oc drift

I know some people still confuses Flash as Drift so I made a chart of them.


- Was a con before
- Heavily believes in religion
- Goes everywhere a lot
- Transforms into a racing car
- Possibly old
- Currently living along with other Rodimus’ crews
- Below average height
- Emotional
- Idols someone a lot (its Drift)
- Turns into a jet
- Young
- Lives in Crystal City/along with Circle of Light
- Everything on his frame are always hexagons wwwww


- Both uses swords (only)
- Went through Crystal City
- Came from below average way of living in Cybertron

Brainstorm and Chromedome for @wolfofthemoon

Ultra Magnus and Drift listening to some tunes for @beesinabox

Punch in his fancy james bond paint courtesy of Torque, for Punch’s player

Hound and his love for all things critter-ly, even if they don’t want bandaids - for @tailgatemtmte

Badass Arcee and @vapzhu‘s Torque (tossing Roddy) for @bluegalbot

Requests are closed, thanks gang!


OUAT Challenge

         Day 3 (part 1): Favorite episode(s) from season 3

                  ↪ 3.21 Snow Drifts