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Nobody on Steven Universe has brandished a scythe as their weapon yet and I’m cliche as fuck SO I TOTALLY THINK NEPHRITE JADE SHOULD HAVE ONE

Was inspired to create a blind Sapphire (based on Steven Universe) when I read this little exchange from one of my fav YouTube theorists, AJ Universe: 

Anonymous asked:  lmao imagine a sapphire with the gem on her eye

@the-a-j-universe​ :  Blind Seer.

Bonus sapphires from when I was figuring out her design:

I quickly fell in love with the short-haired look, and the idea of her Gem Weapon, a laser wand/stick to whack enemies with, doubling as a cane. 


a bunch of bumblebee agate stuff!

bee is a cowardly gem… i’m just gonna say that upfront. he is scared of anything bigger and stronger than himself and will run and hide from any major threat. but! thankfully due to his weapon, he is extremely well suited on the defense / offence sect of survival! 

if he ever encountered a homeworld ship, the most he could do was sabotage the gems (the ships are shown to be indestructible, i.e. rose’s cannon / opal’s bow) with one of his four tactics. 

there are a lot of cons! all of them effect his energy a lot: to the point of either fainting or retreating into his gem. most notably the laser beam, which is a brief final attack that cannot be stopped and will immediately poof him afterward. tough luck!

Ohhhh IMade a challenge. Try it out?


  1. Draw your OC with an item significant to them.
  2. Draw your OC sleeping.
  3. Draw your OC with someone from their past.
  4. Draw your OC doing something awkward.
  5. Draw your OC with your favorite Disney Character.
  6. Draw your OC Battling! ! (Another OC or a fav. character)
  7. Draw your OC caught doing something out of character.
  8. Draw your OC from/in a different time period.
  9. Draw your OC as a baby.
  10. Draw your OC Chuck Jones style.
  11. Draw your OC with a super hero.
  12. Draw your OC as an Elder.
  13. Draw your OC with a Weapon.
  14. Draw your OC playing an instrument
  15. Draw your OC in a famous movie scene/still.
  16. Draw your OC in a different color scheme.
  17. Draw your OC’s with their dream guy/girl.
  18. Draw your OC eating their favorite food.
  19. Draw your OC on a date.
  20. Draw your OC in a style you despise.
  21. Draw your OC Hanna-Barbera style.
  22. Draw your OC as the opposite gender.
  23. Draw your OC playing a game/sport.
  24. Draw your OC in a scene from your favorite book
  25. Draw your OC under the weather.
  26. Draw your OC’s favorite expression
  27. Draw your OC intoxicated/high/or horny.

As of 6/21/17, these are my updated commission prices!

Hey everyone! I know it hasn’t been long since my last commission post, but everything went so well with the last commission wave that I am able to support myself better than ever before. Because of this, I’ve been able to work on speedpaints, patreon, anatomy study, original content, and do what I love more than anything in this world: draw. So much. Like, more than I have in a very long time.

However, I ended up taking a ton of commissions last time and am still trying to catch up, which has led me to raise my prices and have set slots for real this time.

There are 10 available slots as of right now. once they’re closed, they’re closed until I’m able to complete all 10, so hurry and get one while you can!


  • Armor/weapons
  • OCs
  • Animals/anthro/furries
  • Light gore/blood


  • NSFW
  • Detailed mechanics
  • Anything more than a basic background
  • Heavy gore/blood


Hit me an e-mail at boomsheika.art@gmail.com containing the information below. If you have any additional questions regarding whether or not I’ll be willing to draw something for you, attach that to the bottom of your email!

Please include: Full name, the type of order you’re interested in, (ex: Bust, Flat color) a brief description of what you want, (no longer than a paragraph or so, please!) and any reference pictures you might have, with “commission, (first name)” as the subject.

Before you submit, know that I reserve the right to deny any commission I might feel uncomfortable with for any reason. I will let you know if I can’t take your commission.


Once I’ve let you know that you’re on the commission list, it may take a few days to get started on depending on how many commissions are in front of you or what kind of commission you’ve ordered. I will do my best to get to them as fast as I can without sacrificing the quality of my work.

I like to send sketches and progress pictures to my commissioners during the process to ensure that what I’m making lines up with what you want, and then I accept payment via paypal in full (with an invoice) after the final product is complete.



This is for @squaddreamcourt. Your other prompt is also in the works.

I hope you enjoy.It’s for feysand

Did you steal someone’s cat ?


There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”he said.

Feyre walked in and Rhys smiled,”Hey,darling.”


Rhys got up,leaving the paperwork at desk,to kiss her but he stopped in his tracks when he saw something black and furry in her arms.



She looked at him,her blue-grey eyes shining.She gave him a smile,a smile she gave him when she wanted something.Rhys stepped closer,nearer to her until he saw what Feyre was holding.He sucked in a breath.

“Did you steal someone’s cat,darling.”

She brought the cat closer to her face and pouted her lips,”She’s a stray.I found her at the rainbow,in my shop.”

Rhys pinched the bridge of his nose.He hated cats.When he was young, about 15 years old,Cassian had brought a stray cat into their house,which his mother let him keep.Needless to say that cat hated Rhys and tried to scratch his Illyrian wings.


“Please, Rhys.This cat doesn’t have a home.”

“Feyre,I love you but no.I can give you everything else except this.”

“What do you have against cats,Rhys?”

He sighed,”When I was…,”

Vivian came in and grinned,”Hey!”

You are telling me about it later she whispered through the bond.

Vivian saw what was in her mother’s arms.She squealed with delight as she gathered the cat in her arms.

“This is the stray cat in the shop,right?”

Feyre nodded.He gulped. If Feyre wasn’t able to convince  him,she brought in Vivian,their 17 year old daughter.

“Dad, can we keep it?”

“No,princess.I’m sorry.”

Her eyes widened,her lips pouted,her violet eyes glimmered as she brought the cat to her face,stroking it with her cheek.

The puppy dog face.Rhys wasn’t able to resist that,he wanted to give his daughter everything she wanted after all she was his daughter.The first child born in centuries for Night Court.The cat meowed,widening its eyes.

Don’t give in ,Rhys,Don’t give in.


Rhys let out a breath,”Alright.”

“Yes!,”Both Vivian and Feyre screamed.

“Thank you,daddy.I love you.”

Vivian cradled the cat.The cat playing with the strands of loose hair.

“I’m going to call you…Luna.”

The cat meowed as if it accepted and Vivian walked away with it.

“I love you,Rhys.”

Rhys smiled and brought Feyre in for a kiss.

“And I you,darling.”