Howdy, I’ve been playing Fractured But Whole (lol that name) nonstop and my fuckin’ otp is canon as fuck. Never thought I’d live to see the day a crack pairing from over a decade ago would become canon cause Matt & Trey found the fanart hilarious. Thank fuck we all prospered for years to finally come to this. 

Anywho, I love this game, it’s my new favorite, I’m just so happy it exists. It’ll last me till Forces comes out, I HOPE LOL (I might play fINISH IT BEFORE THEN????) Please buy this game, YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT WHENEVER, JUST PURCHASE THIS GAME OK. 


Fallout OC fanart time, featuring in no particular order @fanartcity‘s Super M and asshat Jones, @cameronaugust‘s Hauser, @galoogamelady‘s Buttons and Alexis, @esuerc‘s Turner, @leona-florianova‘s Courier 6, @nikolaspascal‘s Six gun Susie and Bambi (both Fo4 and NV), and my own Jacques and Alice.

Enjoy :3

It’s that time again! Not entirely sure how I got here, but a big thanks to all my followers & mutuals as always for the likes, reblogs, requests & just generally being fluffy & wonderful ^_^

This giveaway is going to be for couple art only, there will be FOUR winners & they will win a pencil sketch of their OC & love similar to the ones in the above image ^_~

Rules etc:

To enter you MUST be A) Following me (new followers welcome, but please don’t follow just for the giveaway) & B) Either reblog or like this post (or both)

Further reblogs count as entries but please be mindful of your followers

Couples only ( M/F, M/M, F/F are all fine, just two people in a romantic relationship basically ^_~)

One of the couple MUST be your OC - they can be paired with another OC or a canon character

Gaming characters ONLY

Please note that the idea is to show the couples of the winners in an intimate light, so please bear that in mind when entering! If you’re uncomfortable with your characters being portrayed that way this is not the giveaway for you.

And that’s it! If there’s any questions please feel free to send me a question or message me

Ends: November 30th 2017 @ Midnight PST


TODOMOMO CHILDREN ///because my shipper heart needs them

The first one, Todoroki Mimi, is designed by me while the other three (Rei, Hino and the lil gurl) are made by the gorgeous @akeemi-art, I just wanted to draw these cutie pies

Pls check out her arts! She’s A M A Z I N G

You want to see more of my drawing stuff? Just click on the tag “myart” / “my art”

Zim having a bit of a arrogance to the fact that he and Gir are bilingual and hoping to confuse his new alien bf is funny.. .but Dib’s pak can translate any human language as well as help him speak them cause ofc Dib would download every language to make sure he has no communication issues. For some reason, that gets Zim a lil flustered tho~ 

Forgot that I had this chillin’ on my desktop so I decided to color it vwv ~ We’re teetering in between fandoms here y’all lol Sonic and Zim as well as Sabers junk.