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Good Girl Ch 39: Where I Go, Trouble Follows

“Can I go later?” I politely ask the teacher when she tells me there is someone in the hallway that wants to speak with me. She presses her lips in a firm line and shakes her head. I sigh and ignore the questioning look Jihyo is giving me. My friends are watching me intently as I pack my bag, Joonie whips out his phone and begins typing furiously on it. I think nothing of it, it’s probably one of my daddies wanting to talk to me about this morning. To my surprise I am very wrong. Two officers in full uniform grab me right when I step out of the door, making sure to cover my mouth so I can’t scream.

I don’t know how they were able to drag me out of that school without running into anyone else but I know they didn’t make it out without at least a dozen burses from my mary janes. They toss me in the back of their cop car before climbing in front. I bang on the cage separating us, “You can’t just fucking abduct me like that! What the hell is going on?”

“Shut up!” The driver snaps at me then looks to his partner, “Did you find her phone?”

The other nods as he pulls my phone out of the side pocket of my backpack that her took from me. “Does it matter which one I message?”

“I don’t think so, Lee just said to tell them she’s going to Oppa’s early.”

“What the hell does Lee want?” I yell.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up?” One snaps again.

“I don’t fucking care.”

“Better keep quiet pretty girl or I’ll make you,” The other taunts through the review mirror. That makes me snap my mouth shut and sit back in my seat. I watch him open my phone and go threw my messages. He stops at the last guy I messaged and reads the name out, “Handsome oppa?” His thumb glides over the screen as he skims threw our messages. “He’s sweet talkin her mostly, the last one is a bit sassy,” The man chuckles. “You made Lay and Luhan upset, you need to watch your attitude.”

“Why are you messaging him? Afraid to have them come looking for me?” I tease.

The driver scoffs, “Why would we be afraid of a spoiled little girl like you? What are you going to do whine us to death? ”

My brows go up, “You don’t need to worry about me, you should worry about my oppas.”

“Got a scary big brother we should be worried about?” He mocks me.

“Twelve, well technically 13, but if you add my friends it goes to about twenty.”

They just chuckle like it’s an empty threat, it kind of is but at the same time I can almost guarantee that if I mentioned it to any of them, there would be hell to pay. We pull up to the station where I’m dragged out of the car and into the building where I’m started at like a wanted criminal. I’m led to a familiar office and find unhappy familiar people inside.

“Mom? Dad?” The door is slammed shut behind me leaving me with my parents and Detective Lee, who looks annoyingly amused by my dumbstruck expression. ‘What are you guys doing here?”

“The detective called us here because there is apparently some trouble at the place you’ve been staying and he’s worried you might be getting in over your head,” My mother answers with an almost realistic tone of worry, but I know better. To be honest, I’m only surprised that they actually remembered they have another girl.

“You couldn’t stay out of trouble could you?” My father sighs, obviously annoyed by the whole situation.

“I don’t know why you called them,” I glare at the detective.

“I wanted you to feel comfortable here so you wouldn’t be afraid to talk,” Just like my mother, Lee’s tone is filled with irritatingly fake concern.

“Talk about what? I have nothing to say to you.”

“How about something to us?” My mother huffs, “It’s been over two months since we last saw you. You didn’t come home for break during Christmas or any other holidays, you didn’t even call.”

“I pretty sure you have my number too. I believe it’s the parents job to call their child to wish them happy birthday.”

“Watch your attitude,” My father snaps.

“This is ridiculous,” I cross my arms over my chest, “Last time I checked I’m a legal adult who hasn’t been charged with any thing so I’ll be going home.”

“You aren’t welcomed at home anymore,” My mother sneers. “You are so ungrateful! We come all the way to the police station to support you in your time of need in a bad situation you got yourself in.  I should expect nothing less from you. If you leave, don’t you dare think about coming home.”

I roll my eyes at her, “I don’t even consider that place my home anymore, I didn’t really think of it as one in the first place. I’m going home to my oppas.”

“I knew this was a mistake,” My father sighs as he stands up and fixes his suit. “Lets go Honey, she says she wants nothing to do with us, that is fine by me. I didn’t want her in the first place. You were so adamant about having four, should’ve stopped at one or two.”

“I don’t want you crawling back home at the end of the year when that place kicks you out when you fail out. How you managed to get into that school is beyond me. Soon you’ll realize that those friends of yours don’t really care,” She sighs and gives me one bitter look before brushing past me with my father out of the office. To be honest, I don’t feel much of anything when they say things like that too me, I’m used to it by now.

“That wasn’t what I was expecting,” Lee whistles.

I glare at him, “Happy? Now that you reminded me why I never went home, am I free to go without anymore problems?”

He scoffs, “Where are you going to go?”

“Home to my oppas, I can call one of them,” I dig in my side pocket expectantly but when I pull out my phone I find it dead. How did they kill it?

“Here, let me, who would you like me to call? Suho?” Lee walks behind his desk and sits down as he puts his phone on speaker and begins dialing my more responsible daddy. The phone rings for a long time and I begin to loose hope but thankfully he answers.

“Detective Lee, I swear to god if you are calling about that irritating little girl again, I’m going to find you and destroy that phone,” Suho growls into the phone. Maybe he shouldn’t have answered. My heart drops at his words, he can’t still be that mad about this morning. And he knows that I’m here and he hasn’t come to get me, is this some kind of joke or punishment?

“Well good afternoon to you too Mr. Kim,” Lee chuckles, his eyes are locked on me and my reaction to the words coming out of the speaker.

“I’m a very busy man Detective, I don’t have time to deal with dumb girls who can’t take responsibility for their actions.”

“Be careful with what you say, you are on speaker and she can hear you,” Lee warns.

Suho scoffs, “She knows how we feel about her. There is only one reason she is still alive and we both know it. But her time is counting down rather quickly as of late with all the trouble she’s been causing. Nothing but chaos follows that girl. She is the cause of almost all fights in my home so fucking keep her. I want nothing to do with that girl. She can’t just call us whenever she needs something, that isn’t how this works. Have her call Jiyong, they are really close apparently.” Daddy what are you saying? Stop it!

“Are you sure? What happened to your sweet caring side last time you were here?” I can see the amusement in Lee’s eyes as he eggs on the insults, fucking bastard.

“That was nothing but pity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have much more important things to be doing. So call Jiyong, I’m sure he’d love to come pick the little slut up. I’m actually surprised she’s not with him. When she left earlier my first thought was that she was going to fuck him like the whore that she is. Much to my surprised the dumb bitch ends up in the police station blowing up my phone because she has no one that would care if she called. Fucking keep her. You are saving me the trouble of getting rid of her myself. Maybe now my house hold will have some peace and quiet.”

The line goes dead and I’m left staring dumbstruck at the phone on the desk. That didn’t just happen, this whole thing is some massive joke they’re playing on me, Baek and Chan are going to pop out laughing, Lay is going to be apologizing non stop that he let them play this joke on me. Xiumin, Kris, and Luhan are going to be beating up Suho for saying such things, even as a joke. But they don’t. Lee is just staring at me, he gulps at the sight of a few tears rolling down my cheek and I can say that he almost feel guilty. But that doesn’t last long when I stand up and storm towards the door.

“Where do you think you’re going? They said they didn’t want you,” He reminds me. “Your parents don’t want you either so where do you plan on running away to?”

I think of Jihyo but if I call her crying I can guarantee she is going to find my daddies and start some massive fight. So I just throw open the door and snap at him over my shoulder, “That is none of your fucking business.” Without another word I run out of the station and blindly down the street, not caring who I run into. My mind is swirling into a dark place as I replay his last words in my head, fucking keep her. How could he say such things? Was the fight really that bad this morning and I just over looked it? No! Wait a fucking second, this isn’t my fault. I was dragged away and that is all he thinks about is that I left to fuck with Jiyong? Sure they sent a fake message but is that really all it took for him to toss me away? Do the others know? Would they even care?

I’m brought out of my thoughts when I basically run into a brick wall, well a man built basically like the brick wall. He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight. I tell myself I should fight out of his embrace but my body just doesn’t want to, my alarms aren’t going off and it’s freezing out here in nothing but my school uniform and he’s warm, really warm. My face is in his chest, I take deep breaths to try and calm myself, his cologne, that smells like firewood, fills my nostrils. The ice smelling stranger does nothing but pulls me out of the way of the busy side walk and continues to hold me.

After who knows how long, I stop crying and attempt to step away from the stranger but he continues to hold me close. I look up at him, he’s tall, probably about the same height as Kai and Sehun. He’s staring down at me with soft eyes and a small smile. I have to admit that he’s an attractive man, but he has a frightening appearance as well, like him switching into gangster mode wouldn’t be that hard. I shake that thought out of my head, not every man I meet is a gangster.

“If I let you go, it’s going to be really cold,” He warns me.

I nod in understanding, “I know, thank you but I should really be going.”

“Where are you headed? I could be your escort, or better yet, your heater.”

I laugh, “Thank you but I don’t want to burden such a nice stranger like yourself.” I place my hands that are wedged in between us on his chest and gently push away but his arms around my waist are much stronger than mine.

“At least let me give you my jacket or something. I can’t let a pretty girl like you run around this town in just a school uniform,” He gives me another smile and places one of his hands on top of mine on his chest. His smile falters when his hand finds my dragon ring. With one arm still tightly wrapped around me he takes my hand and stares at hit dumbstruck. “Jooyoung?”

I gulp, “Yes?”

“This has to be some kind of joke,” He chuckles.

“You know me?”

“Everyone knows you pretty bird.”

“Pretty bird?”

He nods, “The pretty little thing that has Kwon Jiyong wrapped around her little finger.”

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I stumbled upon your mafia au rn and holy moly is it amazing. I love how it makes sense and is so well written. Oh god if you write more I'll love you forever and shower you with all the gifts, but if you don't I'll still love you and it!

Thank you! I now present part 4!

Warning: OCs, OOCness, grammatical errors but tried to keep in minimum

Keith had been in multiple first class seats, heck they were literally living in a castle that acts as their ship also, it was like just a part of being a Paladin and defender of the universe. So really, there was nothing to be awed at the private jet plane of Lance. If anything, everything outside of the Milky Way galaxy was more advanced compared to anything that Earth could offer. No, what got Keith speechless was the fact that Lance was a full blooded Mafioso. How could he deny it when the moment they entered the airport Lance was immediately greeted by the Salazar’s own crew? How could he say that this was all a lie when they were directed immediately to the plane they were going to take? How could he say that he was not shock when they were now a few hours away from Italy to meet the whole Salazar Familia?

How could Lance dropped such a huge bomb and just act so nonchantly?

“Ugh, now I am reminded why I hate wearing suits, doesn’t matter if it is Italian, English, or American suit. I hate wearing this.” Keith saw Lance seating near the window and just staring outside while attempting to loosen his tie. He had to admit that blue was really Lance’s color no matter what.

“I must admit, Earth’s clothing are beautiful. Is it always like this?” and then Keith’s attention was shifted to Allura and saw that she was admiring the simple pink silk dress she was wearing, specifically, she was staring at the floral designs adorning the lower part of the dress.

“If you meant the things that we are wearing right now, then no.” Lance completely gave up on his tie when one of the stewardess slapped his hand for the second time, “You can say that this ones are for important events. Humans just usually wear what was comfortable for them or what makes them look beautiful. Though most just wear what they can afford. Most humans are not exactly rich and food is more important than clothes.”

“And you know this despite being born with a silver spoon in your mouth?” it was not meant as a hostile question but rather a genuine one. Keith just wanted to know more about Lance because it was a painful reality that he didn’t know their blue Paladin that much at all.

Keith would not be surprised that Lance’s life as a child of a Mafioso was anything but easy. By just imagining things, Lance might be prone to being kidnapped.

“Well, you will meet a lot of interesting individuals inside the Mafia, especially the desperate ones.” Lance gave them a dark yet sorrowful smirk. Keith was reminded of the times where their Blue Paladin inflicted self-punishment to himself when they didn’t managed to save the Galra prisoners they were meant to rescue. Lance always thought it was solely his fault when it reality it was a collective error. It took a lot of talking from Allura, Shiro, and Coran until Lance managed to stop punishing himself by training non-stop with nothing but raw anger and despair.

The rest of the ride was spent in silence between Keith and Lance. Allura was asking Shiro about Earth’s customs while watching TV. Shiro was trying to explain and answer every question the Princess had but sometimes the words were lost in his mouth. Hunk and Pidge were raiding the whole plane for things to assemble and disassemble as well as find the different stocks of foods and drinks. Earth’s foods and drinks were something like a rare item for them, okay? Coran was taking his time talking to the pilots and it was a miracle that he was not being kicked out. Rather, the pilots seemed to enjoy the stories of Coran about different alien species and Altean cultures.

Coran and Allura were like children once they got in the car. They were both pointing at different objects, plants, and animals, and asking multiple questions. Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro tried to satisfy their curiosities while Lance just merely tossed a bottle of juice towards Keith and simply watched the chaos happening before them.

That was, until they reached the gates of Salazar’s mansion.

“Lance, is your family a secret fan of the Zoldyck’s?” Pidge managed to ask when Lance let it slipped that the whole mountain was under the name of the Salazar’s.

“Hm…well, logically, it will be impossible to have this mansion inspired by the Zoldyck’s when this is much older compared to the first released of Hunter x Hunter.”

“Okay, I get that.” Hunk completely budge in the conversation, “But why are we walking? Can’t we take your limousine until we reach the mansion itself?”

And this was just merely met by a mischievous grin.

“Ready your bayards. Show that you deserve the title of the ‘defenders of the universe’. Oh!” Lance shifted his attention to Coran, “Don’t worry, Coran! I told them to leave you alone from their shenanigans!”

“Shenanigans?” all of them asked before they were assaulted by a rain of bullets.

“Ugh! What is the meaning of this?!” Reflexes were the one that saved their dear lives. Fighting in a war could really hone anyone’s skills if they were desperate enough to live.

“Remember! No killings or maiming!” Lance shouted at them (or maybe to the people attacking them) and Keith saw, from the tree he was hiding, that he was freaking dancing around the barrage of bullets as if it was merely a rain fall made out of lead.

Lance then let his bayard transformed into twin pistols (an ability that the blue paladin learned earlier than the rest) and put his arms sideward before pulling the trigger while dancing an impromptu ballet, at least that was the closest comparison Keith could supply at the moment and oh goodness gracious, did Lance just somersaulted in mid-attack?

Keith could not entertain more the thought at the moment when he felt a presence near him. His feet moved before his mind could catch up to what was happening. His hands immediately pulled out his sword in order to deflect the knives aimed at him.

Human weapons might not be as advanced as alien technology but it was still deadly in the hands of experts or just lucky ones.

“Damn it! Why are you attacking us?! We are Lance’s friends!”

“Well, I can’t exactly trust that information considering you kidnapped my little bro before.” It was said in a sickening sweet voice and when Keith adjusted to the light (due to entering the forest that engulfed him in moment of darkness) he saw a man a few inches taller than him and wearing a black trench coat of all things, he had a spiky hairstyle for his strawberry blond hair and his emerald eyes feels like it was dissecting Keith’s soul bit by bit. All in all, it was hard to convinced Keith that this person was Lance’s blood brother.

As if reading his thoughts,

“Same Father different Mother!” was all the man said before tossing the rest of the knives towards Keith.

He should have known it was a distraction.

The next thing he knew was that a gun was firmly pressed on his temple.

“Any living thing is fragile once you found their heart or brain. The name is Khanda Salazar, by the way. Third child of Don Salazar.” Keith never thought that he would add another name to the list of creatures with sickening sweet giggles.

“Keith, the Red Paladin of Voltron.”

Langst Mini Fic: A Not So Good Introduction

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Mafia AU: Lance Salazar (OCs mini guide)


Good Girl Ch 40: A Queen and A Jester

“You work for him?” I repeat back to him.

The stranger nods, “Sort of, I’m more like a consultant.”

“How so?”

He hums as he thinks of a vague enough answer to give me, “When they need certain things done that they don’t want to be associated with or if their men can’t do what we can. We go where the money is.”

I nod, “So killers for hire?”

He chuckles, “Basically.”

“Why can’t I run into normal people?” I ask the universe and myself.

“Is this a common problem you have?”

“Trouble is drawn to me.”

“Don’t worry pretty bird, I’m here to keep trouble at bay.”

I laugh, “Does that make you my guard dog?”

“I guess so.”

“Thanks again for walking me.”

He smiles down at me, “No problem, anything for you pretty bird. Do you want some coffee?” I open my mouth to decline but he pulls me into a random café and pulls me straight to the counter. He orders a black coffee for himself and a green tea for me. I don’t bother trying to object when he pulls me to an empty booth and sits down across from me.

“Such a gentleman,” I tease.

He chuckles, “You are the first to say so.”

“That makes me a little less nervous.”

“You aren’t nervous.”

I cock an eye brow at him, “How do you know?”

“Killers for hirer,” I continue to stare at him, waiting for an explanation. He rolls his eyes as if it’s obvious, “No one would ever say that to an actual hitman unless they were comfortable.”

“Maybe I’m just an idiot.”

He shakes his head, “You aren’t stupid.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“You’re Jiyong’s girl, he doesn’t like stupid girls.”

“I’m not Jiyong’s girl.”

“That ring would beg to differ,” He takes my hand and holds it tightly, not hurting me but warming it. I stare at our hands, my other hand is on the table, the ring my daddies gave me is shining up at me. He notices and takes my other hand and twists the ring around my finger, “If you aren’t Jiyong’s, than who’s are you?”

I snatch my hands away, “I’m a free agent.”

He chuckles as he turns his hand over to revel my ring, his eyes scan the inside and he chuckles, “Xoxo.”

“Does that mean something to you?”

“It just answered my question. Now let me ask you another, which one do you belong to?”

I take the ring back and stare at the engraving, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He seems to sense the sadness washing over me, “Do you want to ask me a question?”

“You aren’t going to have to kill me if I do?” I half-heartedly tease.

“Have you heard that threat before?”

“I thought I was asking the questions.”

He chuckles and holds his hands up in surrender, “I’m sorry, go ahead.”

I sigh as my eyes scan him, “How do you know about me?”

“Rumors mostly but I’ve been doing a little looking in on you.”

“Really? Why?”

“I like to know who I work for. If the man I work for has a weakness, I like to know who or what it is.”

I nod, “And what are you going to do with this information?”

He shrugs, “I’m still trying to figure that out.”

Our drinks come and I thank both him and the waitress before sipping the warm drink. He drinks his coffee and we are left in a comfortable silence for a few minutes. He surprises me by pulling a card deck out of his jacket pocket. Casually he begins shuffling it until he thinks it’s had enough. I watch confused as he takes a majority of the cards and sets them to the side.

After spreading them out he looks to me expectantly, “If I asked you to pick a card, how hard would it be?”

I shrug, “Not very.”

“Even if I said you had to just pick one?”

Not understanding frown, “I can pick.”

“Really? Even now?” He does a little trick and flips all the cards over together. I’m confused to see thirteen kings, a joker, and a queen staring up at me. “You can only pick one. Even if you think you can pick more, I’m here to let you know, that isn’t realistic pretty bird.”

“What is the joker?” I wonder.

“I threw myself in there for fun.”

“Does that make me the queen?”

“Someone thinks highly of themself.”

I scoff at him, “Are you saying that I can’t have myself and them?”

“You can loose yourself a lot easier than you think.”

“And the kings? Does it matter which one I pick? There are no names, you won’t know who I’m picking.”

“But you will.”

I don’t respond to that, he doesn’t really expect me to. He packs up his cards and places them back in his jacket pocket, done with his lesson. We finish our drinks and head back out into the cold. My arms are wrapped around me in a sad attempt to keep the chilly wind at bay. He notices and without a word, pulls me close. We walk silently down the busy sidewalk for a few minutes. He has me tucked under his arm and into his jacket so he can share his warmth. I know I should be weary of how much he seems to know about me but at this point, I don’t really care what kind of stupid situation I could get myself into. Sure, he could be leading me to his headquarters where I could be held for ransom or killed but to my surprise, the farther he leads me threw the city the more familiar the streets become.

I begin to reconsider my decision of going there. What if I’m unwanted there too? My hand in my uniform pocket tightens around the small gold card that Jiyong gave to get into his apartment whenever I want. Maybe this is a bad decision.

“Why do you call me pretty bird?” I ask casually, both curious about the answer and not wanting to be left alone with my thoughts.

“Because from what I’ve heard, you don’t get out much, people only see you out on Tuesdays and when you go to school. But nothing more than that. So I figured you must be locked up in his penthouse the rest of the time, like a bird in a cage. But form what I’ve learned today, you may be spending your time elsewhere.”

I sigh, “That’s what Jiyong said to me when we first met. I’m a bird in a cage.”

“So are you?”

“Am I?”

“A bird in a cage?”

I pause for a minute, “Yes. I think I am.”

We don’t really talk after that. He hums some random song softly as we continue to walk, the sad song weirdly comforts me in my wallowing. Inside my heart is broken, but I feel numb. I keep telling myself that it’s all just a joke or a dream because I don’t want to think of the reality of it. They don’t want me. No one wants me. Not my parents, or my sisters, or my daddies. I want to call Jihyo so bad and ask her if we can still run away together. I know she would jump at the chance but I can’t do that to her future. She has so much ahead of her, I would just ruin in all since that is all I’m good at.

I think back to what Suho said on the phone, nothing but pity. I wonder if that’s what they all feel for me. If that’s why Jihyo would runaway with me, why my daddies even took me in, why Jiyong even looked at me. They pity me. Then I think about this stranger’s words. I can only pick one. I never thought I would be the girl who wouldn’t even want themselves without someone else. I want them. All of them but like he said, it’s not realistic. The realization makes my chest tight and my eyes burn with tears.

“Yoo who, pretty bird,” The stranger whistles at me playfully. I look up at him, brought out of my pitiful thoughts to feel tears stinging my eyes. His smile drops at the sight of my glossy eyes. “Are you okay? I’m sorry for the whole bird thing I didn’t think it would bug you that much.”

I quickly shake my head and wipe away my tears, “It’s not that.”

He frowns, “Then what is it?”

“Everything else in my life,” I sigh and look up to find that we are in front of Jiyong’s apartment building.

“Do you want me to walk you in?” He offers sweetly but I shake my head.

“You’ve already done so much for me and I don’t even know your name.”

“Lets leave an air of mystery to this friendship,” He teases earning a smile from me.

“What am I supposed to call you than?”

He shrugs, “Whatever you want.”

“Okay, see you later guard dog.”

“Oh come on, at least be more creative,” He teases as I slip inside the glass doors. I give him one final wave before turning around and shuffling past the front desk ladies, who are glaring daggers at me. I step into the elevator and use the gold card to get access to the hall that leads to Jiyong’s apartment. Riding up the gold elevator is kind of nerve racking. I should have called. I shouldn’t just show up at his place without him being home, that’s rude. I should leave. My finger hovers over the lobby button as the elevator dings and the doors open. I peer into the empty room before shrink back into the elevator where I almost jam my finger from stabbing the lobby button so many times. But it won’t close.

“What the hell?” I mumble to myself as I press every single button in that elevator but it still won’t move. “Why do I feel like he’s doing this?” Looking around the elevator I see a camera in the corner. I sigh, “He probably has something to do with it.” Taking this as an okay or just fate, I shuffle out of the elevator to the unlocked door to get inside. “At least someone wants me.”

As those words leave my mouth I’m tackled to the ground by other guard dogs who look happy to see me. I giggle and enjoy their sweet dog kisses and seemingly unending about of love. After they calm down I stand up and place my stuff on the couch. I convince myself to peek into the kitchen, hoping to find something to eat just laying out on the counter. I’m not going to dig threw his stuff, though I honestly don’t think he’d mind, I don’t want to risk someone else getting mad at me. So I shuffle back into the living room and sit down for a second but I can’t seem to get comfortable in the massive cold room. I consider going to my room, I stop in front of my door but after glancing down the hall I feel like Jiyong’s room is calling to me.

With a deep breath I slowly make my way to his door and slip inside. His massive bed with thick red covers looks so warm and inviting. He wouldn’t mind, would he? He would be encouraging me, right? Right. That is all the motivation I need to jump into the bed and burry myself in the pillows. His familiar smell burns my nose, calling me deeper into the bed. It doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep, this has been a very interestingly heart breaking day that I would like to forget every happened.

A warm hand on my face calls me from my dreamland, “Hello Beautiful.”


Do any of you lovelies have a guess on who are Jester is?

F i sh Ma Fia 

→ a few weeks ago when my best friends & me were at my fave italian restaurant & somehow came up with these random thoughts about a boss who would be called “ don salmone” and his mafia family.

- everything is pirate / fish themed
- his subordinates are called mates
- Lil shrimp is his right hand man and actually the tallest one
- Don Salmone is mostly useless and this kind of villain who thinks hes super badass & evil but everything he does is more comedy like than scary [ he has style tho ]
- instead of a horses head , they put stinking fish underneath the pillow of the people they want to threaten
- they have a thing for drowning people or anything water associated
- his subordinates are the truly violent and efficient ones

of course i had to turn that stupid idea in reality somehow haha:D enjoy

Good Girl Bonus Chapter: I Should Tell Her

Jiyong’s POV

It takes four hours to pry the little beat up girl off me, not that I wanted to. She had latched on to me like her life depended on it when she showed up, there are so many tear stains on my shirt and pillows. I leave her in my bed, fast asleep, the covers pulled up to her chin. Before walking away I glance at her bruised face one more time, doing my best not to punch a wall or set out a man hunt to butcher who ever would do that to her. I quickly scribble down a note about having to go to the office to get a few things but I’ll be back soon. With that done I leave the room silently and make my way to the kitchen to grab my phone. I have a few missed calls from Seunghyun and even a few messages telling me to meet him in my office.

My heart sinks as I go down the elevator, I don’t want to leave her already without any answers to what happened to her. Her stumbling threw the elevator door bruised and beaten flashes in my mind and fists clench on their own. She couldn’t tell me anything threw her heart breaking tears, the only word she is able to get out when I asked who did this she said Block B. I’m so confused. Why did no one tell me she was missing? No matter how much those bastards in EXO hate me I thought that they would call me for help when it comes to her.

The elevator reaches my floor and I step out into the garage, automatically earning the few cleaning attendants’ attention but quickly loose it when they sense my hostile aura. My blood is boiling. How could they let their pride get the better of them? They just let her suffer instead of asking me for help? I growl out loud and kick the closest thing that just so happens to be one of my cars. The nearby attendant screams as I kick the car again and again, denting it severely. When I’ve had enough I stop and run my fingers through my hair.

“Get that fix as soon as possible,” I snap at the woman before storming off to another one of my cars. I try to stay calm as I drive to the company, but my hands griping the steering wheel until my knuckles are white give my anger away. Outside my company I toss my keys to the attendant waiting outside before storming in. Inside everyone seems to sense my killer aura and quickly parts for me faster than usual. My foot taps impatiently the whole ride up the elevator now that I’m here I want nothing more than to return to Jooyoung. The elevator dings and I’m greeted by Seunghyun who looks as impatient as I am.

“Took you long enough. I have to know if that little girl showed up at your place,” He automatically demands as I begin to storm past him. I stop mid step and glare at him over my shoulder.

“What?” I spit. How did he know she was at my place?

Seunghyun rolls his eyes and walks pass me into my office, “It’s better to discuss these things in private.” He glances at my secretary who just looks scared. I nod and tell Mino I’ll be needing dinner delivered to my apartment.  The scared man nods. I follow Seunghyun into my office and close the doors behind me.

“Hyung what the hell did you do?” I growl.

“Calm down, just tell me, did that little girl go to you or not?”

My eyes narrow on his cold face, “Yes she is there. Now tell me why.”

“I was tired of all of you going crazy about that girl. You were always jealous because of all those other guys had her, you were distracted. So the only way I could think to solve the problem was to either kill EXO or the girl.” My whole body tenses. “Don’t freak out, she is obviously not dead.”

“You didn’t kill-“

He just glares at me, “I did not kill them either. They are good at what they do and I don’t want to deal with taking them over right now so I thought of one other option. I faked her death.”

“You did what?” I snap.

“I made everyone, except for those close to us, think she is dead. There was even a funeral a week and a half ago.”

“How did you do that without a body?” I have to sit down in my desk as I try to understand what the hell he did.

“I got someone who matched her description, height and weight, and then she was beaten to death until you couldn’t recognize her. After I had someone come in and do their magic with fake DNA that girl was technically Jooyoung, enough for the police department to agree with us. The news was made public to her family and soon after EXO who were completely heart broken. They made things a lot easier by leaving the country, now she has no way to contact them to ask about anything.”

I nod my head as I somewhat try to understand, “But if they beat the other girl, why did Jooyoung have bruises too?”

“It had to be done for the videos.”

“Videos?” Of course there are videos, that is Seunghyun’s MO when it comes to kidnapping. My whole body is tense as I begin to think of what else might of happened to her. For something Seunghyun is involved in she seems pretty lucky to get out of there with all of her limbs and no broken bones. But I can’t help myself from pushing away from my desk and punching him across the face with all of my might. He’s on the ground and I find myself kicking him harder and harder until he’s begging me to stop. “I bet she begged, but did you? Of course she did, that is how you work Seunghyun, you make them beg for their life so you can get off on their suffering. Where are her tapes?”

With a shaking hand he reaches into the pocket of his suit and hands me a flash drive. “That is the only copy other than for the one EXO has.”

“It better fucking be,” I growl down at him, “If I see this anywhere I’m going to cut your dick off and make you eat it.”

He chuckles as he sits up, resting against the back of the couch, “Sounds fun. But is this how you thank me for doing all of this?”

I scoff, “You had her beaten almost to death. Who knows what else could have happened and you want me to thank you? For what?”

“For giving her to you. She has no where to go.”

“I don’t want her to love me just because she has no one else.”

“Well it seems to be the only way to get that girl to go to you. She thinks that EXO abandoned her.”

I feel like I’ve been punched, of course she didn’t just run to me, “If they abandoned her how did she escape?”

“I gave them a seven day limit. They could do whatever they want but no killing her. As long as the tapes were made I didn’t care what happened. I was kind of hoping they would be more aggressive but that little girl got her hooks into Zico.” Seunghyun chuckles dryly, irritation on his face.

“How could she do that? She has never seen him before.”

“You are not very good at protecting her either,” He taunts, “you should have looked into her security better, EXO too.”

“You mean….”

He nods, “I mean the man who as been bringing her to you this whole summer was Zico. He had been assigned to kidnap her since he is the leader but he apparently got a soft spot for her in that time and killed all the fun in the videos. Poor thing was heart broken about all of this. He even brought her to the hospital after all of it still claiming to be her innocent body guard who had escaped to go find help but couldn’t get any.”

“Why did he do that? He doesn’t have any interest in her does he?”

“It is written in his contract that he will be her body guard now. He demanded that he be allowed near her or he will tell her about everything and say that it was you who planned it. Even though I don’t like why he’s doing this, I’m impressed with what he’s will to do.”

I growl, “I’m not letting that man anywhere near her!”

“Too bad you don’t have choice. She will be asking about him soon, using the name Joker. Feel free to tell her his real name, Jiho, just do not mention the name Zico or block B around her for a while she might not react well.”

“Hyung what the hell is wrong with you?” I yell at him. “How could you do this to her? Now you put me in this position where-“

“Let me say first off that I don’t give a single fuck about that girl. Second, all I’ve done is filled you in on what you missed while you were gone. I have not put you in any kind of position, you can do with this information what you will. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I may have a few broken ribs. Which reminds me,” He gives me a smirk as he slowly stands up, “You might want to get that girl to the doctor. I heard that she might have a few broken ribs herself and maybe some internal bleeding?”

I don’t hesitate to push him back down and storm towards the door but stop on toes when I think of another question, “Did EXO get all of the tapes?”

He chuckles, “Of course. I wish I could have seen their reactions when the watched them, especially the last one when they beat the hell out of her.  Or maybe the ones where they almost rape her, I don’t know, they all would have been amazing.”

I can’t control my anger as I pick up the vase near my door and throw it at him. It shatters into a million pieces at contact and his laughing stops. My chest is heaving as I step out of my office, not giving my hyung another look but tell Mino to call a doctor. The boy nods and rushes inside. I get into the elevator and press the button until the door closes. I try to stay as calm as possible until I’m able to drive my car into the now empty garage at my apartment building. I click the car off but don’t climb out, I don’t know if I can get myself to face her right now.

She was beaten so badly because of me. She was almost raped because of me. How can I look her in the eye and pretend that I don’t know she is only here cause the others think she’s dead and she thinks they don’t want her. I bang my head against the steering wheel again and again as if I can beat the answers into my head but it doesn’t work. Tears begin streaming down my face as I realize I’m going to have to tell her the truth. She’ll probably cry more, tell me she hates me. I don’t blame her, I hate myself right now. I should have kept Seunghyun on a tighter leash with her. How the fuck could I let this happen to her?

I don’t know how long I was down there but my phone ringing brings me out of myself pity. I look down to see my building calling, “Yes?”

“Hello sir, the young lady in your apartment wanted me to call and ask you when you would be back. I saw that you checked into your garage an hour ago but I thought I would check in with you before I told her that.” The woman at the front desk says politely.

“Tell her I’ll be right up.”

“Yes, sir.”

I hang up and force myself out of the car and into the elevator. The ride up I’m doing my best to prepare for what is to come, the tears and cursing, and that just on my side. I’m not ready for her to hate me. I’m not ready to say goodbyes to Tuesday dinners. The door opens and I’m greeted with an amazing smell. Did Mino get the food delivered already? No, this smells fresh, home made.

“You’re back!” She slowly makes her way over from the kitchen bar where I can see plates filled with food. I look away from the food to her and I’m kind of star struck. She is smiling up at me, her bruises are still there but I try to ignore them because she still looks so beautiful. Her hair is in a high bun with a few curls hanging by her face and she’s wearing one of the many dresses I have for her. This one is a simple peach color that hugs her body so nicely.

But I find myself grimacing and saying, “You look thinner.”

She looks down at herself and blushes, “Being kidnapped and in a coma for three weeks will do that to you.”

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t filter it. Have you eaten?” I step closer to her. I’ll tell her after she eats something.

She shakes her head meekly, “I was waiting for you.”

“You must be hungry, come on lets eat,” I take her hand and try to lead her but she stays still. I look back at her to see her biting her chapped lip and guilty expression on her face. “What is wrong my love?”

“Can we talk first about something?”

I nod and lean against the back of the couch.

She takes a deep breath, “I want to say I’m sorry.”

“My love-“

She shakes her head at me, “Please let me finish. I want to say I’m sorry for not realizing it sooner. I’m sorry for only coming to you when they are gone. I thought that maybe I was being pessimistic when I yelled at them that day about how things would never work out with all twelve of them but I realized I was actually being realistic. They must have realized that too but that is not the point. The point is when I look at my life I realize that I only every really had one option that I know is best for me, and it is you. Please know that I do love you. I really do, I just needed a little push to get me to you.”

She smiles faintly, “Jihyo told me about what happened between you two and about what you talked about after. About the perfect life you both wanted. I didn’t want to admit it at the time but I like it. I want the husband and the kids and maybe a mistress,” She chuckle so cutely at her joke I find myself smiling. “So if you could please forgive me for all of the things I’ve done to hurt you and accept me,” She’s crying threw her smile. Her small hands are holding mine tightly.

I should tell her now. I have to. But when I open my mouth nothing of what I should be saying comes out of my mouth, “Of course, my love. You can stay forever.”

“Thank you!” She throws her arms around my neck and hugs me tight.

“But there will be no mistresses, you will only need me and I will only need you, I promise.” I hug her back, happy she can’t see the guilt written all over my face. I’m just doing what is best for her. She said it herself, that was not a realistic living situation, I’m doing her a favor. Right?

I’m not the bad guy right?

I’m just a guy in love.

She’ll understand in the long run, won’t she?

That I’m just looking out for her, I’m doing what is best for her. Yes, she will, I know she will in the future. So right now, I’m just going to show her how happy she can be with just me, that will show her, that will help her understand all of this.


Thank you again for reading my story! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this long mess but I want to say a special thank you to my top readers! @fallenaer @httpwyf  @chensuggababy and @pandieali you lovelies are amazing thank you for the love!

Good Girl Ch 48: Last Day

Again Lovelies, I’m letting you know this chapter is not for people who are sensitive to aggressive situations 

You have been warned!

A week. A whole week of the chase, the capture, the tape and the room. My voice is gone. I’ve screamed my heart out, and to be honest I don’t think I could scream anymore if I tried. The tapes are the hardest part. I can handle their taunting words as they purposely walk passed where I’m hiding and their disgusting jokes about fucking my mouth when they capture me. Sitting in the dark cement room by myself is definitely the best part of my day.

The tapes have not really been violent, not counting the bruises that are on my wrists and ankles and every other part of my body that they held on to. Since Taeil ripped my clothes they’ve been making me wear nothing but my underwear, thankfully they gave me a blanket to sleep with but it can’t leave my tiny room. They feed me the leftovers of their meals, which is a surprisingly large amount of food. Zico is always the one to bring it to me. He hands me the large plate filled with rice and beef, as always he stands in the far corner with his arms crossed over his chest and stares until I’m done.

Even though I felt like Zico is the one I should be scared of the most he is actually the most kind to me. He is always the one to stop the other from going to far and actually raping me, and a few have been very close. He has never caught me, he doesn’t stay around for the punishment either. Purple just seems uninterested in all of this. He just follows Zico usually, he comes and gets me from my room and pushes me out of the warehouse.

Today felt different. I’m lying on the bare mattress with my blanket wrapped tightly around me. I’ve been awake for a while now but without a clock I’m not sure what time it is. My mind is on my daddies, at least it was a moment ago until I couldn’t stop crying. Did they really not care enough to come get me after all the things they have seen on the videos? Maybe they didn’t want me because of those videos, the tapes were cut off before Zico stopped the guys from actually rapping me so my daddies don’t know that I haven’t been violated but maybe they don’t want a dirty girl like me. I can’t hold back the uncontrollable cries that spill from my lips and echo threw the small room.

They abandoned me. They just left me with these guys. At least Joker felt bad for leaving me and he is only a friend. They were my lovers, my first. I thought they were my everything but now I see nothing but betrayal. Briefly my mind flashes to a sweet man in a black suit.


What is he doing with all of this? Does he know? Did anyone tell him? Would he even care? No one in my life seems to. It’s been a week. Another Tuesday where I didn’t show up, he must know something is wrong. He must not care. I guess I’m just going to die here. With no one to pay the price on my head there will be nothing saving me from their wrath.

As if they could read my mind the door opens. To my surprise it Zico standing there not Purple. He hands me a small set of clothes, a t-shirt and shorts that must belong to Taeil because they seem far too small to fit Zico. There is a note on top.

Last day.

I look up at him confused and concerned, “Last day? I didn’t know there was a time limit. What happens when today is over? Will there be another tape?” I’m on my feet now. He says nothing, just turns around and waits. I take this as my chance to get dressed. With new clothes on he leads me into the bigger room where the others are waiting.  

“Are you ready to have a fun last night with us?” Taeil mocks. I wish I could see his face. I just want to know if my punch had left a bruise, to know if I marked him like how he marked me.

“Hyung leave Kitten alone, she’s heart broken that she’s even had to last this long. She was probably expecting one of her prince charmings to come rescue her. Too bad they’re just thugs who care about nothing but themselves,” Kyung chuckles. “You should’ve known that Princess. A big group of boys like them couldn’t settle for just one little thing like you. Plus they are definitely not your best option.”

I glare at him, “What do you mean?”

He flicks my forehead, “Calm down. I’m just saying that you had a better option and wasted it for more pretty boys. I wonder how your friend would react to our little videos. I think he would have found you by now. But I guess that lucky for us that those lazy bastards didn’t even try for you. Now we get to have more fun.”

“You know the routine princess,” B-bomb says as we walk toward the warehouse exit. “But I’m going to suggest you hide better today. Tonight’s punishment is going to be especially brutal. But,” I can imagine him smiling at me behind the mask, “there is also a prize if you can make it until daylight.”

“A prize?”

“Yep, your freedom. We’ll let you go free of charge but if you can’t, you gotta get a punishment, you got it?”

I nod before stepping over the threshold and running as fast as I possibly can on my aching limps. I need to hide. I need to get out so I can ask them why they didn’t come for me. The paths have become more familiar to me and I’ve learned where to hide for a little while but they always end up finding me. But today I’m trying a new place, some place I’ve considered hiding every time but lacked the courage. I’m not any braver than I was a few days ago I’m just more afraid of whatever punishment I could receive compared to falling off a fairs wheel.

With a deep breath I quickly climb up the latter that leads up half way before shimming across the slightly raised beam to one of the carriages. The siren goes off signaling the being of the game just as I sink into the carriage. I need to hide until day light, I can do that, I know I can with this hiding spot. Their taunting words echo from below and for once, I don’t feel a sense of panic or fear. For the first time all week I actually feel kind of safe.

The search for me goes on forever, I can hear them genially getting irritated that they can’t find me. Curses and their ridiculous pet names for me are yelled from all over the grounds. It takes all of my self-control not to peek out to see where they all are. Laying on the floor of that dirty carriage I feel relaxed enough to close my eyes and drift off into a warm slumber. I dream of freedom, of warmth, and for once, not of my daddies. I see Jiyong, he’s offering me his hand and his warmth and his love, like he always does. No matter what I said to him he was there for me.

My nap is interrupted by the sound of a machine groaning to life and the sudden trembling of the carriage. My eyes snap open to see a new pink sky, day light, it’s almost here. But it’s too late. The fairs wheel groans to life and slowly begins to rotate. I press myself against the floor, hoping that maybe, just maybe, they could miss me. But luck is not on my side.

The carriage door rips open and someone drags me out by my hair, I look up to see Taeil’s familiar mask glaring down at me, “You were so close Pumpkin.”

“What a shame,” Kyung chuckles, “I was actually kind of rooting for you at this point. Someone tell the boss we found her. He isn’t going to be around for this one.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to be the one to tear you are apart.” They drag me back to the warehouse where I’m thrown on the floor. Taeil crouches down to my level, “Are you ready for the beating of a life time?”

I shake my head, “Please don’t, I was so close! Day light was right there! Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Nope, that’s not how it works Pumpkin. You failed, you get the punishment you deserve.”

“What did I do to deserve this?” I scream at him. My voice cracks in fear and in over use.

“You should have known to avoid our world,” B-bomb tells me. “This isn’t the place for a little kitten like you. This world is for cold hearted people like those bastards who left you. They may have seemed warm but that was just a show, you were just a toy to them, nothing more. Now if you think you want to continue in this world, if you really want to live knowing that no one wants you, you will take your beating like a good girl.”

“Don’t make the girl’s whole world seem so hopeless,” U-kwon scolds.

Jaehyo nods in agreement, “She might have one person.”

“One?” I laugh sadly.

“One is better than nothing,” Kyung gives me a sad smile.

“Enough of your guys hopeful words to the girl, lets get down to business,” Taeil cracks his knuckles. “I’ve wanted nothing more than to break her into a million little pieces.”

“Please go first,” Jaehyo offers.


Taeil steps up and stands over me, his fingers weave threw my hair and grip the roots tight before delivering a hard punch to my jaw. He doesn’t give me a second to recover before doing it again, and again, and again. Blood is spilling out of my lips when he releases me to move down to my lower body. One kick, two, three, four, he hits my face again and I just don’t know anymore.

I don’t know if they switched out or if it really is just Taeil delivering blow after blow. I don’t know which way is up or which way is down. At this point I’d be lucky to tell you my own name or open my mouth to say it.

I just know that everything hurts. My eyes are so swelled up they won’t open. Something might be broken, if not I’m impressed. My body will be covered in bruises, I can already feel them forming underneath my skin. I try to roll over on to my front but they don’t stop. I begin to wonder if I’ll be alive when they do.

Do I even want to be?