This week’s OC challenge was ‘Objects’, and the first person I could think of was Tone. I kinda messed around with a lineless sort of style on some of these objects (something I’ve never really done before) and I think it came out okay - I’m particularly fond of that jar of candy.


- Jars. Pitch would wash out jars for him to use as a little kid, and he would fill them with whatever he could think of and stack and file them on shelves in his room, writing little labels for them in bright crayon. In his current apartment, he has jars of pens, pencils, candles, spices…

- Hard candy. He has a hoard of this in a giant jar on his kitchen counter. The lid is never on.

- Baggy sweaters. He got this one from Pitch after he moved out, and it’s his favorite color.

(done for the ocartchallenge!!)