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Because some really nice ppl (@sayura21 and @goramidiot) asked and I got excited and inspired to work on this again.

I’ll put it under the cut and also tag any OC-related posts as “REND” so please feel free to blacklist that if you want :) 

Character bios and link to AO3 post v v v 

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delirious-simmies  asked:


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• Enjoys playing pool
• Use to get into street fights as a teenager for money… drug money at that
• P much knows that Val is leading him on when it comes to them getting back together but he convinces himself otherwise coz he still wants to be a family with her and Georgina
• To elaborate further on that ^, he didn’t even know if Georgina was his or not at first (It was between him and three other guys coz Val gets around *coughs*) but vowed to be there for her anyway since that’s just the kind of person he is
• Hasn’t had a haircut besides a trim here and there in years
• Had a bad habit of punching walls when he got extremely angry but he’s stopped doing that… mostly
• Considers being a father the best part of his life but doesn’t want any more kids until verrrry far in the future
• Is an introvert and tends to keep to himself
• Has a really good singing voice but would look at you like you’re crazy if you recommended he take it up as a career
• A+ secret keeper. If he doesn’t want you to know something, you have no chance of finding out
• Doesn’t like having his cheeks pinched or his face touched too much in general

camisims  asked:

1-10 to Feyre :D

  • 01: Do you have a good relationship with your parents? “Sorta? I mean I didn’t see them much growing up but we still talk sometimes” 
  • 02: Who did you last say “I love you” to? “can’t remember, its been like a year”
  • 03: Do you regret anything? “Yeahhh” 
  • 04: Are you insecure? “Nah”
  • 05: What is your relationship status? “dating the cutest damn guitarist”  ((@roamingpixels))
  • 06: How do you want to die? “peacefully? What is this question”
  • 07: What did you last eat? “… I can’t even remember what color socks I wore to bed. How’m I suppose to answer this” 
  • 08: Played any sports? “I played volleyball in high-school, and I was on the swimteam. Kinda been meaning to get back into competing” 
  • 09: Do you bite your nails? “Not anymore, I used to like really badly last year but that stopped”
  • 10: When was your last physical fight? “About a year ago”

no reason height/starting age/species list for my swtor characters;

  • Nino Balkirsh; 5′11′’(180cm)…17…chiss
  • Berra H’akan; 4′11′’(150cm)…24…cathar
  • Lirash Paaran; 5′7′’(170cm)…23…togruta
  • Yvadin Stagard; 5′8′’(172cm)…22…twi’lek
  • Tomris; 5′9′’(175cm)…19…togruta
  • Daario Tesh; 6′1′’(185cm)…27…togruta
  • Mr.Koalcha; 6′6′’(198cm)…28…chiss
  • Bese Vissar; 4′10′’(148cm)…25...human
  • Tia Rashad; 6′2′’(188cm)…18…togruta
  • Hiromonk; 6′9′’(205cm)…29…cathar
  • Kartili Kelborn; 5′6′’(167cm)…26…twi’lek
  • Tuya Kelborn; 6′(183cm)…21…twi’lek/chiss
  • Tov Mala; 5′10′’(178cm)…20…cathar

pixelplaypens  asked:

magical items: favorites for my main boo Morrigan

MAGICAL ITEMS: Favorites  

  • Trident: Who are your favorite people? “Kinda lame but my parents are my favorite people”
  • Lightning Bolt: What are your top three favorite movies? “Beetlejuice, The Cabin in the Woods and Spongebob Squarepants the Movie”
  • Sun Chariot: What is your favorite mythological creature? “A phoenix like the one in harry potter”
  • Lyre: What are your top three favorite songs? “like I would know” 
  • Caduceus: What is your favorite color? “I don’t have one, all of them are cool”
  • Aegis: What is your favorite book or series? “Harry Potter”
  • Scythe: What is your favorite tv show? “will forever be True Blood, idc”
  • Bident: What is your favorite way to spend free time? “doing absolutely nothing”
  • Harpe: What are your top 3 favorite places? “My bedroom, my living room, my kitchen”
  • Cornucopia: What is your favorite place to eat? “Just.. one? Who even can answer that?”
  • Winged Sandals: What is your favorite thing to do when you hangout with your friends? “lmao, probably eat…them. Nah but for real though just hanging out in a random destinations and giving other people shit”
  • Golden Fleece: What is your favorite animal? “Snails are great”

simsandlifealert  asked:

60-70 for bb Cardi

  • 60: Do you wanna get married? “I don’t know anymore”
  • 61: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby? “I love it”
  • 62: What makes you happy? “My daughter… she’s about it”
  • 63: Would you change your name? “Yeah, I like my name.. I just don’t favor who gave it to me”
  • 64: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed? “Nope”
  • 65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do? “lmao, I really don’t know. I’d probably freak and leave or smth”
  • 66: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around? “I do!”
  • 67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to? “a friend ;p”
  • 68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with? “My best friend”
  • 69: Do you believe in soulmates? “Nope” 
  • 70: Is there anyone you would die for? “For my daughter, I’d do anything”