occasion: birthday


Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)

Hello, everyone! I have two quick announcements to make!! 

The first announcement is… it’s my birthday and the second is I’ve released Weiss’ DA as a result! Please enjoy my take on a little town in a frozen Winter! The DA is 5E00-004F-45B0 and of course, clothing and gifts will be located in the plaza~ Also, feel free to tag me if you feel like visiting with #mayor-mayumi and/or #weissvillage so I can see! Have a wonderful day, everybody!

*edit: Information on Weiss can now be found here at the town info page!

Happy Birthday, Jade Thirlwall!

I hope you’re having an incredible 22nd birthday together with your family and friends and those, who mean the most to you. I hope you know you mean a lot to me, too, and to many, many more people out there in the world! You’ve changed me and a whole bunch of people for the better and helped us become who we want to be by just being yourself, and that’s what we love you for. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are an amazing role model! We appreciate you and accept and love you the way you are, with your little flaws and imperfections. Just know, we’ll always have your back!