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Music Mastermind Unveils Zya(TM) at the Billboard FutureSound Conference

With Zya™ Anyone Can Easily Create and Share Great-Sounding Music

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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 17, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Music Mastermind today will introduce Zya™, the fun and easy way to create and share great-sounding music. Zya is a cloud-based music platform that empowers everyone – regardless of ability or musical preference – to make music in a revolutionary 3D environment. With Zya, users can also incorporate famous hooks from hit songs into their original music, creating a new, meaningful way for artists and fans to interact.

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The announcement will be made today at the Billboard FutureSound Conference in San Francisco, where Music Mastermind CEO and Co-Founder Matt Serletic will participate in the “Visionary Showcase.” Serletic will demonstrate how quickly a new song can be made using Zya. With Zya, users can create songs that mix up multiple musical styles and include vocal, drum, and instrumental tracks. Serletic will also showcase an example of how Zya users can incorporate famous hooks from hit songs in their creations, offering a new spin on legendary material. Zya’s First Look release is currently available on millions of desktop, netbooks and laptop models and through ZyaMusic.com.

“It is going to be a lot of fun to stand in front of a crowd of music lovers and debut Zya,” said Serletic, who is also a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer and the former CEO/Chairman of Virgin Records. “Our goal with Zya is to empower people worldwide to explore and play with music. Zya is about unleashing creative potential, no matter your past musical experience. It will be exciting to see what great songs and artists emerge with Zya. The potential is limitless.”

Three of the four major music publishing companies and several of the largest independent publishers have partnered with Music Mastermind to provide hooks from well-known songs and allow Zya users to collaborate with this licensed content in a new way.

“Primary Wave Music Publishing is pleased to work with Music Mastermind. We are excited by the potential of the Zya platform, which encourages music fans to create and hear new music in a manner unlike anything currently available,” said Larry Mestel, partner and CEO of Primary Wave Music Publishing. “Our focus is to support services that connect artists and music fans and that invigorate the music industry. Zya does both. It is a fresh approach to how fans interact with musicians and songs, and it encourages social music discovery.”

Zyawill be widely available in the first half of 2012.

About Zya

Zya is a cloud-based music creation and sharing platform that combines the best elements of interactive entertainment, music production tools, and social interaction. In Zya Studio, a revolutionary 3D environment that guides the music creation process, Zya users can enhance and transform their voices, create new beats and integrate hooks from a number of Zya Characters that represent different musical genres. Zya users can also incorporate famous hooks from hit songs into original, unique works.

About Music Mastermind

Music Mastermind was co-founded by Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter and former Chairman/CEO of Virgin Records Matt Serletic and former Managing Director and Global Head of Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Trading at JP Morgan Bo Bazylevsky. Zya, Music Mastermind’s first product, is the brainchild of Matt and Bo, and was realized with the help of music industry executive Dean Serletic, US High Yield trader Andrew Bazylevsky, and Wall Street veteran/lifelong musician Terry Solomone. Founded in 2008, the company is dedicated to developing technologies that break down the barriers to music creation and expression. Music Mastermind is a venture-backed startup whose investors include Intel Capital and Liberty Global.

For more information on Zya or Music Mastermind, please visit ZyaMusic.com or MusicMastermind.com. To access video, images and executive headshots, please visit MusicMastermind.com/press.php.

Zya is a trademark of Music Mastermind.


Finally got back into a sketching mood, and hopefully I can keep going this time. Originally meant to figure out a character’s new hair style, but it ended up playing with posing as well, so two birds with one stone, yay! Pose is still a little off but it’s good for not really being used to leaning forward poses.