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Hi, I followed your blog awhile ago for some reason and forgot, could I get a brief explanation of what I should expect?

Oh! Like what to expect from this blog? Sure!

This is my main blog! And I will be posting my art mostly to this blog! So expect cute doodles of OCs and other fanart of things I am interested in (list of that here: https://7goodangel.tumblr.com/kindafandomsbutnotreally ).

Right now I’m still within the Undertale/Undertale AU high with drawing mostly PJ. Though I do plan to draw some other characters that are related to my own projects (a mini webcomic for example) or other AUs (like inVoke AU).

The drawings range from pencil sketches to full digital works. And I’ll also answer asks on here, do memes, reblog other art or friend things and more! (which are all tagged either 7rambles or 7reblogs)

And… I think that’s it! Oh! Also check the FAQ as well (under the FAQ tag on my blog!) for more info! But this is a family friendly, sfw art/personal blog! ^^


In case you doubted that my warden has is a huge dick. And Zev is his bf btw… Oh, my boy is such a bitch.

This is probably followed by Zevran’s “A little bit of blood magic I see” (or how was it? Please correct me, if you know)

UPD: So the quotes are “I hope I don’t get blood on my armour again” and “A little bit of bloodletting I see”. Thank you, nice guys, for the corrections c: 

Dear Fandoms

Doesnt matter how right you think you are about a ship or a character, that is no fucking excuse to harass other people.
Doesnt matter how much you dislike someone’s fanart or OCs, that is no fucking excuse to tell them to go kill themselves.
Doesnt matter if you are part of the majority or minority, that is no fucking excuse to torment someone.
Doesnt matter if they disagree with your opinion, thats no excuse to be a fucking douchebag.

You can dislike something and voice your opinion why. That however is not justification for you to attack others nor for others to attack you.