devils-deeds-23  asked:

Hey I drew your ocs heartbroken and coldhearted :) your art is amazing I can't wait to see more of your Chruch comic 💙💔

yes YES!///// I just reblog it and trying to tell you how glad and touched I’m !!!<3

but still! thank you !!! <3 u made my day !

i was kinda depressed , and your work make me feel that I’m not so useless like i felt this afternoon

you make me feel my drawings and stories actually means something!!!

here’s a little doodle for you <3 

and I’m rly glad that you like the comic…<3 !!!!!

Kravitz is good


This is just more of a what if on my part.

Based on the idea I head for White Paladin!Lance here and here

UPDATE: Fixed pages 3 and 5 sob

Disclaimer: this is all just only a fancomic. I do not own any of the characters except Mitan (who is my voltron fan character)