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High Roller. Concept for a DnD character I want to run at some point. He’s a casino barbarian who’s rage state is [poker face] instead of anger. 


The Seelie faerie Honeydew and and an ancient, primordial great^20 grandparent of hers (and perhaps many other fae). This ancestor who was known as Pterophora, was a Grigori angel who fought during the Rebellion in Lucifer’s army.

After Lucifer and his closest followers were imprisoned what is now Hell, those who either expressed their support for Lucifer but did not take action or was not particularly close to Lucifer were banished, but they weren’t imprisoned; they were sentenced to live the rest of their lives in a remote area in Purgatory that is now known as Fairyland. This numerous amount of fallen angels soon began to mate* with each other and eventually after many years of evolution, a new species was born: the Fae.

Although the Fae are a thriving species, little is known about what happened to their fallen angel ancestors and there’s much speculation on their current status.

*Although a few types of angels are able to reproduce to an extent, it is highly discouraged due to the taboo surrounding it. Most angels, except for the Grigori and some Guardians, are unable to reproduce.

First draft of the character for my 3D student movie. His name is Ezekiel, and his hat can change weather or time, depending on what magical properties the plants he plucks from it need to have.


These two fairy ladies here are Dolly and Delora! They’re two solitary fairies who both left Fairyland for Earth for various reasons and ended up meeting and eventually dating each other,,

Dolly is a 6'1 tall Orchid Mantis who is a shy fae that is strong enough to break an adult human’s back. She used to be a meek librarian in the Seelie Court’s library until an obnoxious butterfly fairy bullied her to the point that she was pushed too far and retaliated by ripping his head off. Shortly after realizing in horror about what had done, she fled the scene and escaped from Fairyland, becoming a fugitive on Earth.

Delora is a 5'10 tall Kissing Bug who is a cynical fae that seems to have a fondness towards smoking. She was originally an hitman that served for an aristocrat in the Unseelie Court. Although she was extremely skilled in her field, she had to resign due to severe injuries after miraculously surviving a fight with a predatory katydid. Feeling ashamed of her failure and inability to continue her life of contract killing, she leaves Fairyland, in an attempt to find a new way of life.


“And no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out. I’ve come to burn your kingdom down” 

“Seven Devils” - Florence and the Machine

| Art trade: Color it! | — “Final fantasy VII OC, Zack & Sadie”

The awesome Thaurea (from deviantart!) & I did that art trade where you make some lineart and send it to the other person to color it and post it!

And she, being the THE KIND PERSON SHE IS, made this lovely scene of Sadie (an ffvii OC of mine) & Zack!

—I had so much fun with this, thanks for being so cool Thau! 😄

[Characters´ lineart by: Thaurea] 

[Background´s lineart & coloring by: Me!]