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I can't remember if this question was already answered, but what was/is Lori's weapon? A wrecking ball?

If she wants to (TO SMASH if the moment calls it)

She mains 10,000 knives/swords modes

Big sword, little sword, long sword, swirly sword etc. (her comrades swear they’ve never seen her use the same knife/sword twice. Sometimes it even changes mid fight.)

Also another main she uses is a small hand gun for those special occasions.

Was inspired to create a blind Sapphire (based on Steven Universe) when I read this little exchange from one of my fav YouTube theorists, AJ Universe: 

Anonymous asked:  lmao imagine a sapphire with the gem on her eye

@the-a-j-universe​ :  Blind Seer.

Bonus sapphires from when I was figuring out her design:

I quickly fell in love with the short-haired look, and the idea of her Gem Weapon, a laser wand/stick to whack enemies with, doubling as a cane. 



Nobody on Steven Universe has brandished a scythe as their weapon yet and I’m cliche as fuck SO I TOTALLY THINK NEPHRITE JADE SHOULD HAVE ONE