Remus: James… What are you doing?

Remus: Over Lily again? Shouldn’t you, I don’t know… pursue someone that actually wants to be around you?

Remus: …what… did you just call me?

Remus: …You’re buying me chocolate for the next four Hogsmeade weekends, James Fleamont Potter.

Let Me Count The Ways

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer )) 

*It’s Halloween in the Gryffindor Common Room, and the party has already resulted in 20 empty bottles of fire whiskey, 30 minutes of 7 minutes in heaven, three drunken brawls, and one fire* 

Lily: *spots James alone on the couch* *weaves her way through the costumed crowd to plop down next to him* 

Lily: *voice slightly slurred* Well… I’d say the party is a wild success. Go us.  

James: *voice VERY slurred* I din’t recognize you for a second. 

Lily: Huh? 

James: And Merlin knows I’m grateful that she looks at me without grimacing now. 

James: I don’t wanna lose her as a friend…

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Fizeste que eu confessasse os pavores que tenho. Mas vou te dizer também o que não me apavora. Não tenho medo de estar sozinho, de ser desdenhado por quem quer que seja, nem de deixar seja lá o que for que eu tenha que deixar. E não tenho medo, tampouco, de cometer um erro, um erro que dure toda a vida e talvez tanto quanto a própria eternidade mesma.
—  James Joyce.
Movie night at the Pettigrew's
  • Peter: Lets watch a horror movie! They're my favorite!
  • Sirius: Sure Wormtail! -Puts arm around Remus- I'll protect you if you get scared Moony -grins widely-
  • Remus: -Rolls eyes- sure Padfoot
  • Later....
  • Unknown Marauder: -high pitched scream-
  • James: Don't Worry Moony, Pads and I will protect you -looks over to see Sirius curled up in Remus's lap, hiding his face-
  • Remus: I got it covered Prongs -holding in his laughter-