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Guess who! @cosmiipu! (I rhymed yess *finger guns*)

Love your lil mint sona, I just had to draw them! (Tried to finish this yesterday, so I could sent it to you to try and help when you were getting all those rough anons… but better late than never!)

I hope you like it aaaa (edit: I FORGOT EYEBROWS WHOOPS fixed it. Also added a closup wink wonk)

Another one of those TropicalEnders selling series. xD

This is the Solaris, hope someone will want her. I really like doing her design. And yes, was inspired in a fenix.

If you want her, just send me an ask. So I can send the paypal request to your e-mail with her price and she’ll be all yours. :3 

Her legs are like the previous’ ones…bird like. So that means she lives mostly in the deep jungles. uwu

Okay…didn’t made 8 but I made the 4 first OCs for selling.

You guys can ask for them by ask or just sending me an e-mail to: luhbraz.art@hotmail.com.

Hope you guys will like them and i hope i’ll find all of them a nice ower.

Plus…Please, DO NOT STEAL! Thanks for the attention. :)



Thinking of opening commissions, possibly? Just need to know if anyone would be interested. Prices ranging from $5 to $40. Depending on how many characters, and inking. For now, I need confirmation as to if people are interested.

Leave me a pm, ask, or even comment on the post. Thanks guys!


SOME GEMSONAS!!!!! from twitter! the blue is Haüyne, the short brownish one is Nosean and the gold is Pyrite. the bottom picture is Haüyne and @thedrawingbirb‘s Onyx. thanks for looking!

You ever realized you focused so much on the funny jokes about your own oc that you sell them short?

IDK I suddenly made myself sad about the fact that I mostly talk about Poe and her story in terms of jokes. Like I talk about her boy chasing and completely sell her short, because someone selling their soul and helping destroy their home for the d is funny, lbr.

But in reality, she was a very brilliant kid with a shitty home life who was taken advantage of and brain washed. Like it doesn’t excuse the shit she did, but the fact that she was a child (17) when she did it and was convinced by older, manipulative people with ulterior motives that she would be important and special and valueable when the majority of her family had her convinced she was just weird and unlikeable kinda puts it in a different light.

IDK. She’s a villain. Sort of. She doesn’t want to be but at the same time she loves to do shit that’s horrible. She loves the power rush. With the new stuff, when I take the actual canon dk story line into consideration, she LOVES being Bolvar’s champion, being “the Hand Of the Lich King”, being SPECIAL because that’s all she ever wants. Even if the things he’s asking her to do and the way he talks about things is becoming increasingly troublesome and she knows they’re wrong, she has to do them because she doesn’t want to lose that favor. (Also I am personally unsure of whether dks have a real CHOICE in doing what he tells them to, and if either side is aware of it)

But anyway like… in all seriousness, Poe is actually really tragic and sad. She just wants to feel important, but it always ends with her allowing herself to be used to do terrible things. She wants so much to please, to get approval and praise from the absolute WORST people ever. And she was a naive kid who basically destroyed her life because she listened to the wrong people. But she did it all to herself.

Lol IDK like… I know I’m too forgiving of villains. In the end she does do terrible things and she chose to become what she did, but man. I’m not saying its okay or she’s a woobie. But the way it happened is sad.

Eta: i guess what I mean, upon further thought, is that there’s so much potential for good in her and she wastes it because she knows theres no place for her among “good” people anymore.

God sorry for the long ass ramble about my goofy sad horrible wow character but you see why the jokes are easier.