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Leonora Redpike, my dwarven bard for an upcoming Pathfinder campaign! She’s real bad at making friends, but makes up for it with fashion.

The outfit is probably way fancier than it ought to be, but I really couldn’t resist a little landsknecht aesthetic in my medieval-ish fantasy character.

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Dude I didn't know you played dnd that's awesome! I have a tiefling warlock character named Bittle Ritz and she's orange and one of her horns is broken and she's surprisingly strong and destroys monsters even tho she's the smallest in the group but she's hella weak for attractive peeps, like hella flirty even if she's three feet smaller than them. They should be friends brooo

THEY SHOULD!!! she sounds awesome omg,, short flirty friends, perfect


I don’t think I ever posted these old strips I did for a class. This is back when Esther was still Doctor Pi

Also, I’m not funny and that’s fine because we weren’t being graded on our sense of humor. I have a bunch more embarrassingly bad first-timer comics where these came from, which I might consider posting…later…