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a few people have wanted to see my design for Father Walter Craven’s family, specifically his older sister because they are close! so i finally put my concepts together and designed her.
she’s an elementary school teacher and tattoo artist who is VERY avid on movements toward saving earth and its inhabitants, from all sorts of animals to all kinds of people. she lost her lower arm in her early 20′s [ due to a car crash where she tried not to hit an animal ] and finds it fun when her students think her prosthetic’s cool. she got her other arm’s tattoo because she thought it was a cool concept! under a black light it looks glow-y and blue, which she also likes to share with her students! as well, she likes to dye her hair and has probably gone through every color and style. 

Father Craven and her are and always have been best friends. she wishes he weren’t so busy all the time to come down and visit her nowadays.

[ my ocs ] 

a somewhat ridiculous one-shot, because I adore Stephen’s beautiful, damaged hands, and everything they stand for  by sobeautifullyobsessed

 “I make no promise this will work—but give me your hands please…”

Reverently, Teyla traced the scars upon the back of his right hand and along the length of each finger, then gently flipped it over, to do the same upon his palm, moving on to his left hand in her own good time.  Stephen had not allowed such familiar contact with his damaged hands in ages, and his flesh seemed to spark at her soothing touch.  He found himself mesmerized by the softness of her patient exploration, understanding as he watched that her fingers were memorizing the patterns of his scars, and that she was methodically building a magic he had never seen before.  

“You must trust me now,” she told him, as she brought his hands palm to palm, laying her own atop and underneath them, “There will be pain, but I promise it will be brief. You must not flinch or pull away, lest the charm I weave be broken.”  Her voice was hushed, but like her motions, held him spellbound.  “Can you do this for me, Stephen?  Surrender control in this moment to me, and do not fight the sensations you will feel.”

“Of course,” he replied, his voice a little hoarse with awe and anticipation—though he remained somewhat skeptical that she could even deliver what she had claimed.

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Okay here’s that gud shiit (more like mediocre but whatever)

1) Gameoverse doods
2) Porls from the SU Wanted special
3) Various things from OFF
4-5) There’s a website called Random Animal Generator that gives you an animal to combine with another and then another and then more and it’s neato
6) The Host and Wilf, AKA my brotp
7) My precious bunny boi whom is still unnamed…
8) A N T I
9) Requests from meh frens

Aaaaaaaaand that’s all folks! I should be posting more this summer but probably not tho because I’m a puussssss


THIS UNI SESSION IS FINALLY OVER!!! 💕 which means i can post some of my final projects!!

i had the luck to have a class where we had a free subject so i decided to be super self-indulgent with it and made some boards about my boy 93!.. the story is a little disjointed because its a part of a bigger thing going on between him and @dinqo​‘s Junjie, but im super proud of how it all turned out still and i hope its at least enjoyable to look at!! 🤖