C.E.O Of Vision Towers - Eye-Ball Thorn

Eye-Ball Thorn is in charge of the dreaded Vision Towers on Planet Oxso-16, in this dreaded place he works on new technology and medical science that he sells off to potential buyers.

His cousin “Eye-Ball Shaun” one day came to his Tower and successfully evades all of his Traps and Robots (usually Tenta-Kills) to reach him and ask for some Vision-Drops that would cure his wife “Eye-Ball Dawn” from the deadly Pink-Eye.

Thorn gladly hands over his product to him on the promise of a favor (What favor? that remains unknown) and sees him on his way.

What are Thorn’s motives?? maybe you might find out in the game…

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Thorn and the Eye-Ball Shaun series is owned by Me


Ah yes my eyes hurt really bad from not turning away from the screen for so long OTL  Oh man but uh yeah, lots of practice going on here.  Howard is old and i like can’t draw old looking people, and Hutch is like 8 and i clearly can’t draw tiny kids.  OH WELL CLOSE ENOUGH.


They are (in order): Casey, Charlotte, Howard and Hutch, Hibiscus, and Jenkins.  ENJOY!

P.S. Listening to disney music sure makes me draw more disney-ish.  WOOPS