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I have two questions 1) Are any of your ocs based on you? 2) What are your ocs sexuality?

all of their personalities are based on parts of me (whether the good or the bad ones) or some people i know or knew!

for example i made maya based on the part of me which is sometimes really awkward and doesn’t know what to say (and overall lacks asertivness) and i built her from there

Yup, sums up their friendship in a nutshell. 
Just a lazy little sketch created from boredom and being far too exhausted to actually try and draw anything proper  x’D Maybe tomorrow though if I have the time, we’ll see. 


          ❛    I beseech you, most noble lady, to accept forever one who in all things will cheerfully                do as your will as long as his days shall last. Farewell, my soul and consolation.                                       You, the b  r  i  g  h  t  e  s  t ornament in Scotland, farewell, farewell.    

                                   independent + selective lady catherine gordon

                                          historically based, multiverse, oc + au friendly 

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