oc: nott vandegaurde


Halloween themed monster drawings of Nott. There’s a separate world/realm called Umbra where usual Halloween themed creatures and stuff that belongs in most human lore. Things such as vampires, zombies, will o wisps, red caps, animate skeletons etc. When entering Umbra, outsiders are automatically *disguised* (I use this term lightly) or transformed to look similar to the fauna in the world.

Someone’s appearnece and what monster they become is dependant on who they are, they’re original species/race, personality traits and physical traits etc. Certain elements of a person are picked on and then they turn into a monster equivalent of those characterisitics (I want a more logical and clear way of explaining this. Let’s say that this realm is mostly based off of HalloweenTown in KH2)

Nott becomes a Jack o Lantern headed raven monster. Her arms are made of vines and can grow exponentially and can sport briars. I’m looking at these now (2 months later) and thinking of change the intern vines into leaves/enlarged leaves. There needs to be some sort of webbing to create some kind of believable lift for flight (like a bat).

Otherwise, she’s very heavy. (Drawings done in June this summer to pass the time on the plane, my excuse for tedius cross hatching)