Did this quickly on SketchBook Pro so don’t worry if I’ve missed some stuff !

Okay… everybody saw Loulwana, Natureus, Jakkel, Yamisha and… some others… but did you seen my Pandaren shaman (from Alliance) Sumy ? I just wanted to draw her to see how looks the transmog I’ve made for her.

I’ve made her in using the free Sesame for level 100 when I’ve bought the expansion Legion, I’ve created her at the same I’ve made my first Demon Hunter… I should drawing him the next time. X3

Please, shut up… shut up, I know what you all think ‘bout her appearance so I don’t want to heard you !!! XD I know that she’s not like all the others female Pandarens. She has all a backstory but I’ll not telling it to you now, nah ! XP

Pandaren race belongs to Blizzard.

OC and art belong to me.

Ink’s [Emergency] Art Commissions

I wanted to update my commissions with new info and artwork and stuff. Soooo I have 95 days until I leave for China (I’m so excited!) but I’m running low on funds. I have one final payment before Winter Break to pay for the trip, and after that my account is gonna be empty. And I don’t think my aid will be in in time for me to buy my visa, which I definitely need. So help me afford my visa by commissioning me please. 


  • Busts = $10 flat, $15 shaded
  • Waist/knees & up= $15 flat, $20 shaded
  • extra characters = $5 each

What I will draw:

  • fictional characters (any fandom)
  • fan characters (Gemsonas, Hetalia OCs, etc.)
  • ship fluff
  • OCs and real people

What I won’t draw:

  • complex mecha/robots
  • furries/animals (this includes animal body parts)
  • NSFW (no fetishes or anything either..)
  • complex backgrounds
  • lolicon/shota, pedophilia, incest, etc.

Payment is through Paypal and in USD. Send me an email at mesadraws@gmail.com and all business and info can be done via email. Once I get the money I will begin the the commission. I also kindly ask that you send me a little more money than what the price is because Paypal likes to take away from profit, so use this fee calculator to figure out how much more to send. Please provide refs and plenty of info when needed. Thank you and please boost!! <3


I will have about 5 slots to open at a time, so if you’re interested please send me an email at maddy.devine1@gmail.com

-Things I will draw: your OCs, your OTP, fanart (tell me your headcanons!), artistic nudity, animals, mild gore

-Things I will NOT draw: porn, mecha, extreme gore

-All the commissions will have some kind of simple background, unless you specify otherwise.

-Please provide references of who/whatever it is I will be drawing.

-The prices of the digital paintings may go up or down based on what you ask for and how complicated it is. We can discuss it through email.

      -Please expect to wait 4 - 6 weeks for a Full Rendered Digital Painting

Payment will be through Paypal (USD) only. (please wait for me to invoice you before payment)

di-wild  asked:

49. What is their most valued object? Are they sentimental? Is there something they have to take everywhere with them? C:

Valil’s most valued object is his diary! He started it after waking up from cryo with amnesia. The diary is always nearby or on his person so he can take notes on life on Nexus and how to interact with people, as well as write down his feelings and thoughts. It helps him sort through the weird stuff he’s seen or experienced on the new planet and keeps him at ease since he knows if he forgets anything again he’ll have something to refer to!


I’ve opened up commissions!!!

Email me at cheldraws@gmail.com or shoot me a message here if you’re interested!


  • Payment in Australian dollars, via PayPal 
  • Payment must be upfront. I’ll start the commission as soon as you’ve paid. 
  • The commissions are for personal use only. Feel free to put them up on social media, but with credit to me and a link back to my deviantart or tumblr. 
  • I’ll post the commission on my social medias unless you ask me not to. 
  • I can email the commission to you if you want, or I can post it on my deviantart/tumblr and tag you in it. 


  • will draw OCs, fanart, personalized pieces (someone with their pride flag, someone as a waterbender, etc).
  • won't draw NSFW, explicit violence/gore, full nudity, animals, minor/senior shipping, or realistic pieces.
  • Time Frames: I can give you an approximate time frame as to when I can get your piece done,  but it won’t be set in stone. I have schoolwork, a job, and general life and family matters I gotta do.
  • If you want something that I haven’t advertised, just shoot me a message and we’ll sort something out!