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“GOSH, what a busy lunch rush! Ok, let’s see…”

@ask-vanilla - “I agree! So~ one Vanilla spiced cinnamon latté? Got it! That’s what you meant, right?”

@idipidi2001 - “Two?? Trying to stay awake huh? Try not to overdo it, ok?”

ask-the-dust-brothers - “Oh! Most popular item nowadays is a peppermint swirl cake! The… Least popular is a dessert made from the ground carapaces of firebeetles, native to where my father is from! Big hit with dragons, though! 

They’d probably be more popular with ponies if they didn’t get hung up on what they were made of. Like a spice macaroon! At least Mkali likes them…”


I need to do a commission drive to fix my computer and then afford my rent in the summer. My housemate is very selfish and decided that her saving money at the expensive of others is more important, so I need come up with a months rent, but before that I need to be able to repair my computer so I can work. The goal is 500 for the repair and rent. I know that’s a lot but I’m willing to draw as much as I need to to get there.

Examples of my art are at pictured there, a flat color is 15$. If there’s something else you’re interested in feel free to dm me. I draw ponies and furries.
If you’d like to commission me please message me but take into account my computer needs to be repaired before I can do most of them. I might be able to use my boyfriend’s for the meantime!

I avoid asking for donations, but if youd rather do that my PayPal is cutthatweebshitout@gmail.com

If there’s an oc of mine you’re interested in pls also feel free to dm me an offer.


“The search team (through rotated shifts) reported that the emotionless bat pony sat and talked by the crystals for hours. Her face held a stoic look, yet also showed a sign of hurt and betrayal. Moments later, she found what seemed to be a trinket, which may have come from the crystal pony judging from her reaction. Her grip on the trinket looked like it could crush boulders, yet was gentle as the calming wind. As she left the cave with the trinket, ponies reported many conflicting things. Some say that she was angry and hurried off; others mention her walking with sorrow. But one thing was for certain. Her eyes were steeled with reinforced determination; focused on her next mission.”

Beep boop continuation from this one with @phoenixswift and @whatsapokemon sorry for tagging you again rip. Initially my plans from the start of the comic included a conclusion with the grump bat. So I had to do draw this or I’d be annoyed with myself for not completing my imaginary plan 100%. I wasn’t suspicous at all asking them certain questions about reactions to crystal corruption and death. Not one bit~! But again, I had fun writing the mini-story, trying to come up with what Violet had to say, and redrawing the ‘Friends Forever’ picture whICH MADE ME SAD IN THE FIRST PLACE HEK!