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"Steve, dad stole my blueberries again. And I even written my name on the bag....I might have to go out into town to get some more, so if dad comes back, tell him I'm out."

Not a problem, Kelsey. Think you can pick up some chips too? Clint ate all of those in one sitting yesterday. 

I did not! That was Barry and Bucky!

You can’t prove that!

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Question for every single one of you and I gotta know... What's your theme song?

Majority of these songs were picked by my twin sister because she’s the bigger Marvel fan and has songs that would actually fit each character better than my songs. A few of the songs on here are what I chose. Those like Tracey, Barry, Steve’s second song, Sharon, Maria, Darcy, Jane and Betty. Betty, Sharon, and Maria were actually really tough to figure out since we don’t know them as much as the other characters. More so, Betty and Sharon than Maria. And Jane’s song was actually a song my sister thought of for Pepper, but I saw it fit Jane better. 

Sorry that it’s not in the form of the characters answering it. The campus wifi isn’t working properly right now so I can’t get pictures without it taking forever.

I hope this answered your question!

Tracey: True Colors - Cyndi Lauper

Barry: Citizen Soldier - Three Doors Down

Tony: Invincible - Hedley

Bruce: Hide - Red

Steve - You Can’t Take Me - Brian Adams (or Eyes Open - Taylor Swift)

Bucky: Sound the Bugle - Brian Adams

Natasha: Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch

Clint: Castle of Glass - Linkin Park

Betty: Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

Sharon: Independence - The Band Perry 

Pepper: Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Thor: Brother my Brother - Blessed Union of Souls

Jane: She’s a Genius - Jet

Darcy: Bad Reputation - Joan Jett

Rhodey: Powerless - Linkin Park

Sam: Smile - Robert Downey Jr. 

Maria: Who I Am (Rosemary’s Granddaughter) - Jessica Andrew

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Guys, top . . . Let's say 3, Disney movies.

Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Lilo and Stitch.

Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fox and the Hound, and Cinderella.

Emperor’s New Groove, The Great Mouse Detective, and Brother Bear.

Lilo and Stitch, Lion King, and Aladdin.

Robin Hood, Princess and the Frog, and Alice in Wonderland.

Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers, and Fantasia. 

Winnie the Pooh, Princess and the Frog, and Dumbo. 

Fox and the Hound, Peter Pan, and Mulan. 

Mulan, Hercules, and Pocahontas.

(I”m sorry if you meant everyone. I read guys as the men. So if you meant the entire tower, SORRY D:)

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Hey people! Who is the most jealous of the tower? :B





I think we can all agree that Bucky 2.0 gets the most jealous out of all of us.

Oh gee thanks guys…

Has anyone else gotten jealous over their boyfriend or girlfriend’s exes? I don’t think so.

Well there was one time Thor got jealous that I tried to start dating after he left for two years.

But I apologized.

Hey I’ve apologized to Tracey every time!

So Bucky and Thor are the ones who get jealous the most. There you go, anon.

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Hey tower residents! What up? Here's a question; how many of you have been to Disney Land/World, and what was your favourite ride/attraction?

Tracey and I never went. We wanted to go with our dad when he came home.

He never had time so we never went. So we don’t have a favorite ride.

Disney World and Land didn’t exist until after the forties.

Steve and I still haven’t gone. Although I’m curious as to what it’s like there.

I’ve gone to Disney World a few times as a kid. My favorite ride is the Peter Pan ride.

I’ve been to Disney Land. My favorite ride is Splash Mountain!

Jarvis (the human) took me to Disney World once as a kid. I liked Rockin Rollercoaster a lot.

I’ve been to Disney World. I liked Space Mountain.

Disney Land for me. I like the Tea Cups.

I haven’t been yet, but I would like to. Jane has spoken fondly of it.

I’ve been to Disney World once. I liked Thunder Mountain.

Disney World! I love Cinderella’s carousel.

Haven’t been to either yet. Sorry. But surprising to everyone else, I really want to go.

Same unfortunately.

Disney World and Tower of Terror all the way!

I’ve been to Disney Land and I liked Splash Mountain too.

Disney Land and Space Mountain.

(Disney World is the closest to me but I’ve only been to Magic Kingdom twice, Animal kingdom once, MGM twice, Epcot once, and that’s it sadly. The times I’ve been were in kindergarten, 6th and 8th grade. Universal once and only Adventure Island, that was junior year. I’m a sophomore in college now. I keep asking my parents but yeah… So sorry if the rides are repeated. They are the only ones I remember. I really want to go too.)

If you have any questions or prompts feel free to leave them in my inbox. I’ll be busy all and it’d be kinda fun to see all the messages when I’m done. Hope to hear from you!

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You're trapped alone in a solid room, ask you have is a raw turkey, some copper wire, some pepper, and a blowtorch, what do you do? (each of you individually)

Uuuuh…yeah I’m not trained for that kind of thing. Ask one of the spies here. 

Probably try and make an explosive out of the copper wire, blow torch, and pepper. Maybe cook some turkey while I’m at it.


I’d pick the lock with the wire. Done.

Make an explosive to break out of the room.


Not sure. Probably use those four things to create a way out of the room. 

Make an explosive, use the pepper as alternate pepper spray on the guys I’ll be running from and use the turkey as a weapon. I have to use what I have to survive. 

I’d do what Natasha said…and cook some of the turkey. I like to eat too.

Make an explosive and a weapon out of those things. 

I’d attempt to make an explosive or something to get me out of there, but I have never been in that sort of situation before. 

I’d use whatever I have to make an explosive or something. I’ve done it before with whatever I had and I made a prototype for the suit and made it out. I think I could make something. 

I’m not entirely sure. I’m not experienced like the others. 

Use what knowledge I know to make a weapon or way out. 

I would create myself a meal with the turkey and then use Mjolnir to get me out of the room.

Uh Thor, sweetie, I think the anon means only the things you’re given, not including Mjolnir. I would try to use the blow torch to some how get me out of the room or use the copper wire to pick the lock.

If he gets Mew Mew, I get my tazer. I’d cook dinner then try to burn a hole in the room, pick the lock with the wire, or kick down the door. 

Honestly, I’d probably just use the big guy to bust out of the room. 

I would use the copper wire to pick the lock or burn the door down with the blow torch.

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To the whole tower, if the world ended tomorrow what would your greatest accomplishment be and your worst regret?

Being able to know that I have helped the Avengers with what I do. My biggest regret would have to be dating Dave. 

Well if the world ended tomorrow my biggest regret would have been to not be able to have any of my mom’s Thanksgiving cooking! Joking aside, my greatest accomplishment for me would have to be being a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and being able to protect my family, friends, and everyone else. Biggest regret is not getting to punch Dave. 

My greatest accomplishments would have to be getting my memories back, reuniting with Steve, gaining new friends and family, and being with Tracey. My biggest regret is that I didn’t punch Dave sooner, although I did throw him against a wall so I guess that counts. But my biggest regret is that I let Hydra control me, nearly killed Steve and my friends, and that I took so many innocent lives…

Are we seriously going to use “punching Dave” as a regret for everyone?

Pretty much.

My greatest accomplishment was being able to help Bucky get his memories back and just having him back. My biggest regret is letting him fall off the train in the first place. 

My greatest accomplishment was being a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and now a part of the CIA and a small part of the Avengers. I’m glad I’ve been able to help keep people safe. As for my biggest regret, I’d have to say it is being tricked by so many Hydra agents pretending to be S.H.I.E.L.D. It shouldn’t have happened. 

My greatest accomplishment was probably building the Iron Man suit and having the ability to protect the ones I love and everyone else. My biggest regret is having Pepper being involved because of me and being used as an experiment for the Extremis. 

My greatest accomplishment would have to be being one of the few people to keep Tony under control and that I am the first person that he actually showed how much he really cared about people. I knew he cared, he just didn’t want to show it. My biggest regret would have been that I am not able to do much while Tony was kidnapped by the Ten Rings.

My greatest accomplishment is that I was able to steal an Iron Man suit from Tony and am now War Machine. My biggest regret is that it took so long to find Tony when he was kidnapped. I thought I lost my best friend. 

My greatest accomplishment was meeting Jane and being able to know someone as strong as her and Darcy. Along with my new friends! I am glad I have them in my life. My biggest regret is leaving Jane for two years. I felt horrible for not contacting her and making her worry. Then there is Loki. I wish I had done more to prevent his death.

My greatest accomplishment was being able to help Thor in London. I was more than just standing on the sideline and doing something to help him. My biggest regret is that Frigga had died protecting me. I feel horrible that she died on my account. 

My greatest accomplishment was tasing a god! He went down in a second, it was awesome! My biggest regret would be that I didn’t get to see my parents one last time. 

My greatest accomplishment was that I helped Bruce as much as I could while on the run and my biggest regret is that I didn’t have the courage to go look for him after years of no contact from him. 

My greatest accomplishment was being able to keep the Hulk under control and that I’m happier than I have been in a long time with everyone around me. My biggest regret is getting Betty involved when I was on the run. I put her in danger…

My greatest accomplishment is being able to say I am now a part of the Avengers. My biggest regret is losing Riley. 

My greatest accomplishment would have to be that I got to help form the Avengers, well rather I got to help Fury and Coulson form the Avengers. If it wasn’t for Coulson’s sacrifice I don’t think the Avengers would have had their push to team up. My biggest regret is that I believed that Hydra was actually gone. 

My greatest accomplishment was joining S.H.I.E.L.D. If it wasn’t for Nat going after me to join, I don’t know where I’d be now. My biggest regret is that I let Loki control me. Never again will I let someone get inside my head and make me attack my friends. 

My greatest accomplishment is being able to say that I helped get rid of Hydra out of S.H.I.E.L.D., even if it meant S.H.I.E.L.D. falling itself. My biggest regret is that I lived a life where I hurt people unlike what I’ve done to help others as an Avenger. 

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I will gladly take that tech off your hands. No sense in wasting it. And I will keep that in mind next time the space bots come to play.

Do NOT give him that! Last time he took something apart it blew up!

I want to see this blaster!

Same here!

The tower is quiet today since Tony decided to host a huge party last night. Feel free to leave us some questions. I’m sure hungover Tony would LOVE to answer them. 

country-wine asked:


I would be a water bender! 

Air bender!

Well from what Tracey and Barry have told me of the show I’d say I’d want to be a fire bender. They seem cool. 

Air bender, I think it’d be cool to manipulate the air. 

Fire bender. 

Fire bender. 

Water bender.

Earth bender. 

Air bender.

Earth bender.

Air bender. 

Air bender

Fire bender. 

Water bender

Water bender. I want to try some blood bending. On enemies of course. 

Fire bender. They are able to use lightning just as I am able to with my hammer. 

Water bender, definitely.

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Ok two questions for everyone, alright what would you do if your bad guys were more than just bad guys... if they were like supernatural beings? And what do you think about an add spazzy chick in the tower, that is over dramatic, somewhat childish, but bad ass in her own way? ;) I'm sure you know who this is from but what the hey keep me anon xD

Supernatural? Hmm…well after dealing with aliens and Gods I don’t think the team fighting supernatural beings would be any different. It’d be a new challenge, possibly difficult considering they’d be new enemies, but I think the team would be somewhat ready for them. As for the girl. It sounds like she’d probably fit right in. I mean Tony and Barry can be childish and dramatic as well and then there’s Natasha, Sam, and Clint. They’re just as awesome as your girl sounds like. 

I’m not badass, Trace? Thanks! I’d have to agree with Tracey on this one. We’ve dealt with aliens, Gods, and other strange things. Supernatural beings would be difficult because we’d have to learn how they fight and come up with strategies to defeat them. But I think they’d fall in the category of “‘Normal’ Things The Avengers Deal With”. The girl sounds like she’d fit in. Tony and Darcy might enjoy hanging out with her.

I am NOT dramatic! I have to agree with Boris and Queen Elsa on this one. Supernatural beings would be a norm for us to deal with. I don’t think it’d be a problem for us to handle, but there’s always that chance where we are over powered. But we always pull through in the end. The girl definitely sounds like someone I’d like to have around the tower.

If we had to deal with new enemies we’d probably come up with a plan as a team to find a way to stop them. That’s how we always deal with new enemies. The girl does sound like someone who would get along just fine with the team. Tony’s already a spazz anyways. 

Hey, just because I have a nerf gun and like to play video games, does not make me childish. Supernatural enemies would be pretty cool to fight! I mean it wouldn’t be surprising at all if we fought some, but it would also be unexpected. But I guess every new enemy is unexpected if you think about it. The girl? Darcy would definitely get along with her.

Supernatural beings would be new for me. I wasn’t a part of the team when the New York incident with the Chitauri happened. But like everyone else, I feel that supernatural beings wouldn’t be any different from what we’ve dealt with already. The girl? She sounds fun. 

I’d rather not add supernatural beings to the list of things that we have to deal with. I already have to worry about Tony fighting people like Hydra. Aliens were something that I’m still amazed exist. But I guess it wouldn’t surprise me at this point. I think the girl would fit in nicely though. 

Supernatural beings? What do you mean? I’ve dealt with monsters back on Asgard and other beings. I don’t think anything supernatural would be any different from what I have fought in my time. This girl you speak of sounds like someone I’d like to meet. She’d be a welcomed guest to the tower!

If we had to deal with supernatural anything I’d be a bit worried, but also interested. I’d like to see what kind of beings there would be and learn as much as I can about them. I’m pretty sure the team would be able to handle them. But I guess it also depends on what kind of creature it would be. And yes, Darcy would definitely get along with this girl. 

I’d love to see some supernatural creatures! That would be awesome! I wouldn’t be able to fight of course, but I’d love to see them! The team could definitely take them down, but that’s just my opinion. And where is this girl? She sounds fun! 

It wouldn’t be anything surprising at this point really. We’d have to learn their strengths and weaknesses and then come up with a plan. The girl sounds interesting and would definitely fit right in. 

We have a God, two men from the forties, a man who can turn into a giant green monster, and we’ve faced aliens. I think supernatural beings won’t be too hard. As for the girl, like everyone else has said, I think she’ll fit in just fine. 

I was with S.H.I.E.L.D. for years and I’m now with the Avengers. I think dealing with supernatural beings won’t make a difference in my life. The girl with fit in just fine I believe. 

Like Maria, I was with S.H.I.E.L.D. for years and now have been with the Avengers for a few years. I’ve dealt with way too many things to think that anything supernatural would be too difficult or too strange. The girl sounds interesting. I want to meet her.

Same for me as Nat and Maria. I’ve seen too many things to think it would be surprising. Not sure who this girl is but she definitely sounds interesting and a blast to have around the tower. 

I haven’t been with the Avengers for long, but I was told about the Chitauri incident, I’ve seen the news clips, and I’ve dealt with just about enough things since joining the team to not find supernatural creatures to be strange. I want to meet this girl. She sounds like she’d liven the tower up even more than it already is. 

Supernatural beings would be new to me. But I guess it can’t be helped if you’re going to be with the Avengers. Sadly, everyone’s right. The girl would fit in. She’d probably make a mess like Tony and Barry…and Clint.

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Hey guys! So Barry do you play Pokemon and if so i want you to tell us which Pokemon and you and everyone else is. What do you guys think?

Hell yeah I play Pokemon! Just got the new game!

I would say I’m a Jolteon. As for everyone else? Tracey is a Leafeon,Tony would be a Lucario, Pepper would be a Lopunny, Clint would either be a Swellow or Pidgeot, Natasha would be a Mienshao, Steve would be a Gallade, Sharon would be Vaporeon, Bucky an Absol, Sam would be Talonflame, Bruce is definitely a shiny Machamp, Betty would be Chansey, Rhodey would be Flygon, Thor is Raikou, Jane is Umbreon, Darcy is Emolga, and Maria is Liepard. 

And just for kicks, Dave is Muk or Grimer. 

(If you would like answers as to why each character is their given pokemon. Feel free to leave a message. I didn’t want to type out an entire explanation for it sorry.)

serahfalcon asked:

To the tower, say Tony causes the end of civilization as we know it, what would you do? And do you think Tony will probably cause the end of the world?

I would do my best to help fix the problem. As to if I believe he would cause the end of the world, I don’t believe he would. Sure he has the technology and maybe if he did he wouldn’t do it on purpose. I don’t think he could cause the end of the world.


I would help keep everyone safe and fight to stop the end of the world. And I agree with Tracey. I don’t think Tony would cause the end of the world. 

Like I believe everyone would do, I’d help to fix the problem. I would confront Tony as to how he caused it to happen, but I don’t think he’d cause it on purpose.

I’d help and I don’t think he’d cause the end of the world.

I would find out how he caused it and confront him. I also kinda believe he could cause the end of the world with some weird experiment or another, but he wouldn’t do it on purpose.

Why would anyone think I’d cause the end of the world. I would do everything I could to protect everyone and fix my mistakes if that somehow happened. I promise I would never want to cause the end of the world and it won’t happen.

I would comfort Tony and do my best to help him with the situation. believe Tony wouldn’t cause the end of the world. Anything that the team deals with could cause the end of the world so I don’t think he would be the cause if the world ended. 

Tony wouldn’t purposely cause the end of the world and I would stand by his side to help him through the situation. 

I would fight to keep everyone safe and anything else I can choose. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be the cause of the end of the world.

I would help the team to fix the problem. I don’t think Tony would cause the end of the world on purpose.

Stark wouldn’t cause it. It would be an accident if anything. We’d all, as a team, would do our best to help him out and fix the problem. 

Just as an answer for everyone else: we’d all fight and protect each other and everyone else. Tony wouldn’t purposely cause the end of the world and he’d do everything in his power to stop it.

(Sorry I cut this short, but I felt that everyone would do the same thing to help so I just left it at that. Sorry if it wasn’t everyone.)

serahfalcon asked:

To the whole tower, if you were trapped on an island and could only bring three items what would they be? People don't count and technology more advanced then a laptop on the island won't work and Tony you can't make a tech item that forces the island to allow your level of tech. They will instantly blow up.

I would bring Dexter, my paint supplies, and my favorite book. 

I would bring my DS so I could play Super Smash, a twelve pack of Coca Cola, and if possible an endless supply of Taco Bell. 

For me I would bring my art supplies, my shield, and a book to read. 

I would bring some form of music, a gun for hunting, and my favorite book. 

I would bring a laptop, my favorite movie, and favorite book. 

Aw come on! You take all the fun away! Fine, I would bring a laptop, my tool box, and a chair. I plan on signalling someone to get me off and I plan to at least have a bit of comfort on that island. 

I would bring ice cream, my favorite books, and a book of cross word puzzles. 

I would bring a phone, laptop, and a movie.

Milk duds, a good book, and coffee are all I need. 

My arrows, a portable DVD player, and my favorite movie.

I would bring my favorite book, thread to make those friendship bracelets I mentioned before, and a pillow and blanket.

I would bring a book, laptop, and phone. 

I would bring Mjolnir, a book that Jane had recommended to me, and nothing else. I would be fine with those two things.

I would bring my favorite book, my notebooks with my research so I can go over them and see if I missed anything, and a laptop. 

I would bring my taser, laptop, and favorite movie. 

I would bring a book, a chair, and a pillow. Done. 

My favorite snack: salt and vinegar chips, laptop, and my favorite movie. 

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What do you all think of Fifty Shades of Grey??

/ /I may have read one chapter…

Really now?

Getting some ideas, Buckaroo? I know Pepper has read it.

I only watched the Gilbert Gottfried video of him reading it.

Ha! Me too! And I did read it.

I might have read it. Thor thinks its a book about the actual color grey.

I don’t have time to read that thing. 

I don’t need to read it to have a good time.

I haven’t read it and don’t really feel like reading it ever.

Steve caught me reading it the other day. He may have laughed and tried to tell me I don’t need the book. 

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For the entire tower, what would you do if Tracey was made into HYDRA'S weapon?

I will murder every last one of those bastards for even touching her. If they do to her what they did to me I won’t hold back. I will rip their heads off. …If Tracey’s memories are wiped and she forgets me and everyone else…I won’t forgive myself for letting it happen. 

If those guys take my sister I will hunt them down and do everything I can to get her back. We’ve lost our dad already, I can’t lost my twin sister. 

I would do everything in my power to get her back. No man is left behind. And after what happened to Bucky, I don’t want anyone to go through the same torture he went through. 

I will hunt those creeps down and help get her back. She’s basically a sister to me and I’m not letting anyone take her away from the family. 

Tracey is someone close to me. I’ve known her since she was in college thanks to her mom’s and Pepper’s friendship. She’s basically family. I’m not losing anyone in my family. 

I would do everything I can to help. I’m not like Maria, Natasha, and Sharon. I can’t fight like them, but I won’t rest until I know Tracey is back safe and sound. 

Tracey is someone dear to everyone here at the tower. I won’t rest until she is safe and sound. She is a dear friend and I will not stand for anyone using her for their own gain against her will. 

I’d do what everyone has been saying. I would do everything I can to help bring her back. To have Hydra take Tracey and use her as a weapon isn’t human.

If Tracey’s kidnapped, I will bust some doors down and kick some ass before I ask questions. No one messes with one of us.

I’ll take down the assholes who took her and most likely Bucky will be there on the rescue mission. I’ll let him have the honors of killing the guys who brainwashed her. No one takes a teammate of mine…

I’ll join the team that’s rescuing Tracey. Like Nat said, Bucky would be the one to kill the guys. I’d be more than happy to take some down as well. Just as everyone else has been saying, no one messes with one of ours. 

If those guys think they can take Trace and use her as their “weapon” they have another thing coming. They’re idiots in the first place to even think that they would get away with it. No one messes with our girl.

You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. 

None of us would sit around for long that’s what I know. As soon as we find out Tracey’s missing everyone would spring into action and come up with a plan fast. I’ll do my part anyway that I can. 

I won’t stand around and wait. I’d make sure I’m there to help bring her back. She’s family. We don’t leave family behind. 

No one is left behind. We would all play a part in rescuing Tracey. I refuse to sit around and do nothing while she’s in danger.