Ah yes my eyes hurt really bad from not turning away from the screen for so long OTL  Oh man but uh yeah, lots of practice going on here.  Howard is old and i like can’t draw old looking people, and Hutch is like 8 and i clearly can’t draw tiny kids.  OH WELL CLOSE ENOUGH.


They are (in order): Casey, Charlotte, Howard and Hutch, Hibiscus, and Jenkins.  ENJOY!

P.S. Listening to disney music sure makes me draw more disney-ish.  WOOPS

Cosmic Heist - Imperial Empire From The Stars

“The Metal Face Army” is an ever growing empire lead by General Malice Boomer.
His ambition is to rule over all living creatures that can be exploited for either hard labor or for fighting.

Malice Boomer also seeks to capture gods and goddesses assigned to different planets in order to use them as “batteries” and keep his planetary sized base of operations “The Prison Planet” afloat and in motion.

Many wars have taken place in the galaxies thanks to this evil empire and nothing can seem to stop them.

That is until a certain Bandit, a Crescent Owl Girl and a Chu-Chu Snake out to save her family step into the scene.

Can this trio of random heroes be able to put a stop to Malice Boomer and his army?

Find out in the upcoming game “Cosmic Heist”!

Characters and series is owned and created by FierceTheBandit