My part of the art trade with @wolfy4rt

I gave cel shading a second try, i find it difficult to simplify shades this way, also, tried to do grass for the background, actually do one in general since that’s part of my work… i can’t do stuff without following a guide (apologies that is not filled with flowers ;3;)

It was fun to work with this piece while playing with the colors, hope ya like it, thanks for doing an art trade with me ♪

(should also work later on the next trade)

Moirén the wolfskin pirate! She left her home at a young age with a lust for adventure and a free spirited life at sea with several like-minded wolfskin pack members and picked up several other vagabonds along the way. She’s now a self proclaimed “Pirate Queen” that raids along the coast of Nohr and other neighboring countries with a penchant for treasure and anything shiny with her motley crew. 

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Yay First one digitized

Ok here we go.

Name: Cat’s eye

Pronouns: She/Her

Weapon: Stick

Abilities: Recording, Camouflaging, Telepathy, Bubbling and Shapeshifting

Weaknesses; Short Tempered, hard to work with, terrible in combat.

Personality: At first she is cold and distant, but after while she opens up. She tries act cool but fails miserably. She is short tempered, and tends just shut down after failure. She is also very paranoid that she will be shattered

Affiliations: Cats, Crystal Gems

Backstory: During the war, Cat’s eyes were created as spies. They could record footage in their gem (like pearl) and were also mildly telepathic.
Cat’s eyes were seen around the level of peridots, until they did report on something very important, the crystal gems secret weapon. ( i haven’t decided what it is yet lol sorry)The Cat’s eyes were seen as failures were to be shattered and used for other purposes.

Cat’s Eye (pic above) was one of these gems. She was very scared of being shattered, she had saw her friends being shattered. She found her way to the battleground tried to stay hidden but was eventually found by a homeworld soldier. She was about to be poofed when a crystal gem (Rhodonite) saved her

After the event at the battleground cat’s eye joined the crystal gems until the end of the war.

The war was over and Cat’s eye saw no reason to stay in the crystal gems. Due to an infatuation with cats, she replaced her star with a cat motif (so did her close friend Rhodonite) though she keeps a star on her back to show respect for the crystal gems.

Currently, she resides in a forest with Rhodonite, trying to take care of the corrupted gems in the area. (there are a lot)

Friends: Rhodonite, Jade, Angel Aura, Coral, Coral pearl, Pearl, Garnet, Rose Quartz

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This is an Fan OC I made for Voltron: Legendary Defender!

Her name is Valonia, and she was a Galra prisoner until she escaped when the Voltron crew went aboard the same Galra ship. She has the power to phase through most things, and telekensis. She is best friends with Lacey, who is an OC my friend made, and promises to return for her.

She is fairly neutral to the Voltron crew, but has taken a liking to Hunk. She likes his kind and genuine attitude.

I do not own Voltron

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I deleted the old one and added the red marks to Shiv’s cheeks. I also brightened his eyes up a bit. These are not my characters and they belong to @hensa. It’s Hensa and Shiv being cute as always.

The eyes were done in a style influenced strongly by @punipawsart. Overall shading style was done using multiply of the base color and highlights were accomplished by doing a screen of the base color. I must say it is much quicker and very effective.


Amazingly done artwork I commissioned from Redblooper/Davidbaronart  of my three OCs, Olivia, Francine and Mrs. Simmons(the mascot characters of my NSFW tumblr).  I especially love the way Francine was drawn(the one taking the selfie. Inspired by the pin-ups by Brokenlynx21 aka Nick Swift of the Total Drama Series Female Cast   Just mind-blowing XD!

Be sure to check out Redblooper’s work, it is some of  the best stuff there is..