oc pixie

Overwatch OC!

Pixi is a fairy-esque omnic Support hero with an inbuilt system that lets her release fairy dust (which may or may not be clouds of nanomachines) that grant her various capabilities in a fight.

She was a prototype omnic model designed during the first Omnic Crisis to mass-repair numerous units, but didn’t see the light of day before the war ended, and is now a tiny, curious, slightly mischievous robot in a very big world.

Detailed backstory and ability descriptions below the cut.

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one time when i was like thirteen i wrote a gritty OC-insert Pixie Hollow fanfic and Tinkerbell died in the first three pages and the rest was like 8 fairies trying desperately to survive in the cruel winter of the american midwest after Neverland flooded

and then like three years after that I wrote a really sweet CInderella retelling and THAT was the story i showed my friends, so they all think I’m like horrified by the idea of killing characters or actually having Physical Pain of Any Kind in any of my novels

they don’t seem to understand the Duality of Man

They then proceed to discuss costume plumage until the cab arrives.

Last drawing before the good old traditional one-day Christmas hiatus! I couldn’t possibly not draw these two though, Izzy and Pixie being the biggest celebrities at the ball and all (p.s. if you aren’t already following tanglefootcomic you really need to fix that pronto).

I’m so sorry for my hash of a pencil sketch but I just adore these two *w*

They’re united in petty kleptomania and poor risk-assessment abilities. She’s a game old bird with a bosom-swing that could concuss any bystanders within two feet, and he’s a cheeky goodfornothin’ with a well-sculpted caboose and a bottomless appetite for bad whisky and worse conversation. For everyone’s safety, PLEASE keep them well clear of the bar.

I’ve still got a few sketches left to go, but I couldn’t in good faith forget to draw the magnificent Pixie Perizene, whom I have come to regard with deep and unshakeable adoration. If I ever write a character with half the cheeky charm of Tanglefoot’s gloriously bizarre creations, I will consider my job well done. 

I think the perfect dance song for these two is “I Don’t Know”, as sung by the Blues Brothers and written by Brook Benton and Bobby Steven.

“I said, BABY!

You know when you bend over, I see every bit of Christmas, and when you bend back I’m lookin’ right into the new year.

She said, Honey, you know i gave up cigarettes for my new years’ resolution, but i didn’t give up sa-MOKIN’!

I said, WOMAN! You gonna walk a mile for a Camel, or are you gonna make like Mr Chesterfield and SATISFY?

She said, that all depends on what you’re packin’ - regular? Or King-Size…”


Once again revamped one of my oldest gijinka’s Pixie Ann! @professorbees-likes-butts sent me a shiny clefairy and I love her, so I designed her as Pixie, ain’t she cute? She’s Claire’s older sister. Also do you like the alt. design? If so I might make that one in detail as well

If you want to suggest what to gijinka next, check out this list, thank you!