oc privilege

I just had to give a visual for my favourite OC: Semper Fidelis Gibbs

(The puppy Gibbs got Kate for Valentines day in The Privilege Of Being Yours)

Important things to know:

1) One floppy ear

2) Playfully paws at (and chews) long hair

3) Ball of fluff

4) Is a good boy

5) Sleeps on the bed despite having his own

6) Gibbs secretly loves him even though he insists he doesn’t

Mostly for @onekisstotakewithme tbh bc no one else really cares but I love him

In the US, Black people get shot and killed more than white people. Usually for minor crimes like a broken tail-light or jaywalking. Sometimes they just “look suspicious” and get shot by off-duty police.

16% of white people killed by police are unarmed. 

47% of black people killed by police are unarmed.

White people are 73% of the population, but only 38% of the people killed by police in 2014.

Black people are 12% of the population, but make up 18-20% (depending on which source you use) of people killed in 2014. The first quarter of 2015, blacks made up 25% of the people killed by police.

Hispanic people are 16.4% of the population, but make up 12.5% of people killed in 2014. (This means the are targeted by police less than blacks, but more than whites)

(Note: 28% of people killed by police were unreported race, some of these percentages could be off. Furthermore, police are not required to report people they kill to any agency so they only way to track these is by newspaper or TV news reports.)

Sources include killedbypolice.net, Mother Jones News, MappingPoliceViolence.org, Census.gov, CNN, wikipedia, and some basic math skills