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Snowbaz Coffee Shop AU

This is my contribution for the first day of the Carry On Countdown!!! Here is my Coffee Shop AU (sorry it’s probably horrible…)

There was a boy. That shouldn’t have been alarming, considering that they where the most popular coffee shop in Britain, but there was a boy.

The bell that hung above the glass door jingled and a flurry of winter snow blew in. The boy’s mouth and nose where shoved into a blue scarf that matched his extraordinary eyes. His hands where shoved into the pockets of his jumper that was too thin for this kind of weather. He had a knitted hat on his head that was pulled over his ears, covering his bronze curls and his cheeks where flushed from the cold.

He pulled the hat off and shook the snow from his hair as the door closed behind him. He strided over to the counter where Baz stood, looking bored until the strange boy walked in.

The boy flashed a smile at Baz, his nose red from the cold. Baz cleared his throat, trying to ignore the fact at how incredibly handsome the boy is.

“What would you like?” he says.

“Wh-wh-whatever is warm,” the boy says, shivering from the cold.

“Everything in here is warm,” Baz says, exasperated.

“Then whatever you recommend,” the boy says with a wink that fails dramatically, making it look more like a blink. Baz wasn’t sure if he was flirting, and he didn’t want to open up his mind to the idea that someone could be interested in a worthless nobody like him. Especially at a first glance.

“How about a Pumpkin Mocha Breve?” Baz asks. The boy smiles warmly.

“Sounds perfect.”

The boy, who Baz later found out was named Simon, came to the shop everyday after. He stayed long enough that Baz practically had to force him out. The only question that swirled in his mind waswhat could he possibly be doing that led him to stay for so long.

It couldn’t be what the normal customers did. Some brought bland silver laptops and clicked away frantically, some finishing up almost late school work and others stealing their wifi to hastily send emails. Once in a while they would get a writer with a brightly colored laptop case or a notebook embroidered with the title of their latest work, finally getting a moment of peace to finish their long overdue chapter. Authors weren’t the only ones there for the quiet. Occasionally the little introverted bookworms would order a cup of tea and a piece of lemon pound cake to read, caffeine drifting through their nostrils. There was also teenagers just looking for a place to hang out as they chattered excitedly about upcoming events. Every customer had a story, and that was one of the reasons Baz liked his job.

But this boy, he was something else. He never brought anything with him. He never blended into the crowd of people clicking away or stood out in the way rowdy teenagers did. He always drank his coffee quietly with a smile, and Baz felt his eyes on the back of his neck as he gave someone else their drink. Sometimes he would pull out his phone, listen to music, or text someone who demanded his attention. But whenever he came up to Baz, he would constantly have his cheery presence and make small talk. He’d laugh at Baz’s jokes and Baz kept having to remind himselfthis was not flirting.

Somehow, though, they managed to create a friendship. The antisocial barista and the boy made of sunshine. Baz felt his heart lift every time he glanced at Simon and his laugh brought his spirits up a little bit higher. He tried convincing himself that he was not in love, but he immediately knew that was a lie.

Baz was cleaning up the coffee shop, taking away plates and paper cups, brushing crumbs off of the toffee colored couches as Simon sat in his usual seat, playing with the tea bag hanging out of his cup. His hands where scared and his nails where ragged, as if he’s been biting them. Baz found himself wondering again what was up with that boy.

“Do you think that maybe one time you can get out of your job to meet somewhere else?” Simon asks, looking in his lap. He licked his chapped lips and tapped his foot nervously, his insides spinning. Get a grip, Simon. It’s not like you asked him to be your boyfriend. It’s not even asking him out, he thinks to himself, but people these days where always misinterpreting things and he was worried that his feelings would be in plain sight. Baz was just so handsome and he wanted to find a time where they could talk outside of the rushed after hours where Simon had to leave before the manager came.

Baz stiffened, pursing his lips. He breathed in deeply and Simon knew he made a huge mistake.

Baz wasn’t thinking. Not really. His brained sort of shut off, letting his heart take over. He strides up to Simon, who is fiddling with his phone case. He put his fingers on his chin, lighting his face up so Simon was looking at him. For a fleeting moment, Baz wondered if his heart would force him to press his lips to the mysterious boy’s, but instead, he only said five words.

“Nothing would make me happier.”

Baz tapped his fingers nervously on his jeans in the pattern of his recent piece he was learning on the violin. He wore his hair loosely around his face and had a black t-shirt on to go with his disappointingly black hair. Baz took ages looking at his wardrobe, wondering what he should wear. He then figured that Simon had planned this to be casual, not at all thinking of it romantically.

He chose to meet at the park. Baz pushed away the thought of how incredibly romantic that could be.

Of course, Simon knew that this had the potential to be romantic, and he counted on it. He attempted to flirt with Baz, who was oblivious to it. As the day progressed, he realized that this was probably going to end up to be a platonic date, not a date with an outcome of a potential boyfriend. Then… a delicate matter came up.

“So… how’s life at home,” Baz asks, awkwardly. Of course, Simon promoted him to ask that by asking how Baz’s family is, but it still brought back horrible memories.

Simon squinted his eyes shut as he remembered what awaits him when he leaves the coffee shop in the evening.

His father would ask where he was as he quickly replied with “study group.” He always caught his lie. He’d round on him, a venomous look in his eye. He’d demand to know, and when he did, he would spat at him, saying that his mother didn’t die in child birth so that he could waste his life doing unimportant things. He’d yell until the veins where popping out of his neck, and it only got worse when he found out Simon was bisexual. Everyday was a constant verbal abuse, and everyday his spirits sunk a little lower.

Then he fell in love. He fell in love with the boy behind the counter who always seemed shocked at anything Simon did. He loved surprising him, and he thought that maybe he did have a future.

“S-Simon?” Baz asked, grabbing Simon’s wrist. Simon realized he was crying as the tears splattered onto his hand.

“I-it’s okay. Y-you don’t have to tell me,” Baz says, trying to decide if he should wipe the tears off his face.

“Um… do you… um…” Baz struggled to find the appropriate words, but Simon just hugged him, burring his head in Baz’s shoulder. Baz stood their awkwardly before wrapping his arms around Simon. That’s when he realized that this was not some silly little crush. This is what he wanted.

With a shaky breath, Simon breathed in Baz’s ear, “Will you be my boyfriend?” His heart was already broken enough, and all he wanted was for someone to mend it.

By the way Baz clutched him tighter, Simon knew that his answer was yes.

20 Facts About Me

1. I’m weird.
2. I don’t eat spaghetti without a cup of rice. Told ‘ya I’m weird.
3. I’m a lazy artist. I don’t draw even though I have a lot of time to do it.
4. I can dance.
5. I can sing.
6. I can swim.
7. I can’t fly.
8. I’m an occasional bookworm.
9. I love music, arts and photography.
10. I love listening to indian songs, indie, covers, instrumentals and movie scores. I’m not with the mainstream music.
11. Photography is my frustration.
12. I’m an accountant - but I didn’t take accountacy nor took the board exam.
13. I often get a lot of “suplado”, “masungit” and “snob” from other people.
14. I am family-oriented.
15. I value trust, honesty and loyalty.
16. I love astronomy and I want to be an astronaut.
17. Graduated from public schools.
18. I’m interested with mobile hacking. Like modifying and putting some tweaks for my phone.
19. My lung sucks at being lungs.
20. I go for substance, not for package.