I wanted to try one of those drawing summaries but I dont have an app good for 12 pics and I’m too lazy to actually get everything done on the computer like I probably should..
2014 have been kind of a weird and mixed feelings period for me with my drawing.
I felt that improved but my seasonal depression got worse and I kinda stopped enjoying to draw. That caused some more trouble for me but that doesn’t really belong here on my artbook so I won’t go into details c:

January: i was still pretty happy about drawing and I worked harder than I would usually do. I even tried out my portraits of different tumblr users(the one in the pic is msjosephjoestar) and that was a lot of fun, it helped me understand facial features a bit more^^
February: i wanted to draw nicholael and petitepasserine again after the tumblr portraits and since they were sometimes called Sir Edward and Muri(and they look like a fairytale couple!!) I decided to make them into a female prince and mermaid princess^^ this has easily become one if the things I liked to draw the most and have done so a couple of times^^
March: it continues with the tumblr people and other fanarts but also a lot of work wit pastel colours. I had also just started watching Sailor Moon and when PetitePasserine and Nicholael had their anniversary I thought it would be fun to draw them like Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask^^ (because and I can!!)
April: my friends(that are also a couple together) had their anniversary too, not a full year yet but I think they were celebration a half year(or maybe I’m just a forgetful jerk but I think I’m correct xD )
I had drawn our friend group as mutants before and wanted to bring it back^^
May: Laryssa was born!! I had a random thought of a tall blonde and pale girl and he just got stuck in my head. When she finally got to be on my paper I mixed her together with other girls I has created in my head and the month after I would be drawing them all. Laryssa is lap my first trans character. I had not decided that for her, it felt like I didn’t have control on that but rather that my character wanted that so strongly.
June: I went on vacation with my parents to a place with pretty much no wifi. I had difficulties getting myself started but I ended drawing a lot of things. One of them was my magical girls! I have fallen deeply in love with my magical girls~✨
July: I had realized that for a girl that had been wearing lots of punk and goth inspired clothes, I hadn’t really drawn a lot if alternative girls.. I tried it out with this girl here and I really love how she turned out~
August: i had no other drawing for this month but I would probably still have chosen this. I had just gotten a new boyfriend and I wanted to draw something small for him that means a lot to us~
September: this was another month with low amount of drawings. I was happily in love but still the depression had a hold on me..
October: i wanted to go back to doing some fashion drawings in the hopes that doing that would spark my live of drawing again. It didn’t quite work..
November: only drawing in this month. I thought of tumblr. That’s it. That’s all I can say about it. Pizza, skeletons(or well, skulls here) and hearts. That’s tumblr.
December: practiced another way of colouring hair. I love it but dont know what to use it for as I can’t colour without lines so far..

August 13th was officially the 10th year anniversary of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, so I felt like it was time to do some fanart.

So here’s 18 year-old Mac picking up Bloo after school to hang out.


don’t be afraid to draw stuff you’re not good at

draw stuff you’ve never drawn before, or something you haven’t drawn in a while

don’t draw only things you’re good at to maintain a facade of talent for other people

when you look back at your old drawings you’ll think they’re bad quality anyway because you will have grown, so draw a lot of things instead of just a few things that are easy for you


Here’s a small compilation of a few of the doodles/sketch draws I’ve posted on twitter but not here (roughly summer~now)
Couldn’t fit all of them onto this thing so i just picked my favs
some of the fanart in here is : Bravely Default, Touhou, Zelda and Children of Mana

The rest is like either studies, personal draws or thesis/school-related

Have a Happy New Year!!!