:’3 I’ve been sick and my tablet broke for a little while (I fixed it though) but I couldn’t work on art requests v w v’ 

I took a break and I was feeling better today so I painted this and posted it because I was like “what if I like die or something.” (not that i am going to die but I always think, I should just post this now just in case)  

I’m very rusty at water color paint but heres my child (oc) CyberSpiral, isn’t he pretty?

oh boy another SPM fan character! qvq”
This is Chess. theyarethesamespeciesasDimentiohhhhh
her closest friendo is her pixl companion, Eddi. Eddi can turn into a sword and switches into an axe when held the other way around.
She only uses Eddi in dire situations or for certain tasks


So this has been my first real attempt at developing a more realistic version of my OC Sonja. I am really happy with how it turned out. Very light compared to most of my drawings. 

For those who don’t know, Sonja is Subaru and Luna’s daughter. 

Please do not repost without permission, thank you.

See you…