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Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)


27 March 1960 - james fleamont potter

Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you need of him. How else could you produce that particular patronus? Prongs rode again last night.

Hello, everyone! I have two quick announcements to make!! 

The first announcement is… it’s my birthday and the second is I’ve released Weiss’ DA as a result! Please enjoy my take on a little town in a frozen Winter! The DA is 5E00-004F-45B0 and of course, clothing and gifts will be located in the plaza~ Also, feel free to tag me if you feel like visiting with #mayor-mayumi and/or #weissvillage so I can see! Have a wonderful day, everybody!

*edit: Information on Weiss can now be found here at the town info page!



up to no good - a hogwarts era wolfstar fanmix for braveremus‘ birthday extravaganza thing <3 i wish you a happy birthday and hope your day will be just as wonderful as you !!

we said love was painted gold,
like all things growing old,
the paint peels and slowly falls

listen I art credit

DA:I Fic: Hide-and-Sneak (1/1)

OKAY it is twigcollins’ birthday, and NOT ONLY did she have to work overtime because of snow shenanigans early in the week, it meant our dinner plans were disrupted and postponed. SO. If you can’t write sweet fic for your friend on her birthday, WHEN CAN YOU? (Happy birthday, lovely! <3)

(This is AUish, in that I don’t know exactly how things will play out right now, but it’s still the same Rose Trevelyan/Cullen I’ve been writing about. Just… later. In a way that may or may not end up canonically happening. /bases covered)


Cullen blinked blearily awake knowing he’d in no way slept enough, and had no idea where he was or how he’d come to be there. The bed felt wrong, the air cold as if no fire had been lit, and—ahh. The room above his office. It came back to him then. He’d worked late—too late, if he was honest—and had chosen to collapse in the old loft room because navigating a single ladder had seemed infinitely less fraught than making his way across the entirety of Skyhold only to sleep in a too-large, too-soft bed regretfully devoid of the wife who made it bearable. Not that he ever slept particularly well when duty called her away from him. At least he hadn’t actually fallen asleep at his desk. Again.

Still, he regretted his choice of sleeping arrangements as he rose. His knees popped alarmingly, his neck gave an uncomfortable twinge, and he was all too aware how completely he’d adapted to the softer mattress Rose insisted on. He was mid-stretch when the sound of laughter from below made him pause. His back, stiff from too much time spent hunched at his desk and not enough time in the sparring ring, protested the sudden jolt. Forgoing his usual armor—at least he hadn’t slept in it! Rose would be proud—he wrapped his mantle close to ward off the worst of the chill and descended the ladder into chaos.

Frankly, he had no idea how he’d managed to sleep through so much of it. Every book his five-year-old daughter Olivia could reach was on the floor, set up in strange patterns he could make no sense of. Meanwhile, Cassie, the two-year-old, had somehow climbed onto the desk (for a lass of her diminutive stature, she was alarmingly good at scaling objects that ought to have been insurmountable), pushed almost everything off, and was gleefully tearing paper into pieces to make herself laugh. Evidently nothing in all Thedas was funnier than the sound of things tearing. He flinched. She’d made her way through a great deal of it. And he didn’t remember taking the time to put away all the important documents he’d been poring over the day before. His supposedly-faithful mabari watched it all placidly, and when he glowered at her, she merely shook her great head and gave her neck a lazy scratch.

Cassie noticed him at once, letting out a delighted shriek. “Da! Da! Da!” She punctuated each syllable by pounding a paperweight against his much-abused desk. “Hi! Hi!”

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LIKE O, LIKE H  [words: 30,556] E

Chris made an offer. Sebastian said yes. And today’s the day they sign the contract.

ENCIRCLE ME [words: 12,463] E

Negotiation, checklists, sandwiches, and the first day of being married. Also, sex on a very patient sofa.

ALL YOU NEED TO SAVE ME [words: 7,650] E

A first fight, some revelations, chocolate truffles, compromises, and a lot of love.

A VERSE, CHORUS, AND SUCH [words: 10,009] E

Sebastian learns some things. Chris thinks about art. Siblings are sometimes helpful. And fairy-tales matter.

A SURE TYPE THING [words: 7,135] E

Nighttime contemplations, good-morning sex, moving-boxes, minor injuries, jellybeans, confessions of love.


Sebastian’s never broken one of his new husband’s rules before.

THE KIND THAT’S NOT UNDONE [words: 12,797] E

Sebastian finally has that nightmare again, now that he’s got so much to lose. Chris tries to help him feel safe and loved.

+  EXTRA SUGAR [words: 41,359- WIP] various ratings

“all the bonus scenes, deleted scenes, alternate versions of scenes, short snippets, and extra tidbits from this series.”

Because yesterday was luninosity​‘s birthday and this is my belated present for her.

Also because there’s no better moment than every moment to read this beautiful series (once again).


My Birthday MakeUp

This week is my 30th Birthday! And many of you requested I film a tutorial of the makeup I was going to wear during my evening out.  
So… Here it is! 

All the products used are listed in the description bar of the video, which is viewable if you click through. 

  • Me: Okay, Naja you have three minutes left of being 16. Choose your words wisely.
  • Naja: Oh my god, this is so hard. *chuckle, chuckle, chuckle* But, I mean, you know, now that Gaddafi is dead I fear that they can get a lot worse or a lot better because they have some crazy shoes to fill. you know...
  • But in reality, Naja's last words ended up being: "I have a weird callus on my second toe."