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I’m desperately trying to earn money in order to move in with my boyfriend, and I’m unemployed, and trying to find any means to earn money.

Currently working on a commission sheet

Also… on top of this i’m trying to invest in acrylic art mediums in order to auction and sell canvases online.

For the time being, if you can donate to my paypal (ihatemylife@tuta.io)

I will be highly greatful, and sketch you a char / oc of your choice.

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I'm not a /really/ new follower, but I'm curious just how long you've been drawing Buttons?? (I'm sorry if you've gotten this before!)

He’s not a very old OC, I made him and Meg late 2013, when I started playing Fallout 3. I think I’ve drawn him almost every day since :3
If you’re interested, here are the first drawings of him, a redraw of his first character sheet bustsa random redraw and an evolution sorta thing. Meg ones are here. It’s a trip, really O_O
RIP triangle nose Butts :D

Because when I’m unmotivated I make MORE characters :}

This is Painter! A harpy that lives in a ‘sci-fantasy’ universe where common fantasy/creatures had a really crazy baby with the future and sci-fi. I need to just draw out what I imagine cause my brain cannot properly make words. Painter is a delivery girl used to easily and quickly deliver mail to people among many tall buildings around town. She eventually becomes a 'carrier pigeon’ essentially for the military and has to carry very important intel to and from bases over enemy lines. P dangerous work.