oc boardwalk

OC Questions: Beach Edition
  1. Describe your OC’s swimwear
  2. What does your OC wear to the beach?
  3. Which OC runs straight into the ocean upon arrival?
  4. A kid accidentally kicks sand at your OC. How do they react?
  5. Which OC gets buried in the sand?
  6. Which OC brings everything (drinks, towels, sunscreen, etc)?
  7. Imagine your OCs exploring the tide pools
  8. Which OC falls asleep while sunbathing and wakes up with a weird tan?
  9. Imagine your OC building (or trying to build) a sand castle
  10. Your OC vs a tiny crab
  11. Your OC vs the piece of seaweed that unexpectedly touches their leg
  12. Your OC vs that seagull who keeps trying to steal their food
  13. Imagine your OCs in your typical anime beach episode
  14. Which OC eats all of the boardwalk food?
  15. Imagine your OC attempting to surf. How well they do is up to you
  16. Which OC somehow manages to make an alliance with the seagulls?
  17. Which OC gets sunburned?
  18. How well can your OCs swim?
  19. Imagine your OC trying to pose in the sand, but gets hit with a wave
  20. Which OC just stares out over the vast expanse of ocean, letting the waves lap at their feet, and slowly sinking deeper into the cool sand?
  21. Which OC is terrified of being washed out to sea?
  22. Does your OC prefer the beach or the boardwalk?
  23. Which OC enjoys beachcombing?
  24. Which OC finds the most beautiful shell, rock, or piece of sea glass?
  25. Which OC manages to lose a shoe?
  26. Imagine your OCs watching the sun set beneath the waves