More first drafts! With all four main characters this time. From left to right on the first image: Faraji, Morrow, Triple A, Judy. Cinnamon roll, sinnamon roll, cinnamon roll #2 and problematic fav.

I can’t believe they’re all finally here, I’ve been doing loose, kind of ‘ehh’ sketches of them for months now. Stuff is still bound to change, but this is a gr8 start per my own standards. Lil bit about all of them:

Judy - The team’s gay nerd leader who’d like to lead a normal life free of magical destinies and kingdoms in need of saving. Cares a lot about her teammates, but would rather the rest of the world solve its own problems.

Morrow - The unholy offspring of a mom friend and a tiny rugby player. Loud. Likes fighting things. Makes sure the others are happy and eat their vegetables. She’s better at taking care of the others than at taking care of herself, unfortunately.

Triple A - Used to more or less live in his video games, before magical destiny things came knocking on his door. Wants to know everything there is to know about magic and the cultures that were shaped by it. Not overly bothered by the fact that they were all brought to the magical realms against their will, an opportunity’s an opportunity.

Faraji - Tiny mystic-in-the-making. A few years younger than the others, yet also the most willing to help save those in need. He’s usually serious, and he tends to think and talk in abstract concepts.