Territorial | Ceri & Dinadan

Dinadan had decided to take a shortcut through the forest to return to the castle, but at some point as he strolled between the trees he got the strangest sense that he was being watched. He waited a while to see if it would fade, but it only grew stronger, the hair on the back of his neck standing up and his skin prickling.

Glancing around to see if he could spot whoever was there, he called out loudly and firmly, “Alright, you can come out now.”


Nuovo pezzo con il team Undamento al completo:
Ceri aka CeregoatCoez & i Fratelli Quintale

Rhys hummed a little along to the wireless stood in his kitchen work surface as he did the drying up, flourishing the towel a little as he moved from side to side, less out of enjoying the song than out of the fact he had to keep moving. He felt jittery, it was the same as every full moon. He could practically feel it rising within him, dragging higher and higher in the sky as he felt it rising in his blood. The welshman jumped as he heard a knock at his basement’s door, and he took a second to try and calm himself; his nerves were shot completely by the fear of the night to come. Bu all the same, the pale-faced young man crossed his home to the front door and pulled it back. “Ceri!” He beamed, managing to muster some genuine enthusiasm at the site of his little sister as he held his arms open to her