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Weapon X: New Age Part 5

Beginning Weapon X: New Age

Warning: Cussing & Slight Violence. Logan spoiler (not really cause it’s from one of the commercials.)

Weapon X: New Age Part 5

Chapter 5

Owen slowing started to stir in his sleep as he started to groan. He open up his eyes slighting, only to see nothing but a blur. He close his eyes and went back to sleep. He started stirring again as memories of the fight came rushing back. He groan louder till his body jolt, causing him to wake up.

“Where…where am I?” Owen said as he started to look around the unfamiliar room. He tried to get up, but he felt pain in chest and ribs. “Bloody hell.” He grabbed his chest, taking deep breaths. The door opened and he quickly turn his head. He saw Laura stepping in with a tray of food. “You. What the bloody hell are you doing here? Where am I?”

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briarcrow13  asked:

Sorry to bother you but could you make a list of all your RWBY character symbols and semblances please and if you want you could at weapons only if you want to and if it's not too much trouble thank you

that’s a long list I’m afraid dude D: - I always did my best to catalogue my RWBY OC stuff properly, so if you check the ‘Team GOLD’ etc tags on my main page or search ‘RWBY OC semblance’ or weapons etc it should come up proper.

Was inspired to create a blind Sapphire (based on Steven Universe) when I read this little exchange from one of my fav YouTube theorists, AJ Universe: 

Anonymous asked:  lmao imagine a sapphire with the gem on her eye

@the-a-j-universe​ :  Blind Seer.

Bonus sapphires from when I was figuring out her design:

I quickly fell in love with the short-haired look, and the idea of her Gem Weapon, a laser wand/stick to whack enemies with, doubling as a cane. 


I did a pearlsona he’s a Matte Blue Pearl and yes hes a HE, you could say that he’s actually trans, because you know pearls are made to be femenine 

but well I’m too lazy to actually write his story so… have a bonus:

Garnet is the supportive mom