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hello I made this video of the intro beat to Right Now

why? idk

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Faux Step Recording

The volca keys lacks a real step recording such as the bass module, but it’s still possible to program keys in a similar fashion. Activate one step and record note(s) and pot movements, then turn it off and do the same thing on the next step. Here’s the workaround:

  1. Clear sequence, press FUNC + CLEAR ALL.
  2. Enter active step mode, press FUNC + ACTIVE STEP.
  3. Turn off all steps but the first.
  4. Turn on motion sequencing, press FUNC + ON/OFF
  5. Turn off flux if necessary, press FUNC + FLUX.
  6. Leave active step mode, press FUNC.
  7. Press PLAY + REC and choose note(s) for this step. You can also set the filter et cetera if you like. You might have to hit REC a couple of times to get it right.
  8. Turn off recording, press REC, and enter active step mode again, FUNC + ACTIVE STEP.
  9. Turn on the next step and turn off the step you just edited.
  10. Repeat step 6-9 for as many steps as you like the sequence to loop.
  11. When all steps are edited, turn them on, press FUNC + ACTIVE STEP + all steps.
  12. Exit active step mode, press FUNC, and then press PLAY.
Volca FM Test/Jam
Volca FM Test/Jam

06/05/2016 1814 (Working Title: “Northtown”)

Oh look, I actually recorded something and posted something. For the first time in, what… three months? Yeah I’m shit at being regular about this.

BUT ANYWHOS: I finally got my hands on a Korg Volca FM! Months of waiting, drooling, just aching to pounce at this thing and I finally have one. And it’s super cool and rad. Eeeven if… well… how to work it is something I’m definitely gonna have to learn. Since so far I’ve been used to purely Subtractive Synthesis-based machines and FM Synthesis still kinda flies over my head. But I’ll learn it! Eventually!

… oh and here’s just a short little bit of me fucking around with a very basic sequence. Just am mucking around with the velocity, transpose, algorithm, and LFO knobs/faders on the front panel of the thing.


(via http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=qChShJdMJIg&u=/watch?v=Ck9hhaVzed8&feature=share)

this is pretty sweet. The volca series is fucking great. Just gotta know how to utilize them.