ocarina of time chibis

As promised, the Legend of Zelda triforce kids all together!
This took me quite a few days to get right. I never really bother with backgrounds, but I am so happy with the final result.
I had no real final image in mind, I just kind of made it up as I went. Once I sat Link and Zelda together however, the two of them just looked like they were playing together, So I gave them a couple of little toys. You may recognise them. Lets just say Zelda is playing with dolls from my boyfriend and I’s favourite movies
Then there’s poor Ganondorf. The guy just can’t catch a break. He even brought along his own toy to play!

I hope you guys like this so much. I really did put a lot of love into it

The second in my Legend of Zelda series. The Princess herself.
This turned out totally different in style to Link. I probably should have had him around for reference, but as it turns out, I think this style is much cuter. I’m going to have to have another go at Link in this style before having a go at the third part of the Triforce

Hope you like it.