kaizokusquid asked:

Anne: Oi, Mika! It's Mika right? What's it like being captain? I mean having a wily bunch of squids in yer squad and all? Mine are a wily bunch too and it's hilarious seeing them be themselves. I mean having their funny moments, making this pirate captain laugh into tears.

Oh well, I dont really see myself much of a captain, I mean… I am the one who takes the lead in turf wars, but outside them Im just a regular peep with some awesome friends! not gonna lie tho, I kind of love my squad as if they were my lil siblings (after all, Im tecnically the oldest one of the bunch). So I cant help but acting motherly to them once in a while. I need to keep my team healthy and happy you know?

I feel really lucky to have a squad like this y’ know? is not very common to see a group of squids of different species hanging together due to the fact that we all have different quirks and behaviors.

But things have been more exciting that way, like, I’ve learned so much about other squids throught them. Sometimes I wonder if Im truly fit to be their leader.

anonymous asked:

If you guys performed in a band together outside of turf war battling, what instruments would you play?

Ohoho! that’s a good questions, cuz all of us casually happen to be musically gifted! of course I would be the lead vocalist and composer.

I may not look like it but Im really good at playing the drums.

I think I can play the bass some, its good to exercise your arms!

W-Well, I used to practice with the keyboard before moving… I may be a little rusty tho…

Its okay Jackie, you can always be my backing vocalist!

M-M-Me? singing??? n-no way!

bigfinc asked:

"Marie is indeed a firefly! Far as I can tell I'm just a regular Inkling with a bunch of extra pigmentation on my tentacles."

(Is that… Callie?! ok stay level headed, Mika)

W-Well in that case, Its kinda weird I havent seen her glow yet, Im pretty sure that would increase her …charm  (even more). If you dont mind me asking… do you happen to suffer from phototaxis? 

Bigfin reef squids are pretty fresh on their own tho,  they got no luminiscence but they’re highly reflective of the light surrounding them. normal inklings cant do that