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i thought this might be a good idea because, i dont know, but i did, the links go to their tags!

what about shadows" characters


Mr Mania 

Sascha (aka Z) and Calvin

Dark and Angelina

Marc and Andy

A’idah and Dani



Black oak" characters

Gael and Helena (and wolf)

Crossroads characters

Connor and Ant

Elliott and Samuel

Werewolf mama and Pup (i cant believe they dont have names yet)

Other characters

Sebastian and Evan (their general tag):

Jamie (Sebastian’s son):





i hope i didnt forget anybody haha

Ah yes the privilege of being told you should apologize…and thus feel bad… for what sex you were born as :/

Feminism isn’t a healthy movement.

And if as a feminist your shit excuse for this goes something like this;

Anti-feminist: I hate feminists because they constantly put men down.

Feminist: my sole purpose as a feminist is to have equal rights to men. I’m sorry if by making myself equal I will be bringing them down to my level.

Then don’t you dare try to claim that “feminism helps men too!” in the same breath.

You’re admitting that you want to subject men to the same things you’ve called sexist, rude, dehumanizing, hateful and something you’ve fought against for “years” when it happens to you…and then you’re surprised when people complain about such a poor tactic?

You’re surprised when people would much rather support an ideology that makes things equal and better for BOTH genders, rather than making it shitty for one so the other can claim victory?



Full Name: Kinzha
Alias: Dovahkiin, Nightingale
Gender: Female
Race: Khajiit
Age: 27 
Day of Birth: 25th of Second Seed
Birthsign: The Shadow
Birthplace: Outskirts of Corinthe, Elsweyr
Religion: She is a Nightingale, though nowadays her service to Nocturnal is mostly passive. Otherwise irreligious unless service directly benefits her in some way.
Politics: Couldn’t care less about politics, just wants to get paid.
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic demisexual
Afflictions: None
Affiliations: Thieves Guild, Dawnguard, House Telvanni (honorary).  
Current Residence: Moves between Windhelm and Solitude.
Occupation: Thief, vampire hunter, bounty hunter, adventurer. 

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Do you love the smell of freshly-opened packs, of a successful run at a prerelease event, of a gluttonous afternoon spent with an entire booster box?

Introducing Value by Wotsee, fragrances for men and women. The heady scent of new Magic cards, distilled and bottled, just for you

Value. Spray it on your goddamn body and smell like a pile of cardboard you piece of shit

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Mod: *pulls up a seat* So how’s everyone tonight? Here to watch?

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Cerberus sat in a tree. Shadow was asleep under in it. Fear was behind it, freezing and unfreezing the grass. Nova was playing with a snake. Emily was reading with a kitten in her lap. (Kinda like their field day..)

Striker had Veronica slung over her shoulder as Anastasia walked along side her, Dare let out a sigh as watched them. “Striker just put her down.” Striker lifts a brow. “No, She pissed me off and since Veronica is human I can’t kick her ass like I want to.”


Merry Christmas everyone!