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I don't mean to rush you or anything of that sort but I just wanted to ask when the charms that you have done polls on will be up for purchase. I just really excited and I want to know how much time I have to save up for them😅😊.

Hi!! No worries, and hopefully by the end of the month!! C: I have sent in the designs a bit ago so it still needs about three or four weeks, I’m hoping?? Fingers crossed! Thank you! <3 

Please note me here or email me at kaitecrowe@hotmail.com all your details.

I REALLY need some income for rent next month. Signal boosting will help a lot if you can’t afford it right now.

What I need:
-Picture references, or VERY detailed descriptions including images.
-Personalities of your OCs and what you want them doing.
-No backgrounds, unless you want to pay extra for it. They will be transparent.

-I will draw most of anything, from SFW to NSFW. No hate art or anything of the like.
-Payment after I finish
-If you CANNOT pay me anymore let me know IMMEDIATELY, not when I finish your commission.

“Hey Shouto,,, why do you like me?”
“Oh? Well,,, it’s because you can do something i can’t,,”
“And what’s that?”
“Love me.”

Sorry for not posting anything ^^;;
I’ve been super busy with school, and other stuff!

So I thought I’ll show you my drawing for my art subject ^^
It’s been a while since I draw traditionally, so I’m really proud with this one! (although the flowers are terrible orz)

I’m planning on selling this one after it got graded, I wonder if anyone is interested? ^^;

Okay…didn’t made 8 but I made the 4 first OCs for selling.

You guys can ask for them by ask or just sending me an e-mail to: luhbraz.art@hotmail.com.

Hope you guys will like them and i hope i’ll find all of them a nice ower.

Plus…Please, DO NOT STEAL! Thanks for the attention. :)


Another one of those TropicalEnders selling series. xD

This is the Solaris, hope someone will want her. I really like doing her design. And yes, was inspired in a fenix.

If you want her, just send me an ask. So I can send the paypal request to your e-mail with her price and she’ll be all yours. :3 

Her legs are like the previous’ ones…bird like. So that means she lives mostly in the deep jungles. uwu