“Except in special circumstance, a Templar mage is not trained, but raised. 

Equally (indeed, perhaps more) important as skill in such mages is absolute loyalty to the Templar Order–something that cannot be properly nurtured in adults, as such potentials must chosen before rebellious natures are developed. Circle-born mages are almost always given to the cause, where they learn to become obedient to the Order well before they learn to walk or talk.

The first such case is the youngest of Knight-Captain Faulkner’s charges: Enchanter Haylan (then 17 winters), born of a union between a Templar and a mage woman. Her future as a hunter of her own kind was decided even before her birth, and she would be trained for 16 more years before the Templar Hound initiative could begin in earnest. Raised first in the Starkhaven Chantry and immediately given to the Circle at the first sign of magic, Enchanter Haylan has been under the Templar’s eye all her life and knows little outside of the Circle.

There had been some scandal when it was rumoured that in preparation for the Templar Hound initiative, the Order turned a blind eye to (and some would suggest even encouraged) cases of Templar and mage relations for several years in order to produce mages of the desired circumstance. It is unknown if Enchanter Haylan was a product of a mere dalliance or purposeful breeding.”

From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi

I run a tight ship, so beware.

Allow me to introduce to you, Sovereign Vee, Queen of Bacon, Palewdin, WWV World Star Hiphop Champion, Top Hyena, Lewdie.

This is a flat-colored WIP and she is currently missing her teeth. I will finish that at some point.

Her uniform has no actual rank insignias, pins, whatevers as to not contradict with Luna’s army :^)

would u serve her


TT-TT i’m glad you love them.

tho i haven’t even decided the names xD or think of the story in detail yet, i do have some story in mind for the twins.

- their parents are the king and queen but one day they disappeared and everyone assumed they were killed by the enemy country so the throne was left to the older twin

- however, the sacred pearl that was protecting their land for thousands of years were stolen and one way to save their people from getting harm by the enemies is using the younger twin sister as a sacrifice in place of the sacred item

- but the older brother decided to exchange their role, letting his sister be the king and he will trap himself as the sacred pearl to protect their land

- the ‘king’ promised her brother that one day she will find the sacred pearl and give him back his freedom

- when she grow up into adult, she decided to leave their land to another land to find the sacred pearl. 

and this is where the story separated into 2 different stories

- for the younger sister, she went to the other land with one of her servant and they met a guy that was sold and tortured as a slave. she bought him and the 3 of them continue their adventure to find the pearl. that guy is an idiot tho xD even tho it doesnt matter to him if she’s a guy or a girl, he never realized she’s actually a woman xD (probably until they get married lol)

- for the older brother, when his younger sister left the kingdom… the enemies army also broke their barrier and invade their land. even tho their army protected the land, the young prince of the enemy country managed to stole the ‘angel’ which is the older twin. According to the prophecy, the young prince will be killed by a man in with silver hair from that land so they stole the twin brother and try to kill him before he kill the prince. however, the prince said he will handle it by himself and no one can touch the older twin beside him. the fact is that, the  prince was saved by the older twin when he was a kid and they did promised together to bring peace to both their country without more war. but the older twin doesn’t remember him, he stayed in the palace with the prince waiting for a chance to escape instead.