“C’mere, luv. I wanna dance for a while, just you and me. We can dance across binary code, sway to the rhythm of our pulsing energy cores, and just for a while, luv, let’s forget. Forget about Her, forget about testing, forget about turrets and acid and lies about cake. Right now, let’s just have this. Just you and me, and dancing. Let’s pretend, for now, that nothing else exists. Maybe if we try hard enough, all the bad stuff will just go away. Then we can dance for as long as we like. Yeah, I’d like that….I’d like that a lot.”

I honestly cannot put into words how much I love this piece of artwork! The artist event so, for making such a beautiful commission! This is actually a commission I bought from the wonderfully talented Bonkalore, also known as Bonka-chan on deviantart. If you don’t know already, this artwork is of her version of Wheatley from Portal 2 slow-dancing with my OC, Dee, from my newly-started and developing story, Finally Alive, which you can find on fanfiction under my penname, TF2Teen. I’ll put a link of both my fanfiction and Bonkalore’s tumblr account, in case you want to check out either, though I do strongly recommend you go see Bonkalore’s artwork. It is absolutely amazing, hands down the greatest artwork I’ve seen so far! This commission is absolutely the best, and everyone out there should go and give support to this artist, cuz they’re awesome! 

This is my little way of saying thank you, Bonkalore. Thank you for this absolutely beautiful, over the top commission! I will keep this close to my heart forever. Thank you.

Bonkalore’s amazing account: Bonkalore.tumblr.com

My fanfiction, Finally Alive: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11048852/1/Finally-Alive

Original character

Make up a character for me to draw :D !
I kinda need art practise. so if you want to please fill in these:

Body build:
Eye colour:
Skin colour:
Hair colour&texture:
What the character would wear: (plz dont make it complicated)


((You can be on anon if you want, but please leave me a nickname so that i can credit you)

My new background ,everyone :) I really hope it doesn’t look weird on your PC.

So these are my OC’s Rue Parker and Viktor Brazek. In the background you can also see the siluettes from other OC’s of this universe. 

Rue is the main character of the story I have in my mind. (Wohoo I also started to write this shit down!! But I really don’t get a good idea for the beginning of the story T__T) (Maybe telling the prophecy like in Legend of Zelda?)

Victor is also important, but not as much as her :D (But, tbh, he’s my favorite!)


don’t be afraid to draw stuff you’re not good at

draw stuff you’ve never drawn before, or something you haven’t drawn in a while

don’t draw only things you’re good at to maintain a facade of talent for other people

when you look back at your old drawings you’ll think they’re bad quality anyway because you will have grown, so draw a lot of things instead of just a few things that are easy for you


Here’s a small compilation of a few of the doodles/sketch draws I’ve posted on twitter but not here (roughly summer~now)
Couldn’t fit all of them onto this thing so i just picked my favs
some of the fanart in here is : Bravely Default, Touhou, Zelda and Children of Mana

The rest is like either studies, personal draws or thesis/school-related

Have a Happy New Year!!!


higher res in pdf file [x]
based on the one shot fic written for me by my friend rihouston

i don’t know how i should feel about this project of mine. on one hand i’m proud i was able to pull off some perspective, “camera” angles, and poses right. also first 4 pages were drawn few months ago, and the next 3 finished this week. there’s a slight, noticeable change in the style, at least i see it. tho on the other hand, this short, “real” comic challenge has taught me a lot of things about posing, perspective, and storytelling. and to be honest, seeing how your idea and screenplay come to life, give you this amazing feeling inside ;u; i wish i was a better comic artist, because drawing comics is real fun.

forgive me the shitty quality of the bookshelves, but they were a huge pain in the ass >_< (because of them, i took a few months break from drawing this) gah! no more library scenes! x]

edit: oops, seems like i linked the wrong fic. the one i based this comic on is saved on my hdd (and i thought you posted it too, riri ;p)