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    would you be kind enough to like this if it’s okay to tag you in to a random starter? i could use a few more threads. they’d be mostly pre-established, so no need for the awkward nice to meet you’s. on a side note, i’m also here to plot with so if you’re interested hit me up via inbox or aim ( @eun.html )!

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Tack and Pavel, Lynx’s two crewmen and “sons”.

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Guillermo “Mo” Martinez, Jared Peters

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Devin Sorenson, Gavin Peters

Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you:  Melon (Mikhail Ivanov), 

Looks like they could kill you and WOULD actually kill you:  Lynx (Oksana Ivanova She’ll find a reason to kick your ass. It’s a smol people thing.)

Sinnamon roll: ????? Do I actually have an OC like this? 


So, I HATE trying to describe buildings and I am TERRIBLE at drawing them but I have finally created a layout that is NEAR to what’s always been in my head for Turbug and the boys’ house. :D When you come in the front door of their house, you’re immediately met with a flight of stairs directly in front of you, living room to the left, kitchen to the right. If you go up the stairs, Turbug and the boys’ room is on the left and the kids’ room is on the right. Finally, my vision is SOMEWHAT represented in a way I don’t hate.

In response to that prompt-
Dax would point at the moon and call it Simon.
Simon would respond with, “Dax.. Dax. That’s the moon.”
Dax would turn, make a face, “No. That’s Simon now.”

Simon would probably end up sitting there really upset trying to figure out if Dax is being 100% serious and not realizing the moon isn’t a star, or if Dax is pulling his leg and making a joke at Simon being a moon rabbit,,,

I love how my oc back stories range from “this one looks like pepe and he’s also a meninist” to “this one was never meant to exist so she was doomed to a life of non existence in a pocket of space between dimensions and she hates herself and everyone around her because of it” and they all exist within the same story too


- 20
- demigirl (she/her)
- demiromantic demisexual (minor preference for girls)
- autistic, mentally ill, half blind, experiences constant pain, delusions
- 6′0
- likes birds, space, music, dancing
- dislikes loud noises, silence, cramped spaces, not being in control
- wields cool magic violin and sword


- 21
- trans nonbinary girl (she/her fae/faer)
- asexual lesbian
- anger issues, commitment issues, overly impulsive
- views everything in black and white views (Right and Wrong, no grey area)
- 5′0
- likes flowers, the colour pink, wrestling, romance movies and action movies
- dislikes injustice, being disrespected, feeling trapped, sad movies
- blood magic and healing, has axe and spiked bat


- ??? ageless
- genderfluid
- demiromantic pansexual
- overly flirtatious, needs constant attention, rude, lonely, vulgar, trickster
- has no friends, is a computer by virus, has no physical form
- height changes, usually about 5′2
- likes memes (especially rage comics), internet forums, darude sandstorm
- dislikes being left alone, fear of being abandoned
- technopath, can shapeshift, teleport, extremely intelligent


- 19
- aromantic asexual
- mixed race
- easily irritated, anti-social, god complex, autistic, rude, unfriendly, loyal
- 5′5
- likes halloween, weird music, glitches, prophetic imagery, wolves
- dislikes being forced to talk, neurotypicals, romance movies
- ability-less, but good with guns and computing, as well as engineering

The problem is, I have these big grand ideas but they would require so much writing to make them feasible and I’m not sure anyone would really want to read them, but I’m really bored with all the everyday stuff…

Like what if Turbug was tempted back to power and ended up trying to lord over a bunch of sprites and one of his kids actually ended up challenging him for the throne.

I list of ideas for the boys that never quite made it to fruition and exist in a sort of pseudo canon/non-canon headspace:

  • Ned once ‘tried’ for someone (in my head it’s always Adam but that won’t ever work anywhere in their timeline so I don’t know) who was attracted to him; it ended terribly, he was really deeply shaken by it
  • Adam and Ted were on-again-off-again for a few years before they had their final falling out (I am leaning toward making this canon.
  • Dash had been a victim of sexual abuse, possibly at Nitrus’ hand, from some time BEFORE their ‘awakening’; meaning that the event likely happened in their pre-written backstory, which none of them are really fully understanding of…it’s an idea I’ve ALWAYS had but never really got around to developing. There are hints at this in old old old drabbles I wrote.
  • Dash is legitimately breaking-the-4th-wall level self-aware; he is fully cognizant of the fact that he is a character twice-over (Nitrus probably is too, but he’s less weird about it)

anonymous asked:

why does your dalish inquisitor have really big ears?

Mad rude though. But yeah so my inquisitor is based off my OC (Zoraida) and canon Zo is also an elf set in her universe and her ears are really big, like bigger compared to everyone else and she was teased a lot but then she accepted her giant ears eventually and is able to fit lots of cool piercings and stuff, more than anyone else. She has several ear rings on both of her ears and she loves them and it sets her apart from most of the other elves. Turn your flaws into something you love.