oc rambles

i see a lot of ppl tagging my cori hawke as a poc hawke, but she’s not, she’s tanned. and has been since i first drew her. here’s an example from this image.

1) her arms/neck/face get the most tan bc she has them exposed the most. obviously.

2) not her real skin colour either, but her previous tan fading away. her shirt’s for training are either seen as above or a tank top.

3) her actual skin colour, which is from her waist down since she usually wears long pants.

ive said this before, cori is very workout heavy and loves to train/exercise….a lot. and most, if not all, of that training she does outside, so naturally she’s gonna get tanned.

Okay, I know it’s some sort of undesirable cliche to like Coldplay, but I don’t care. I like Coldplay.

rhapsodna asked:

Tell me more about Roswell! How did he get in prison?

Roswell used to be a super dodgy side-street doctor in Italy. Had an obsession with the old methods and concentrated more on trying to keep those ways alive than he did his patients…

Once authorities caught up with him he (Literally) had a little too much blood on his hands to deny what he did and well, on top of being a regular provider to the black market and a down right thief, murder didn’t sit too well with the judgement.

Voila, prison bait. 

themedic-josef asked:

Roswell has long hair right? Has Vlad ever plaited it, put bows or anything in it or even threatened to shave it all off (and then followed through with it)? Or is Roswell constantly getting it stuck in things?

PFT. Now that’d be a sight ~

I think Vlad sees it as more of a handle then an opportunity to test his hairdressing skills. I wouldn’t doubt that he’s threatened to cut it off (Or actually cut it off.) Especially with how often Roswell tries to burn/ snip Vlads beard…

ah for the past few days i’ve been thinking abt changing xiu’s name?? and like ugh i don’t want this but like yeah and just

any suggestions?

in rps i probably will keep her name but like idk i fear that having her name be xiu feels offensive for some reason?? just bc her sister is named jane and jane is older so it’s just yeah ah.

xiu is the name that i had be a chosen name and just ye (but like it’d probably be a thing where it changes when she’s in her late teens/early 20s)

any name suggestions? or just someone clarifying if it’d be okay to keep the name?