Day 337 - Nihil Moveset Concept

So thanks to some discussion with a friend *cough cough* @maximiliank1 I thought up new move ideas for Nihil to have in my game. These were rushed as I have to present them for a final soon for class.  Enjoy!

Commission info here

Took a short break from working on artbook to sketch out a bunch of messy drawings of Kiihra, my Galra girl from the latest chapter of Proper Care and Feeding of Your Galra Companion for Dummies. She’s around 15 Earth years (more or less), sheltered, spoiled, and immature so ofc Lance bonds with her like immediately. She also reminds him of himself and his little sister

A 7′4″ alien cat version of his little sister

so there’s a bit of angst mixed along with that.

The shenanigans these two will get into. Even as all the Galra drama goes down. 

Does her hair look familiar? It should. :B