Imagine your OCs studying for a big test together. OC1 is actually doing a lot of reading and studying. OC2 is trying to remember things but cannot remember any terminology at all. OC3 is sitting in the corner playing video games and isn’t learning anything. OC4 is playing video games, too, but when OC1 asks them a question about the material OC4 always gets it right without even having to look away from their game.

Imagine OC1 waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise. As the steely sky shifts to silver, they sense OC2 settling down beside them, a steaming mug in each hand and a quilt over their shoulders. OC2 offers a mug to OC1 and opens the quilt to them, inviting OC1 to share their warmth. They sip their drinks and brace themselves for the dawn.


OC October is coming up and I decided to make some OC October prompts? If you use them pls tag me cause I want to see your cute af OCs!!
1-Your current favorite OC
2-Your first OC
3-An OC you don’t draw nearly enough
4-A non-human OC
5-A female OC
6-A male OC
7-A completely original OC
8-A fandom OC
9-A persona
10-Two of your OCs trade places
11-Your cutest OC
12-Your shortest OC
13-Your tallest OC
14-Your OCTP
15-An OC x Canon pairing
16-Two OCs who are siblings
17-Your most stylish OC
18-Your least stylish OC
19-Your oldest (age wise) OC
20-Your youngest OC
21-A fandom OC in the art style of the media they’re in
22-Your OC drawn as their zodiac sign
23-Alternate designs for your OC
24-A human OC as an animal
25-An animal OC as a human
26-Your OC in fancy clothes
27-Your creepiest OC
28-Two OCs trade outfits
29-Your OC with a friend’s OC
30-Your OC gets a new look
31-Your OC in a Halloween costume, or free draw


I was at Comic Con (germany) an met some friends

They asked me to draw something for them but, because i wasnt alone there, i had to do very quick sketches and i was super unhappy with the result so i drew it again today

just simple colo bc i have other stuff to do lol ( and it still took all day…)

1.  @aishishii ‘s OC

2. Iceboy from my hero academy, i can’t memorize his name. For @machine-gun