(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Mumu spam because I got it today! (I had to visit two different Swatch stores, make a few phone calls, endure a protest march and delayed buses -bc the highway was blocked bc of the demonstrators, but now I have it) And I am in love omg ♥


“It’s only because I love him so much that I call him bastard, he calls me much worse things” @Riga a few nights ago
someone says it’s about Curtis and someone else that’s about Andy (after talking to him offstage/other theories)
What are your thoughts? Was any of you there? Here’s the full vid: https://youtu.be/_75TpAUlYtU

No offense but like…. MK’s aesthetic isn’t dark woods and creepy masks. Have you seen her sweatshirt? Have you seen that slideshow she did for Ferdinand? She uses all these bright colors and “childish” patterns and honestly its my favorite thing because she could kill you if she wanted, but not before she shows u some sick spinning teddy bears on a projector.

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wait they showed who daishous ex was?

Yup! Her name has been translated as both Mika/Shika, unfortunately I think that’s just about all we know about her at the moment. She’s first mentioned (around ch 190 i think?) when Kuroo brings up the breakup during his and daishou’s little salt war

Although he denies being dumped, and says he dumped her, It seems more likely that Mika dumped Daishou. However, she appears after the Nekoma vs. Nohebi game! (Ch. 206)

look how cute she is!!!! im in love goodbye @ world

Honestly I’m really happy that Furudate added this part in. It really warms my heart that Mika in the end realized how hard Daishou had worked for Volleyball and she’s interested enough that she wants to get involved and share that part of Daishou’s life too! idk this scene just meant a lot to me <3