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doodles of Katy and Gale, Ian, new adopts (Jaz, Dana, Laurence and Florence), a Midoriya, and Ciela!

Hi Mana, I drew Mr. handsome ray of sunshine. It was fun drawing Corona…and the background. I love the sunshine boy so much; he shall be my sun (son) now. :3 (Although I do have many other “sons” and “daughters”……aaaaaa) Hope you like it! ;3 ~Thunderfrostling

30 day sole survivor meme

Day 6-  How did your Sole react to being awaken from cryogenic sleep 200 years later? 

this is. how he reacts to a lot of things, really.

What are their thoughts about the Commonwealth and how things developed while they were asleep?

raiders? well, makes sense

deathclaws? ok thats kinda…

bottlecap-based currency system? “preston i am going to fucking die out here”

wash is incredibly bad at counting things in large numbers because if he isnt 100% entirely focused with absolutely nothing distracting him, he is going to lose track and have to start completely over. so paying with 1s for everything is one of his least favourite developments.

in general tho he feels that the commonwealth is “better than expected,” in that he expected everything to be burnt and dead. pleasant surprise that it was slightly less so.

Did this quickly when my crazy times came to me… I didn’t can help to ridiculize again Jolan that I didnd’t drawn since a long time ! X’D


The reason of why Ratigan gives him this king of punishment is here… Don’t worry, it’s not an NSFW theme, it’s just forbidden for sensitive souls who live thie awful period that every teenagers live… >:3

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Hello, tumblr! I’ve never done commissions before, but I need some money so I’m going to try opening them up now! If you’ve ever wanted me to draw you fanart, your oc’s, or your portrait, now’s the chance!

General Info -

  • Email me at squidwithelbows@gmail.com to request a commission
  • Please include your tumblr url and type of commission, as well as any reference images or details about the commission (pose, expression, ships, personality, etc.) so that I can avoid doing any ooc drawings! Especially for oc’s, the more reference and description the better!
  • I won’t draw anything offensive, excessively graphic (porn, gore, etc.), or any projects that I feel I won’t be able to draw up to standard. I want us all to be happy!
  • The timeframe on commissions will be around 2 weeks probably, depending on my workload and the specific project
  • Commissions can be used however you want non-commercially and with credit
  • Payment is in USD, and through Paypal >>here<<

If you have any questions at all, please let me know!

Did this with my color pencils.

I wanted to draw in my improved style my WoW Worgen hunter Loulwana… on how she was as a human from Gilneas and then when she became a badass Worgen fighting for Alliance against the Horde, Scourge, Burning Legion…

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I had a lot of fun to make this ! :D

Enjoy ! ;)

Worgen race (World of Warcraft) belongs to Blizzard.

OC Loulwana and art belong to me.





$6.00 each, +$2 each additional character


For a line-art (Head up): $6 for bust, $10 for waist-up, and $12 for a full-body commision..  

For Flat colored comm.: $12 for a bust, $15 for a waist-up, and $18 for a full-body

For a fully rendered/colored commission: $18 for a bust, 20 for a waist-up and $24 for a full-body. Additional characters are +$3 each and background prices will depend on complexity.

Group Flats, up to four characters, are: $25.00

Group Full-Colors, up to four characters, are: $40.00

Lineless Art for a character and a detailed,stylized background is: $27.00

H.A.G. (Huge Ass Group) w/ Background, Max. of 8 characters, min.of 6, $60.00


I will do your

Fanart/NSFW fanart
Fandoms things (FAHC especially)
Backgrounds (I will try my hardest)

anything else besides what i won’t do, if you have questions just ask

I will NOT do

Something unreasonably offensive
I also reserve the right to refuse your request on those grounds, or for whatever reason (be it time restraints or that the slots are full)


Send me what you want along with any references or color palettes you want me to use via my email theartsiestgal@gmail.com, (please use ths one, my other emails get really busy adn i dont want to lose your email in all the smap or you can message me. I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.

If I accept, I ask for half of the playment up front. I accept payment only through paypal and my PAYPAL EMAIL is bookwormsch@aol.com.

I’ll begin on your commision immediately, and if requested, will send you WIPS along the way. When the Product is finished I’ll message you, ask for the rest of the amount, and when I get it, I’ll email you the finished PNG (or whatever format you ask for)

The drawing process can take anywhere from a day (for sketches) to a week (for full-paintings or maybe longer if I happen to be working on multiple commissions). I’ll tell you the approx. time when I get your request. If I run way late (which shouldn’t happen, but life does happen sometimes), you get a discount on the final price.







Thank you!

so im doing this again, hoping to do some choice fahc commissions, that’d be cool,