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Anders takes a bath. Karl/Hawke (your choice) decides to tease him a little in the bath. ;D

For you, dear friend~

Don’t Tease (on AO3 – Handers, rated R, 1601 words
bathing together, cuddling, touching/teasing, fluffy as fuck

Hawke’s arms loosen their hold around Anders, hands reverently dragging across his skin underwater. Broad fingertips trace lazy lines across Anders’ chest, leaving little wet trails in their wake. Surrendering to the touch, Anders’s eyes flutter closed as he tilts his head back, resting it against Hawke’s shoulder while the other man continues exploring.

It’s only when Hawke’s hands trail deeper beneath the water that pulls Anders back from the blurred floating feeling he was disappearing into.

“Oh,” he breathes.

“Mm,” Hawke hums in reply.

Brain: “You know what would be fun? Draw them like a superhero couple. Like Batman and Catwoman!”

Me: “Should I really do this? I am trying to get rid of noodle arms, spineless poses and absurd hair…”
* after a while “Well, but it looks kinda OK…”