I call this one Homos, cinnamon rolls and husbandos, all of the embarrased e3e.

Finally got to scan the no-reference-doodles I did on my uni notebook (on classes) the last week and a half, and colored them (all of this fitted on a A5 page, it’s hard to believe).

I’m just glad to see I got better at tradi too. I’ll see what I will do for next week :3c

(first time trying to draw germany and Italy OTL I will get better eventually I guess. Also they have Amestris military uniform because that’s the only uniform I know how to draw :3).

That’s my girl.

In relation with Lara’s motto, the other day I came across this and basically it was a must.

Also casually introducing Miwa, my gymshipping fankid, because of reason he hot. He’s 15. More info on him (and older Misty and Brock) soon!

Lara and her starter Fravi, the young yellow-strip Kecleon.

Long story short, amourperlashipping‘s precious pic reminded me about working on the designs of my fankids, like, get them out of the sketch state. I somewhat overcame my art block from this week (thanks to getting back to uni probably) and got productive this afternoon, so here’s the first one.

The magical girl aura is strong on her. Improved some details on her outfit too. 

During her main story, Lara is 12 and carries 3 pokemon with her.


More Info will be available soon.

Pokemans trainer: Mause

Has big dreams of just laying on the beach and avoiding property taxes from the man.  She much prefers to let  her pokemon run around outside of their ball homes than keep them contained. She is a terrible father, but they are her special disasters and she loves them anyway despite complaints from the neighbors. Yukkin never returns her phone calls.