@calypsolemon first drew this version of Batman. It’s where he has Dissociative Identity Disorder and he’s an alter! I loved the idea so much i had to draw it… make sure you check out their blog for it!! They’re an awesome artist!!!!!!! also sorry i drew him slightly different to you? But anyway i just wanted to draw this !!

Say hello to my new Loud House OC Melanie Hart. She’s a six year old girl who is a new classmate of the twins. She’s also a very…special friend of Lana.

In case you didn’t get my oh-so-subtle hint, Melanie is Lana’s girlfriend. I have a headcanon that Lana is a lesbian, so I decided to give her a girlfriend. 

I plan on drawing two other pictures of Lana interacting with Melanie. So stay tuned.

Made By: AdrianaCartoonFangirl. Melanie Hart is owned by me.

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry to bother you i couldn't find on you commision info how much a tarot Card would be? Is that something that has a specific price or do tarot cards fall under full bodies?

Hello anon! I’m sorry to say this but I am not taking Tarot Card style commissions at the moment. You are welcome though, to inquire about commissions in the other painting style available :) OCs or fanart that fall under specific fandoms get a special discount!


Me trying to guess who the next confirmed LGBT+ OW-character will be: Haha what if Lucio had a cute omnic boyfriend
Me: o h  n o

EDIT:  The omnic boyfriend now has a name — Obi, or O-B to those familiar~!


this has been chillin in my folder for awhile so finally wrapped it up. forgot tho tumblr doesnt like longways posts so i had to break it up weirdly.

ANYWAY some time ago id talked with friends about my fallout player character’s different motivations/self-perceptions despite all being played good-aligned and then decided to draw it out simply because having some sort of lineup is nice too.