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Frigid & Friends

Hey everyone! Here’s an animation I’ve been working on for the past 2 years!

This was originally going to be the pilot episode for a series called “Frigid & Friends” with Frigid going around with her friends who’ve appeared in the blog so far, but as time went on I realized this is going to be more of a send-off for Frigid. As time went on I kept improving my animation skills and losing interest in this daunting project (full 3D backgrounds, smooth tweens, high priority voice actresses like Nowacking, Project SNT, Rina-chan, and Darling Adelaide).

In short, I wasn’t able to finish, but I was happy with what did get finished so far. I hope you enjoy this, and expect to see newer and better projects in the future!

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I know some people still confuses Flash as Drift so I made a chart of them.


- Was a con before
- Heavily believes in religion
- Goes everywhere a lot
- Transforms into a racing car
- Possibly old
- Currently living along with other Rodimus’ crews
- Below average height
- Emotional
- Idols someone a lot (its Drift)
- Turns into a jet
- Young
- Lives in Crystal City/along with Circle of Light
- Everything on his frame are always hexagons wwwww


- Both uses swords (only)
- Went through Crystal City
- Came from below average way of living in Cybertron

anonymous asked:

Can we have some poly ratchet and drift with child human reader acting like parents (I'm sorry I couldn't find ur rules so if this I sent allowed in sorry)

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Not a problem at all! I’m totally open to these sort of requests so don’t fret, anon. I am assuming that you meant the ship of Drift and Ratchet acting like parents towards a child human reader. If not, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to make a post about poly Ratchet and Drift with the reader all helping to raise a human child.

And for those who are having difficulty finding the rules page, here it is and to let you all know now: I’m very open to doing headcanons of Transformers characters being parents! Especially if they’re yandere parents I mean what hey here’s the fluff. )

✦ Technically Ratchet meets the child first. It happens when the Lost Light’s Earth-Cyberton liaison brings the child in for an emergency check-up and wait a click. A child? A human child?? Isn’t their liaison supposed to be single??? The liaison quickly explains that they found the child hiding in a little nook when doing their rounds. After coaxing them out of their hidey hole, the liaison was able to learn that the child had snuck on board during the Lost Light’s stop at Earth to gather information and supplies from some Autobot allies. They had only planned to explore a bit and leave but then they got lost due to the size of the ship and felt the ship take off and have been hiding in the nook ever since.

✦ Ratchet is uncharacteristically gentle during his examination, doing his best to keep his grumpiness in check and trying to get a smile out of the child to make them feel more comfortable. He may not have the best bedside manners around but he knows a scared and upset bitlet when he sees one and the last thing he wants to do is add to the stress they must feel. Whenever they do smile at him, his spark flutters in joy because the innocence and kindness they’re showing, despite how scared they must be, is a breath of fresh air for the old medic.

✦ Drift drops by the medbay during the examination. He came for Ratchet and stayed for him but yeah the child was definitely a factor in his decision to hang around a bit longer. He immediately falls helm-over-pedes for the little child the moment they flash him the cutest smile he’s ever seen. He’s the one who coaxes them to talk more, easily getting them to laugh and smile and oh be still his spark. When the examination is done and the liaison notes that someone else will need to keep an eye on the child since they’ll have to bring this up with Rodimus, Megatron, and Ultra Magnus, Drift’s hand shot up so fast he almost smacked Ratchet in the faceplates. He would have scolded the ‘bot until he sees the way Drift cradles the child in his hands, holding them against his spark.

✦ Later on, the officers of the Lost Light are able to make contact with the liaison’s superiors and inform them of the situation. Turns out one of the scientists had brought their child in the base during the day of launch and have been looking for them ever since. By this point it’s impossible to just turn around and head back to Earth so it’s up to the ship’s geniuses to figure out how to transport the child back home. Safely, Brainstorm. Safely.

✦ It was originally suggested that the liaison look after the child since hey they’re both humans.  But then the liaison notices how attached the child has become to Ratchet and Drift and vice versa so they suggest the two instead. The couple are n e r v o u s for the first few months as they try to look after the child. Even with First Aid as the Chief Medical Officer and Drift no longer the nominal third-in-command, they’re both busy ‘bots and are afraid they’ll do something terrible to the little one and scar them for life. Unknowingly become helicopter parents until someone - be it Rung or the liaison - pulls them aside and gently advises them that they need to relax.

✦ It doesn’t take long for them to fall into roles once they get their footing on how to raise a human child. Ratchet is the strict parent, a firm guiding hand and the ‘bot who manages to not be affected by their child’s puppy eyes if they try to ask them for something they shouldn’t have or do. (No, bitlet, you can’t drink exgen. No, sweetspark, you can’t go to Swerve’s.) Drift is the easygoing parent, willing to let their child try something new and exciting, their little one can go to if they want to talk about their feelings if they’re upset or grumpy about something. It’s a good balance, the other up for something they lack and the couple acknowledges this. They’re grateful that someone is there to help them in areas they know they need a hand in and are always quick to thank the other for the help should they step in and give it.

✦ Cuddles. Kisses. Hugs. The child will never have to worry about feeling like they’re unloved when with these two. Ratchet and Drift know physical contact and signs of affection are necessary for humans, more so when it’s a little child. Drift loves to hug them and shower them with kisses whether it’s the traditional human way or the Cybertronian way of nudging his helm against their forehead. Ratchet refuses to let anyone but Drift know but he loves to cuddle with their child. Drift has returned to their habsuite many a time to find Ratchet and their child fast asleep on the birth, Ratchet’s hand covering their child protectively as they slumber on top of his chassis.

✦ Highlight of this amazing experience for them? When explaining the concept of carrier and sire to the child when talking about family, the child asked if the two were their carrier and sire then since they love them both lots and lots. Drift, trying to hold back the coolant collecting in his optics, said of course they are!! He loves being the child’s sire and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else in the universe. Ratchet happily agrees, so touched by the child’s acceptance of them as their parental figures that he doesn’t attempt to scold Drift when he scoops the child up to pepper them with kisses. (The whole reason the conversation even happened was because the child couldn’t fall asleep. Ah well. Seeing the beautiful smiles on both of their faces makes this all worth it.)

✦ Ratchet and Drift know that, sooner or later, Preceptor and Brainstorm will find a way to return the child back to Earth. Ultra Magnus gives them updates whenever progress is made, his way of trying to prepare them for the inevitable day they’ll have to say goodbye to their child. It hurts to think about and they know it’ll hurt more when that time actually arrives but- Until then, they’ll savour the experience of being able to hold a child and call them their own as they all fall asleep together in berth.

anonymous asked:

OC?!?!?!? Plz you is a good

Thank you!

I only have one OC, which is Dot <3 The bab of Drift and Ratchet.

1. They wear a little beanie hat thing with finals on it, made by Rodimus, because they, unfortunately, didn’t inherit them. Never takes it off, and loves chewing on the ends. And chewing on Drifts actual finials. He doesn’t mind though.

2. Loves to roll around. They’re chubby, round and so tiny, and become like a little ball when they roll. Like a pill bug. They don’t crawl, they roll. So flexible too.

3. The happiest baby ever. Always smiling, even if they grow up to be a 78 percent evil, plotting, but still good and pure, child. They giggle at everything. When they hurt themselves they laugh instead of crying. Which is a relief for Drift and Ratchet.

4. Inherited Ratchets old black chevron, Drifts old red optics, tiny fangs, and a white frame. Though they do have Deadlocks old circular thingies that connected to his finials.

5. Drools a lot, mostly because they always have their mouth open cause they giggle and laugh so much. Drift and Ratchet both carry a rag with them now just in case of excess drool. Also because they love to nom on fingers. It doesn’t hurt, that is, until their little fangs lodge into seams and it’s like a kitten nomming straight through your skin. They mostly bite Roddy and Ratchet. 

6. Rodimus has dubbed himself both uncle and godfather, which Ratchet fucking hates because honestly, he is scared for Dots life when Roddy holds them and tosses them in the air. Has a heart attack when Rodimus pretended to drop Dot one time. He’s their ‘fun uncle/god father’, and loves spoiling them. Teaches them to meteor surf, which shortens Ratchets life span. 

7. When Dot gets older they fall in love with writing and reading. Which automatically makes grandpa Megs 100 percent more proud gramps.Shows them his old poetry, and proof reads for them. 

8. Goes to straight to Drift when they’re in trouble because they know he’ll be a pushover and let them off, and or hide them from Ratchet’s wrath. Scales straight up Drift’s armour and tries to hide behind plating or his finials. Drift is always like ‘how could you be angry at that chubby, cute lil face?”

9. They can also 100 percent get anything from Drift, and they take full advantage. Ratchet says no to something? Dot nyooms straight to Drift and gets an instant yes, and heaps of fucking credits to go have fun. Which Ratchet loses his mind at because he’s protective worried dad. Even though Dot is a little genius.

 Dot wants an extra energon goodie? They just have to wobble their lip at Drift and they’ll have like five extra goodies.

10. When Dot is younger they help out a lot with Ratchet in the med bay, following him around, handing him tools and asking lots of questions. Proud mama hen Ratchet answers them all, and lets Dot give diagnostics and offer advice. Lets them sit on his shoulders as he goes about his day, or examines someone’s internals. Which then Drift splutters at because “THATS OUT LIL BAB.” Dots fine though. They can handle it. Plays hide and seek in the med bay, usually just hides under a gurney, or climbs up to the highest fucking pipe in the ceiling. 

Brainstorm and Chromedome for @wolfofthemoon

Ultra Magnus and Drift listening to some tunes for @beesinabox

Punch in his fancy james bond paint courtesy of Torque, for Punch’s player

Hound and his love for all things critter-ly, even if they don’t want bandaids - for @tailgatemtmte

Badass Arcee and @vapzhu‘s Torque (tossing Roddy) for @bluegalbot

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