oc: mhawke

Leandra Hawke & her terrible giant children

“This will take a while” I said with full intention to keep painting & let my focus deteriorate towards the end lmao. This is also well ahead of the event but I don’t caaaaare this was fun. ^^

Wanted to keep Carver and Bethany looking sort of like themselves BUT also give them red hair and freckles. Leandra would have been brunette or blonde when she was younger - the children all got their coloration from Malcom. And all became red, freckly, tall, and taller.

  • Hawke: It can be a LOT to take in, I know.
  • Fenris:
  • Hawke:
  • Fenris: Was that a fucking dick joke?
  • Hawke: ....
  • Hawke: Probably.
  • Fenris: I am having an emotional breakdown over here and you're making dick jokes?
  • Hawke:
  • Hawke: I have a really big penis.
  • Fenris: I've made a terrible mistake and I'm leaving now.