thejamesberry replied to your post:[PRIVAT Sir, I was wondering if we could talk?

[PRIVAT Is what I’m doing wrong, being with another submissive? You know when I got into this relationship I thought nothing of it that no one cared, but lately. I don’t know, I can’t help but think I’m doing something wrong, that I’m being judged.

You’re not wrong and I highly doubt anybody is judging you, James. Love is love. I think the main point that’s come up lately is that a few people seem to have gotten the idea that it’s possible not to have any urges whatsoever. I’ve seen that mentioned several times now — the whole idea of being a switch or of not having instincts. Giving in to such illusions isn’t going to be healthy in the long run.

You’re not doing that. You come to me somewhat regularly to tend to your urges and desires. Being in a relationship with another sub isn’t bad — ignoring who you are would be. You’re fine, James. You don’t need to worry.