grey like the stormy ocean her grandparents had taken her to see, or dark as the pepper he insists makes everything taste better. She wondered if his skin was the same deep brown as his cursed form.

She wondered if she wondered too much. After all, as soon as the curse was broken, she would be heading back to Lyrias: frozen most of the year and soggy the rest, home to primarily scholars, and - apart from the occasional outbreak - uneventful. No one would follow her there - not a prince, and not Obi.

“They’ll figure it out eventually,” she said and wondered if she believed it.

Sporozoites of the parasite Cryptosporidium parvum emerging from their oocyst to infect gastrointestinal epithelial cells.

Cryptosporidium, commonly known by the comic book supervillian name “Crypto,” is transmitted by ingesting water or food contaminated with Crypto oocysts. Once ingested, the oocyte ruptures, and the sporozoites contained within infect the gut of their new host, causing watery diarrhea. 

Though outbreaks occasionally occur in the developed world, few infected in those outbreaks die from Crypto. However, in the developing world, some of those infected with Crypto develop chronic disease and die, particularly small, malnourished children.

For more on Crypto and how scientists are tackling this tricky parasite, check out this article on NPR’s All Things Considered about the work being done by the Striepen lab at the University of Georgia Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases.

Image courtesy Boris Striepen and Muthgapatti Kandasamy, University of Georgia Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases

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Do you remember in Episode 28 on Armin's route, after he tickles you, Alexy approaches and Armin wants to talk to him in private? Can you please write about what the conversation would have been about?

The funny thing is that this started out as a happy thing and took a turn for the angst.

There was just something about her that Armin just couldn’t stay away from. Maybe it was the way she talked- her voice sounded cute, almost shy at times. Maybe it was how her eyebrows would furrow and create a cute little wrinkle across her forehead. Or how her eyes sparkled. Or how when she blushed, it created the most beautiful and cute pink tint across her cheeks. Or how she was the only one who seemed to understand it- understand him.

Without even noticing it, a goofy, almost love-stricken grin began to spread across his face. For a moment, he even forgot his anger toward his twin until Alexy gave a sort of annoyed huff.

“So you drag me off to talk to me in private and you don’t even talk to me,” Alexy would have laughed if not for the sudden almost angry expression that appeared on Armin’s face as he scowled.

“Quit the jokes,” Armin snapped, “I’m serious, Alexy, I’m…”

He took a small, calming breath to try to regain his composure. Patiently, Alexy stood and waited, used to the small angry outbreaks that occasionally spewed from his twin. After a few moments, Armin finally spoke up again, his voice softer and more expressive as he looked at Alexy with the best kicked-puppy expression he could muster.

“Stop joking about us-about me and Candy-,” Armin pleaded, “-Please. It took me this long to finally get a date with her- if she even considers it a double date in the first place- and I don’t want to screw it up. And even though you seem to take my relationship with her as a big joke, I don’t.”

The serious tone and expression caused Alexy to soften as his heart lurched for his twin. He bit at his lip a bit nervously, an odd sensation building in his gut that was akin to guilt and shame as he folded and unfolded his arms in a fidgety manner.

“I know… I know,” Alexy sighed, “I don’t take it as a joke, Armin. I know you’re serious about her, in fact, she’s the only girl I’ve ever seen you be serious about! And I’m not going to screw that up, I’ll even butt out of your relationship all together if it makes you feels better.”

Even if it pains me to do so, Alexy mentally chided. He felt sick to his stomach just thinking about it- about not being a part of such a huge thing in his twin’s life. As different as they were sometimes, as much as they liked different things, their lives always went hand in hand, especially when it came to their relationships. It was just how things had always been. But maybe we’re growing up- or maybe he is-, Alexy thought, swallowing down the lump in his throat as he remembered that Armin was even trying to stop with the constant video game obsession for Candy (among other reasons, but he knew for a fact that Armin wouldn’t be taking it seriously if not for her).

Armin didn’t seem to notice his twins’ down expression as he continued to beg and plead with Alexy, almost to the point of being on his knees.

“Please- for me.”

Alexy swallowed thickly once more, but a big, forced grin spread across his face.

“You’re my twin- if you want me to butt out of things, you don’t have to ask twice, I understand.”

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Do u ever stop and try to squint and ignore how cracky and awesomely goofy Pokemon is and kind of suddenly realize how much insane adult responsibility all these preteen trainers put on themselves in order to care for and prioritize their Pokemon's needs above their own, and wonder how this will affect them as they grow up and become real adults after denying themselves a lot of the freedoms and securities of childhood for years?

I like to keep my fragile grasp on reality intact, anon.

But on a serious note, I imagine that’s why so few trainers actually accomplish great goals like entering a league or battling gyms. It’s like taking care of a pet, except with a much, much greater awareness of said pet’s intelligence, abilities, and sentience.

At the same time, Pokemon are such an integral part of their world that I actually think that the cultural values surrounding this kind of intimate responsibility and relationship are different than what we would consider it in the real world. Being with Pokemon is a freedom and security of childhood that’s taken well into one’s late years, and being able to build a bond with one is one of the necessary values of life. We’ve seen quite a few examples of children who have been afraid of Pokemon and how it’s negatively affected their childhood-Tory from the Deoxys movie is the most standout example, but we’ve seen other examples from the anime, too.

Learning to prioritize another species’  above one’s own is something integral for both Pokemon and human to learn, and I think that’s why the Pokemon world itself is generally so peaceful, environmentally sound, and almost idyllic compared to the real world (ignoring the occasional outbreak of megalomaniac-led teams, the increased danger posed by everyday threats like gangs or crime, etc). The whole world’s culture, origins, their way of life…it’s all based around the relationships between people and Pokemon.

And I think that’s lovely.

Next Door

It started the first week I moved in, and I tried to ignore it.

I’m not sure why I did, considering the amount of noise coming from the room next door was nothing short of ridiculous, but I guess I rationalised it with the fact that we were all moving in at different times, and maybe this guy was a little slower to unpack than the rest of us. That’s what it sounded like, anyway; boxes scraping and furniture banging and cupboards and draws opening and closing. I didn’t want to go over there in the first week of semester and ask about the noise; my guess was that doing so would fast track me into That Person status, and I wanted to give someone else a chance to fuck up first.

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