I Bloody Love You

At the sound of the pounding alarm, all the gladers headed towards the box, watching it come up with the usual supplies and the new greenie, who’d doubtlessly ask a billion questions in the follow hours. Alby shook his head, anticipating the questions, but he’d simply tell him the usual stuff: shut your shuck mouth, follow the rules and stop asking questions. That’s it, that’s all the green bean needed to know, the rest would follow quickly. Most of the time, what really bothered them wasn’t even the actual Glade and the fact that they were trapped, but their slang which they couldn’t understand and confused them at first. Newt jogged to catch up on him, his steps slightly uneven because of his limp.

“You go greet the newbie,” Alby told him before Newt even got the chance to say anything. The blond boy nodded and then ran off to the box, getting there at the same as Gally. Both of them opened the grids. Slowly, all the gladers gathered around the opened box, hiding the sun an diving the box in the dark.

“Is he asleep?”

“He’s dead!”

“I can’t see him!”

The voices around Newt whispered as the boys’ curiosity grew. The blond boy jumped into the box, but even that didn’t make the greenie move. He was laying on his face. He’s got short light brown hair and was dressed just like the others, a shirt and a hooded sweater, along with brown trousers and worn-out leather boots.

“Turn him around!” Alby ordered and Newt carefully pushed the body with his foot, causing the newbie to roll around so his face was visible. A concerto of whispered and shocked expressions made the blond boy look up, squinting his eyes when a ray of sun blinded him.

“What’s the matter? Why are you all bloody whispering about?” He asked, annoyed.

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I’ve always wanted to give an oc their own tongue eating parasite.
So…….Sut has no tongue. This thing ate it and is now firmly rooted where it used to be, and it happily spends its days snacking on everything Sut eats.

AS SUCH, she is effectively mute, and can’t taste anything. Attempts to cut the thing out are ineffective, as it is fused in pretty far back there, and has a way of cutting off the hosts’ air when it’s being threatened.

It was for sure put there intentionally, and there is some sort of significance to it……..buuuut i haven’t worked all that out just yet