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Albanian mythology: Zana or Thana 

During the Illyrian times Thana was known as the goddess of hunting. Her name translates to “fairy”. Over the years, she became what Albanians know as “Zana e Malit.” In Northern Albania and Kosovo every mountain was said to have its own zana, who appeared as a fair maiden found bathing naked in mountain streams. The zana is believed to be extremely courageous, a formidable opponent, who can bestow her protection on warriors. Albanians even have an expression Ai ishte trim si zana, meaning, “He was as brave as a fairy”, this is used to refer to very courageous individuals. The zana is believed to have the power to petrify humans with a glance.

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Dear @sjmaas thank you for existing and creating worlds where I can always escape to, your books changed me, my life, my heart, my mind and my imagination. You’ve made possible, me becoming the person who I am now. Thanks for everything…

Illyrian Wings...

So I have this headcanon that Feysand would make wing art a thing. I mean, can you imagine that whole expanse of skin and really believe Illyrians wouldn’t use it to make themselves look more bada$$?

So it would start by Feyre ‘accidentally’ getting silver paint or something on Rhys’ wings. Then when they were done Feyre would try to get him to bathe it off but he’d want it to say because Feyre put it there. So Feyre would give up and make the silvery paint into a design.

Then when they got back to the House of Wind, Cassian would notice and be secretly jealous. He’d be the kind of person to think it was really pretty, so he would try to ask Feyre to teach him how to do it.

And the Inner Circle being the Inner Circle, everyone would secretly think Cassian trying to paint his wings was hilarious, and Feysand would just be like “be jealous”

So Cassian would try to paint his wings himself and Nesta would walk in on him with a bunch of silvery blobs all over him and she would roll over laughing. Then she would get a brush, and because being related to Feyre means she’s half-decent at art, and she can certainly manage a simple design. She’d feel bad for him and help him out.

Cassian would then show off his newly styled wings to Feyre and Rhys, who would be like “game on.”

From there it would become a competition, with Elain and Mor scrambling to be the judges, while Amren would just roll her eyes over the juvenile nature of it all, though she would secretly think it was adorable.

And Elain would eventually convince Azriel to start painting his wings too. And Feyre would paint what parts of her wings she could reach, then shift shape or get Rhys to do the rest.

The next time they visit the Illyrian war camps, all the kids would be so excited and admiring that Cassian and Azriel would teach them how to do it. And eventually this generation would grow up and painted wings would become the new fashion.

Somewhere along the way someone would come up with the idea for glow in the dark paint, which would look super cool in the moonlight. They’d also obviously figure out a way to make it permanent, so it would be like tattoos except without the stigma and way cooler.

Soon certain designs would become statements of honor, like war badges.

And the whole while Feyre and Rhys would just be congratulating themselves on how unexpectedly well this all turned out.