A while back a friend of mine ran a really short DnD campaign of less than 5 sessions and I decided to go ham and make a completely nonsensical character for it.

This is Adonis, a white tiefling paladin with noble heritage. He’s meant to look like a bride, because why not. 

I might retool him into a non-DnD specific character someday~


some oc draws i was hangin onto. sam (the shorter one) was already an oc, but her brother was a revamped adoptable design i kept. he uses a 3D printer to make various prosthetics, one of which is a skele leg that @fireflysummers suggested. added to that, he likes to joke that those are his old, actual leg bones and watch people’s reactions.

beep boop dnd oc concept time. that hat has to be the most impractical thing in the world for a rogue but hey we’re not here for practicality