story time, story #2. secret agents.

earlier this summer I went to the mall with Caitlin, Sarah, Kaileigh, and Jaclyn. we had walked around, shopped, bought a thong for our friend, and then settled at the food court where we were sharing fries and soda. then, this guy walked up to us and asked if his friend could come over and talk to us, because he was “shy” and he wanted his friend to have more social interaction. we kinda agreed, not really knowing how to say no, and the guy walked away to retrieve his friend. the five of us exchanged glances and quiet comments like, “What the fuck is going on?” before the two returned.

they looked like they were college students, somewhere in their twenties, maybe. anyways, they started asking us questions like, what our names were, what we liked to do, what we were doing after and during the summer. then, one of them asked what school we went to. we all kind of looked at each other, unsure of whether to tell them or not. finally, Kaileigh said, “Chatsworth,” the name of a different high school. we all nodded and went along, glad she was a quick thinker. so, they kept asking us questions, and we tried making it obvious we wanted them to go away, but they wouldn’t. finally, when they got bored, they said they were gonna leave, and asked for hugs. so, Caitlin and i hugged each other, and didn’t let go till they walked away. after a few minutes we got up and started walking again, just in case they decided to come back.

as we were walking we noticed them, talking to a group of girls. upon further inspection, we realized we knew the girls, and tried to signal them to walk away. they didn’t. we saw them approach other girls too, and at times they were even physical. we told a mall cop about our interaction, but because they hadn’t seen them and they were no where to be found, they couldn’t do anything about it. that was when we decided to split up and keep an eye on them. Sarah and i stayed together while Caitlin, Jaclyn, and Kaileigh went to go look for a mall cop. we used our phones like walkie talkies and relayed information on what was happening, until Sarah and i came across a mall cop on our own. we told him about our encounter and right as we mentioned they tried to hug us, he looked over at them just as they were hugging some girls they had approached minutes before. after he finished talking to us, he went over to them and they talked while we regrouped with Jaclyn, Kaileigh, and Caitlin. we all watched as the two left the mall, and then did a 5 way high-five. 

pretty much, if you were too lazy to read all that, we got these two creepy guys kicked out of the mall by acting like secret agents. this is why the FBI should hire teenagers as agents, because we blend in and complete missions like a boss.

volucris  asked:

One of the main reasons I follow you is because you're really good at analyzing other people's writing. When I was reading your Haymitch/Katniss post, you mentioned a lot of aspects in their relationship that I wouldn't have noticed, and you have a nice way of wording your main points. It's like you have this weird way of understanding the characters and what the author wanted readers to see when creating the book.

omg, this is forreal one of the best messages I have ever received. like you don’t know how much this means to me. thank you so much!