Commission Time!

alright.. i’m ready to take on more commissions. i’ll need to be doing them as much as possible for the next week, so it should be a quick turn around!

-If it takes me a while to respond to your email, please be patient! I tend to answer them as my ability to work on the commission opens up so just hold tight!

-I do not start the commission until after you have sent the payment.

-It will be $25 for one person colored and +$15 for every additional character added. If there is a lot of detail, it may be an additional charge. 

-please send references and let me know if you have an idea of what you want the characters to be doing! something like “draw something coupley” is better than not giving me an idea to start with at all!

-I will do ocs and fanart. I tend to stay away from gore unless it’s minor (i.e. a busted lip or a bloody nose). I don’t draw much nsfw either, but if it’s not explicit and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable then I might be down to draw it.


My email is taylertots.tumblr@gmail.com, so if you’re interested please email me!! Thank you very much!!!

So! I asked @junknight if I could draw a few of their OC’s and they said I could so I proudly present my picture of Micc and Ben!! Two of their characters who are absolutely precious btw!

This was really fun to do and I love their dynamic! I hope you like it as well!

Also if you aren’t following them, do, because their art is absolutely amazing and I don’t know how you haven’t found them yet.


Commissions Are Open!

Hi everyone! School has finally died down a lot for me but that means I have to prepare a bunch of stuff to go to college!

 It would mean the world to me if I could find support so I can invest more time into making art. I have more free time now so I’ll be working on commissions ASAP now. 

Will Draw:

  • Fanart
  • OCs 
  • Slight gore

Won’t Draw:

  • NSFW
  • Mecha
  • Complicated details

All prices are in USD! If you’re interested, please shoot me an email at phaistyart@gmail.com with the following attachments listed in the images above! Feel free to PM me questions!


I created Raijin when I was like 14. He is one of my oldest Characters and went through many remakes.
For almost a Year now I have been playing Overwatch and love the unvierse Blizzard created for it. And this universe seemed to fit Raijin, his abilities and his story like a glove so I took up the challenge to give him a bigass re-design.
He got some (hopefully) Overwatch worthy clothing and I tried to make up some skills and abilities that kind of make sense.

Anyways… Enjoy! And there will be more arts of him now that I got the design (almost) nailed down. It is not final, there WILL be changes but I had to put this Project to an end to continue on new things and improvements!

Feel free to ask any questions if you have some!

Actually I wasn’t going to post this, it was just a doodle of Ash when I was bored in Geo Class. But then I remembered that @tearzah ‘s birthday is like… today ;-; rip

So here you have some crappy drawings by moi

Confession: I like Bailey :v

I literally know nothing about Ha-Neul but I just love his design so ye..