oc mafia

can i join the Trash section yet? now that i’ve made a Gravity falls OC lol

She’s for my Seven Deadly Sins Au technically i can put her in any of my Aus Since the Seven deadly sins au is just like a head canon that Bill & Tad are part of the seven deadly sins

Not all of them have to be Demons though.

her Background story is that Her Familia’s/Mafia’s been business partners with the northwests for a long time ever since her Great-Great-Grandfather (who is the original Wrath). Ever since her father’s been the Godfather she’s been taken to and fro to the Northwests house to learn how to do business, there she met little Pacifica.

long story short she became enamored with Pacifica and calls her Hermanita (little sister) from then on.

She’s Overprotective with her familia and is very controlling of her business affairs. She’s had some History with pride but it didn’t work out and now she hates him, She’s has a love/hate relationship and is engaged with lust at the moment.

She’s completely Straight but supports LGBTQ communities like it’s the last day on earth (Fujoshi alert)

Agrokenisis is Plant manipulation by the way but she uses guns way more than her powers since it tires her alot, but when she’s not angry she’s not really that strong since her demonic abilities on come when she’s mad. The Angrier she is the stronger she is, it’s also vice versa to her opponent, if they’re mad she gets power.

She’s only 1/6th Demon so she’s still mortal and does in fact age just slower than most people. She does NOT wear casual clothing outside of her house says it’s for maintaining her image or something like that, but she LOVES cartoons (especially Disney) and tends to watch them with Lust, a full 3 buckets of Caramel popcorn, and wearing the most comfortable animal onesies she and lust has.

May act tough but is actually a big softie for kids, younger people, and cute animals

She’s Spanish ( i don’t know why a lot of my ocs are spanish okay?? IT FITS THE MAFIOSO STORY) and her hair’s not naturally red (but she doesn’t want people to know that)

Her necklace is a gift from her father (an heirloom) and she NEVER takes it off it’s gem is a ruby

“Since it’s your birthday… is there something you’d like?" 

"I would love to draw you, Jingxian." 

It’s my son’s birthday 10/02! Nikita is the son of a vey rich family so he doesn’t want anything expensive as a present. He’s also not romantic either so going out for dinner is not necessary. He rather wants to observe and draw the "object” of his affection.