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Four colors thingy! :D

I was tagged by @esotheria-sims for the 4 colors meme! *______* And since it may take another while before I finish writing the answers for my other character memes… let’s go with this one first! :D Thank you so much for tagging me, dear, this was lots of fun! *O* 

Rules: Pick 4 colours for your muse, and use gif function to post them!

I decided to do this for Adrian although, to be honest, this could fit Chris just as well, I swear those two could be twins when it comes to favourite colors. Just put “navy blue” instead of “red” and you have Chris. 


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Grey (or silver, both are good)

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And now I’m rather tempted to do one for Aaron too :D

I tag @blackswan-sims, @firstladyofcasterlyrock, @soloriya, @sevelii, @furryjackal, @lovelychooser & @quiddity-jones :D and @esotheria-sims, I want to see one more of your guys as well! U___U

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10 for the oc thing :3

Overwatch OC Meme: #10 - Fluff

“When you said you were bringing ice cream, I assumed you meant you were bringing some for me, too!” 


Cage loves her ice cream. And Zarya knows it. 

and somehow I don’t think she cares if it melts a bit

Oh man, this drawing spawned about a hundred different ideas that I hope to draw eventually, all equally fluffy (but with better execution). I do love the thought that Zarya is super playful though, and I think she would be. 

She and Diana don’t see eye-to-eye at first, because of Zarya’s hate for Omnics, but there’s some winning-over to be had there. I think they’d end up spending a lot of the time at the gym together. :P 

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Best OC. ;)

First impression -
A goofy drunk archer with the most winning smile and a penchant for sleeping around. Fun to be a bro with and likely using all of that to cover up deep-seated insecurities.

Impression now - I was right on the insecurities but did not truly understand the depths of how much he needs to sabotage himself. He’s much more self-sacrificing than I gave him credit for, and I love him very much.

Favorite moment - I guess I can really only go by what I’ve read from the meta-rp blogs. Probably that heart-wrenching scene where he and Fen and drunk talking about dragons (since I drew that and everything) and then it gets sad real quick. That Truth or Dare thread looked pretty fun!

Idea for a story - Uhhhh Galenris???? They meet in the Inquisition and get together instead of not. Or like, running into each other in the Free Marches after Kirkwall falls and shit? They can be buddies and stuff when Fenris finds out that Hawke gets left in the Fade, because I’m a monster. Also Fenris can potentially help him look for his family. :’)

Unpopular opinion - Best Dragon Age OC. >:) Fite me.

Favorite relationship - Galenris. Hands down.

Favorite headcanon - Hmmm. He looks great with all kinds of hair styles. I imagine he had short hair during much of his time in Kirkwall, partially from Asshole McGee who he was a servant for and also because he wanted to be proper and stuff. He started to let his hair grow out as a small sign of rebellion before finally putting some holes in him and ditching the place. I also have a thing for Eastern narratives in regards to hair.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you my thoughts!

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1, 2, and 4, for all of the OCs! (I'm new so where'd these OCs come from? 😁)

I don’t talk about them much, but they were created by my friend and I quite a while ago, originally for a Harry Potter fanfic, but I usually just use them for practice and shoving my unconditional love onto.

(In case anyone cares, the four of them were all in the four houses. Felix is Ravenclaw, Arabelle is Hufflepuff, Harvey is Gryffindor, and Cass is Slytherin.)

1. What’s their full name? Why was that chosen? Does it mean anything?

Felix: In true twelve year old form, my friend and I both got to name one boy and one girl character. Felix and Arabelle were hers, while Cass and Harvey were mine to pick. Felix’s full name is Felix Castor Ackworth, and he was actually the first one named! We wanted super Harry Potter-esque names, while Felix’s was also super snooty because of his family. He likes that it means lucky when he’s young, because he thinks it’s ironic, since he believes he’s the opposite of lucky. It takes him a while to realize it’s the opposite.

Arabelle: Her full name is Arabelle Marie Devereaux, and it took my friend forever to find a cute French last name, so I can spell Devereaux backwards and upside down at this point. My friend has this thing with A-names, so it was just a matter of baby-naming lists until she found one she liked. I then approved wholeheartedly because the meaning of the name is super accurate to Ara’s persona.

Harvey: Harvey Darcy Mason-Park. Don’t talk to him about his middle name, he’s usually a nice guy, but call him Darcy and no one will pity you for what happens next. Funnily enough, his name was Mason until I remembered that’s what my parents would’ve named me if I was a boy - then it made me uncomfortable. I didn’t know the name meaning until now, but “iron” and “blazing” are pretty accurate for Harvey.

Cass: Okay so her name was kind of a joke, my friend was like “i dare you to come up with a more OC-esque name than Arabelle Devereaux and Felix Ackworth” so i straight up named my favorite Cassiopeia Ida Gerrity. I never call her Cassiopeia though, she’s Cass or Cassi 99% of the time. Gerrity is actually off of Lyla on Friday Night Lights and I’m not sorry.

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