{ I am f r a g i l e, but I’m strong enough. If…

                      obychnyy, poisoned-princess, lewdchild, myutojin, or revelandd

                                                                                               needs me, follow me to ℋ ℯ ℓ ℓ }

            ღ;; A gaggle of strangers… and none of them seem to be human. Well, then. A tedious smile, giving a half wave to the group. “.. Hello~.”

             ✖ ~ Щ ї l l уоц l о v ё мє,

                 шїтноцт ґёa₴оп?

; Shouta’s ears and tail gave a small twitch as the little slave picked up on the sound of boots, or shoes, hitting the floor. He got off the ground (for he had been planting flowers for his Master’s garden) and ran to meet whoever it was. The neko kitten couldn’t help being overly friendly. “HI!” He bounced around the stanger.

Innocence-Among-Sin, Obychnyy, Nemirtingas

 Blinking emerald optics, the traveler found herself at a standstill. Which way, which way? Teetering left and right at the fork in the road, it wasn’t surprising that she’d unknowingly collided with a passerby. Muttering quick apologies as she turned herself around, she hurriedly snatched her sword from off the ground, hoping it hadn’t cracked when it’d hit the pavement. With a quick breath of relief at it's unaltered form, the blonde redirected her gaze to the one before her, blinking quite frequently, “Uh, sorry about that! You alright? Didn’t break anything, did you?”