oc: envy

How to Deal with Envy and Jealousy

1. Ask yourself the question “Why does this matter so much to me? For example, is it that I feel I’m not enough, or do I feel lonely and overlooked?”

2. Ask yourself “What is MY definition of success?” Then think of realistic goals you can set for yourself, instead of always thinking of what others have achieved.

3. Focus on the talents and the gifts that you have been given, and think of how to use these in a meaningful way. Don’t wish that you were someone you were never meant to be.

4. Ask yourself “What kind of person do I really want to be … and try to develop those traits and qualities. Who you are matters more than what you look like or achieve.

5. Make a list of all the things you can be grateful for today – the blessings that you have, and the gifts that you enjoy.

Stand up for yourself as much as you want, as much as you can. And get it in your head that it is not vain to give wholehearted acknowledgment to the fact that people envy you and so try to hurt you because of how beautifully brilliant you are. Take it as a trade off if you will. You are a threat of endless kindness, boundless love, insightful thought and perspective, and truth. Some people just can’t handle the purity and authenticity of such a soul.
—  d.c.

I envy the kindness of a Pisces Sun. The way they say “I love you,” to just about everything. The way their friends admire them and the way their friends trust them no matter what.
I envy how when you say you hate one everyone looks astounded. How they naturally grab your attention, your eye, just because they look like they popped out of your own personal dream and made a home in your reality by chance - or by accident.
I envy how no matter how beaten or broken they are, they’re always there to help. How forgiving and happy they are… yet when truly betrayed, they can hold grudges that last longer than any Scorpio Mars I know.
I envy their ability to escape from the madness with profound words. I also am sorrowful when I realize that much of the time this is why they are artistic, why when their pens hit paper or why when their fingers pluck at strings is to rid sorrow from their brain.
I envy their artistic talent, and above all else their musical talent. Everytime I listen to them it feels like I’m being hauled off to the most entrancing concert hall.
I simply envy much about the Pisces Sun. Though, to be fair, much makes me sorrowful as well.
Like how their trust is often taken for granted,
or how every good trait of theirs is often twisted into something nasty by the people who’ve they put their trust in.
Yet, I envy them.