Alright. Not sure if anyone is going to be interested in this or not.

I’m freaking out a little bit because it just hit me how many reviews/followers I have on my stories. Not sure if anyone’s going to care about this, but I’m beyond happy and I needed to share my joy with someone. (I’m actually letting it all sink in right now…absolutely mental). 

This is going to be a horridly long post, please bear with me.

I’ll start with the most to the least number of reviews and have a mini description of each story in case anyone wants to read them/check them out etc. I never thought I’d get to this point and the mere fact that people like my stories at all is beyond mind boggling to me still.

Fall Through Time - 196 reviews, 469 followers, 109k+ words. (I’M GOBSMACKED AT HOW CLOSE TO 200 REVIEWS THIS IS…WHAT?) Also NB. I’m a bit stuck for what to do next for FTT, mainly because I’ve been immersed in the angst that is IWHGH for practically the whole new year that I’m not quite sure how to write my version of the Marauders right? I want to have some Slytherin conflict…I think I may make this a separate post and ask @hogwartsaheadcanon for a little help.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11379882/1/Fall-Through-Time

Description: “In the last twenty four hours, Draco Malfoy’s life was flipped upside down. Not only was everything he’d ever known gone, but now the only person he had to rely on, hated him with every fibre in her being. Draco Malfoy was stuck in the past with none other than Hermione Jean Granger.” Dramione. Non-canon.

Time Travel? Piece of Cake - 69 reviews, 350 followers, 36k+ words. (Trust me…I giggled at the number too, you are not alone).

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11494858/1/Time-Travel-Piece-of-Cake

Description: What will happen when the Marauders find themselves transported to another time and dimension, which is scarily similar to their own? Landing in the year 1996, smack dab in the middle of a different war than the one they were fighting. Non canon. Dramione friendship. SiriusxHermione pairing. AU from HBP and onwards.

Return of Regulus Black - 43 reviews, 52 followers, 15k+ words.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11666023/1/Return-of-Regulus-Black

Description: Known Death Eater Regulus Black was assumed to be dead years ago, especially when they found the disfigured body in the Thames with his house ring on its’ finger. Years later the entire Wizarding World is not only shocked when he returns, but by who he brings with him; Notorious Mass Murderer Sirius Black, and a raven haired, grey eyed eleven year old boy.

It’s also a Wolfstar btw.

It Was Her Ginger Hair - 40 reviews, 42 followers, 89k+ words.

This is my baby that not many people read, but I thoroughly enjoy writing nonetheless!!

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11363580/1/It-Was-Her-Ginger-Hair

Description: The Second Wizarding War has officially started; Harry, Ron and Hermione are off on the hunt for Horcruxes, but the protagonist of this story is Ginevra Weasley. Ginny is in love with Death Eater, Theodore Nott. Will they be able to survive the War when adversity faces them at every turn? Mainly DH compliant. Non-canon. Theo Nott x Ginny Weasley

Promise (on hiatus and I don’t know when I’ll get back around to finishing it…really sorry) - 38 reviews, 248 followers, 66k+ words.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11325042/1/Promise

Description: The Second Wizarding War is over, and due to a ruling by the Wizengamot, Harry and his fellow classmates return to Hogwarts to repeat their Seventh Year. The Children of the War work together to heal themselves, create new bonds, strengthen old ones, and deal with the aftermath of the War, as well as trying to promote House Unity. Non-canon. Dramione. On hiatus.

Meant to Be - 12 reviews, 39 followers, 8k+ words.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11764460/1/Meant-to-Be

Description: Hermione obviously a bit confused as to why the three of them were gathered here was getting a bit impatient, she didn’t like not knowing things. “Luna, why are we here?” Triad fic about Hermione Granger, Luna lovegood and Daphne Greengrass. F/F themes, and M/M themes. Mainly light and fluffy, probably won’t always be that way. Non-canon, sporadic updates, maybe a little fun.

Seasons Change - 8 reviews, 5 favourites, 3k+ words. Short series and complete.

Rating: T

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11724088/1/Seasons-Change

Description: A short series that moves throughout the seasons that focuses on Fifth year Luna Lovegood, and Sixth year Theodore Nott. “Oranges, reds, yellows. Fall. Luna loves Fall. The air is crisp, and even though it rains often, she still goes outside barefoot.” Non-canon, just for fun. Luna Lovegood x Theodore Nott. My love for these two is immense.

Neighbours - 4 reviews, 37 favourites, 3k+ words. One shot, complete.

Rating: T

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11331380/1/Neighbours

Description: “Hermione Granger had always been a stickler for rules, and having a certain amount of order in her life, so the day he moved in she decided to make a specific set of rules just for him.” Draco Malfoy becomes Hermione’s neighbour and she makes a set of rules knowing if she doesn’t she’ll end up breaking them. One Shot, non canon. Dramione.

My other stories are my drabble compilations and I wasn’t sure about adding them in here so I didn’t.
I hope this doesn’t come off as arrogant or silly or weird. I’m just freaking out and I needed to let it out or I was going to explode.
There are 4 reviews before FTT hits 200 reviews………………WHAT?!? This is crazy.

You’ve been the only thing that’s right in all I’ve done.

Shamelessly plugging The Hardings universe because I love it that much. If you’re looking for something fun to read that’s the perfect mix of badass, sexy, thought provoking, and everything in-between, it’s all right here.

Thank you @takethisnight-wrapitaroundme for sharing your creative muse and talent with us. I know a lot of writers that would horde and hide their stuff like me, but you keep churning out these amazing pieces and letting us read them. It’s been so much fun just watching this world grow and manifest. And I know there’s only more epicness in store! I love them and I love you lots!


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