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195th Place and Jamaica Avenue in Hollis, Queens in 1923; photo by Eugene L. Armbruster. 

As a little kid I lived near here for a couple of years, about 2 blocks away, down 195th Street south of Jamaica Avenue in a big apartment building.  I went to PS 35 a few blocks west.  When I first saw this photo I recognized this corner as the site of the Miramar pizzeria we’d frequented in those days, long ago but also long after this photo was taken. 

The building is still there but now houses a beauty parlor (see below, Google, November 2016).

Elise Bauman - Actor’s Cabaret Performance (2011)

Lyrics here X

Miss Bauman proving once again that she isn’t just a wonderful actor but a great singer as well. She’s been blessed with a  brilliant personality yet stays truly humble. She’s full of surprises. She never ceases to amaze. Ah, she will go                 f               a                r