oc drums

Ko'mog Chorusforge

The Chorusforge orc family is one of the many artisan families inside of the Warsong Clan. This one in particular have passed teachings onto their decedents for generations on the ritualistic performance and crafting of sacred wardrums. 

Ko'mog is the first son of his generation’s craftsman and continues live up to his family’s name, expectations, and honor as he delves deeper into his craft.

A presentation of sort ?

Hey everyone ! Some (Most ?) of you will probably know me from my Revali ask blog.

It was about time that I make a side blog for my art and Non-Revali related stuff. 

So here it is ! 

What better way to start this blog with an actual OC Rito ?

-Drum Roll- 

Many followers from Revali-Ask suggested that I make a Rito version of me and I finally did ! 

And what other better way to start this blog ?

I’ll be making 10 free Icon of a character of your choice. OC or existing characters, here are the rules !

1. Have some references, even if its only a sketch, I need to know what the character looks like. It would be good to have an idea of the colors as well.

2. For theses request, I’m sorry to say I won’t do any human, as I still need to practice before offering this possibility. Other than that, any anthro character will do !

3. I’ll only do a head Icon, max size will be 600*600. You can chose to have a background or not but I will make it simple.

4. Only one character per person and please, when you do get the finished Icon, please don’t forget to credit me if you use it. Even if it’s a gift, it would be highly appreciated to still get the credit for my work. 

I guess this is a fun opportunity to have your character freely draw, but please don’t fight if You don’t get to be in the 10 first.

The point of this offer is to get more practice with different characters and improve my art as much as possible, so… Have fun, be creative and good luck !

yayforstuffs  asked:

alright are u ready bc this is a lot for the oc ask meme: 1, 2, 4, 9, 12, 22, 24, 28, 38, 40, 43, 44, 47, and 49

You were always one for asking a bunch. I’m putting a bet that you and maybe one other will be asking questions.

ILL BE ANSWERING THEM SHORT AND SWEET. If you want more detail, ask and ill answer.

1) My first OC was *drum-roll* CANVAS BRUSH! my MLP pony oc.

2) my favorite (they didn’t spell favorite correctly) is *drum-roll* OPTICAL ILLUSION, my MLP draconequuis oc. He is my favorite because i put in a lot of creativity into his powers and personality. 

4)a character i rarely talk about is Discord the mystery sculls oc. 

9) I’d probably give away my older ones.. But no one cared about them then and I’m sure no one wants them now.

12) The only oc that i currently own….sort of is Captain Scervy. He isn’t mine but i draw him more than my sister does.

22) I’m not sure what it means to mischaracterize nut i do have on character that has been misgendered quite a few times. Captain Featherhook.

24)If i were to meet one of my oc….i would have to pick between Optical (because he is the cutest and nice and can fly) or Seamstress (because she can sew and make things like me. shes a remake of Canvas except not random AF)

28) My most dangerous oc is without a doubt SeaBoard. Ask if you want to know why.

38) I don’t think any of my ocs can really dance….i didn’t think much of that.

40) no memories here.

43) Sad back story. None of my characters have a simpler look. I have hopscotched to many fandoms so….most of them look different. As for traits, i try to make them badass but sometimes never turned out that way…

44) I can’t think of anything that makes me like all my ocs about one thing. They all one thing about themselves that i cherish the most.

47) HAHAHAAA! you said friends.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! i know, you’re glad I’m done.

49) My persona would be the only “oc” that would enjoy memes. Cuz i know i so.

IM SURE none of you give a shit bout my answer here, but i know this feller does. He never fails when it comes to these things. I know i can count on him to send a butt load. ANYWHO, THANK you for asking me this and i hope you have a good one.

drum-nem  asked:

Hello, I saw you "talking" about you comic :D You think you will have it printed when it's done? Like, a real thing?! Because each time you talk about it, it becomes better and better!

I am so touched, thank you!

That’s the plan, for it to get published at some point. In the next few years, hopefully!