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Fallout OC fanart time, featuring in no particular order @fanartcity‘s Super M and asshat Jones, @cameronaugust‘s Hauser, @galoogamelady‘s Buttons and Alexis, @esuerc‘s Turner, @leona-florianova‘s Courier 6, @nikolaspascal‘s Six gun Susie and Bambi (both Fo4 and NV), and my own Jacques and Alice.

Enjoy :3

Sooooooooooooooooooo I MADE A HUMAN ZIMMER for that Species Swap AU Everyone’s done!!! Inspired by @peabnaut ‘s human Zim @w@ (do YOU SEE HIS FACE IN THE BOTTOM /////)

-Prankster, even at the age of 19/20, he likes to TP houses and throw poprocks at people. Very loud, very in your face but still very smol (5′0). Will fight even if he loses.

-A delinquent with his lil teen bro Gir (14). They do EVERYTHING together. Zim is very dependent on Gir’s presence while Gir is actually pretty much his own person but doesn’t mind tagging along. Mostly cause Zim’s a lonely fuck with no friends. Gir is scene, inspired by @poopcola ‘s scene au v/w/v

-Irken!Dib is possibly a scientist explorer that’s rather tall for an irken and is checking out Earth for the empire. He gets distracted cause wow dat Zim is really pretty wtf. Awkward and flustered alien boy does not know how to talk so they probably fight. Of course. 

-I made them mixed kids cause… (black/japanese) it’s cute… hello/. Zim also wears shirts/jackets too big for him cause he thinks it’s cool. But it does not help him look any taller. Tight pants to show off the leggie with knee/thigh high boots always.


TODOMOMO CHILDREN ///because my shipper heart needs them

The first one, Todoroki Mimi, is designed by me while the other three (Rei, Hino and the lil gurl) are made by the gorgeous @akeemi-art, I just wanted to draw these cutie pies

Pls check out her arts! She’s A M A Z I N G

You want to see more of my drawing stuff? Just click on the tag “myart” / “my art”


Tumblr killed the quality cries//

But yeah, meet Akio! His quirk revolves around him having literally hot blood! His body temperature is higher than the normal person, so if you’re not aware of his quirk, it’ll probably burn you if you’re not careful. During his normal state, his veins are faint, but still visible, but once he gets flustered (and he gets flustered really easily) his veins start to glow as his body temperature rises. 

Besides his quirk, he’s a 16 year old socially awkward boy who doesn’t like being touched bc he’s afraid he’ll accidentally hurt someone. Akio tends to have a resting bitch face, but he doesn’t mean to look… intimidating. His parents are both deceased, and he lives with his granny, who has a cockroach companion named Jimmy (poo I hate u LMAO). He enjoys baking and collecting rare, but super ugly figurines. He’s also best buddies with Poo’s oc, Misha, and Sushi’s, Iwi!!! They’re all a disaster though, probably do more harm than good being together in the same room.

Zim having a bit of a arrogance to the fact that he and Gir are bilingual and hoping to confuse his new alien bf is funny.. .but Dib’s pak can translate any human language as well as help him speak them cause ofc Dib would download every language to make sure he has no communication issues. For some reason, that gets Zim a lil flustered tho~ 

Forgot that I had this chillin’ on my desktop so I decided to color it vwv ~ We’re teetering in between fandoms here y’all lol Sonic and Zim as well as Sabers junk.