vqid  asked:

What do Theo and Vinny look like? Also what are their favorite meals?

Me, tearing up: someones come for my awful boys


(jsyk i got @squirrelfights to send me good pics of them bc they draw them bc i can’t draw for shit (and also their character is in the same universe/theo’s best friend/gonna be the main character of the comic when they draw it ;) and i teared up when i saw him. i love this boy a Lot)

Theo’s favorite meal is probably some type of greek lamb meal? His family is greek (parents born in the US, grandparent immigrants on both sides) so anything that tastes like home is good to him


My beautiful makeup boy………

And Vinny’s favorite meal hmmmmmmm……. he tries his very hardest not to indulge in it a lot but he fucking. Loves In-N-Out. He’s weak.

Leonora Redpike, my dwarven bard for an upcoming Pathfinder campaign! She’s real bad at making friends, but makes up for it with fashion.

The outfit is probably way fancier than it ought to be, but I really couldn’t resist a little landsknecht aesthetic in my medieval-ish fantasy character.


My main FE:Heroes team + Summoner OC!

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