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Buh-DAH! A young!Zeb comes on the scene! 

I hope my style or adaptation of Lasan and it’s people don’t disappoint too much. Younger Zeb was difficult to design but still fun very fun to come up with.


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These two are characters for my PMD story. Midori is the Politoed, while Susanna aka Susi is the Poliwag. Both are sisters. Midori is an important character, for what…well wait and see^^
Her grandparents were popular in their town, and their facility were important. After passing, Midori’s parents had no interest to keep this building, and so, it weathered after years.

Midori’s dream is to rebuild the facility. After reaching the adulthood she tries her best, but her staff are very chaotic and she’s kinda a scorn of the town.
The Politoed has diffidence and is going to give up her dream. Will she be able to fullfill her dream, or will she fail?

Her sister is kinda a “I will tell this mom”, and may be a little bit annoying, but somehow, she’s cute…

Except for her cheeks and that thing on her head, she has the color palette from the sprite of G/S/K

Species: Politoed
Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Characteristic: Mild // Quick to flee
Moves: Bounce // Hyper Voice // Ice Ball // Round

Susanna aka Susi
Species: Poliwag
Gender: Female
Age: Child
Characteristic: Hasty // Somewhat stubborn
Moves: Water Sport // Watergun // Bubble // —-

I think i’m liking this new theme of ponies doing very uncharacteristic pony things.  Here’s a toking pegasus

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