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  • me: I just watched voltron and omg idk who my favorite character even is, they're all so good!
  • pidge: *is an altogether good, intelligent, and interesting character who has a bit of trouble connecting with others and who I headcanon as ace*
  • pidge: *is also a bit of an asshole with a smart mouth and Family Angst(tm)*
  • me with my track record: so I have a favorite character...

1 Daddy Cool – Placebo // Hyper Worm Tamer (Remix) – Grinderman/U.N.K.L.E. // 3 Closer (Thrust Remix) Nine Inch Nails // 4 Behind the Wheel (Live, 1993) – Depeche Mode // 5  She’s Hit – The Birthday Party // 6 Dirt – Depeche Mode //  7 All Mine – Portishead // 8 Breath Control – Recoil // 9 Taste It – INXS // 10  The Asphalt World – Suede

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30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 5 | favourite aerial ethereal relationships

“I like your sister,” I tell him first. “She’s sweet.” He’s taken aback, like no one has ever called Katya sweet before. “She’s still figuring things out,” he says.“I get it,” I breathe. She’s trying to find herself.

Timo licks his bottom lip and laughs. “You want me to be single, John?” This took a turn. I stare between them, my eyes pinging back and forth with intrigue. John puts the beer to his lips. “I’m out of your league, Timo.”  “If you say so.“

Luka’s gaze lands on Nikolai, and that regret floods his features again. “Don’t break up with him because of me, okay?” The panic in his tone actually freezes my muscles. I swallow a rock. “I won’t,” I assure him. He nods a couple times, trying to believe me.

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Hello Lily~ It's nice to meet you! My name's Stephanie, and a fun fact about me is that I'm actually from Hawaii, so I grew up loving Lilo and Stitch too! It was my favorite movie growing up, and "Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch" was the first movie to ever make me cry, haha. Also, I kinda looked like Lilo as a little kid because I had her tan skin, potato nose and did hula in 3rd grade, LOL. Well anyways, congrats on your milestone! I wish you many more to come! <3 ~Steph (br)

ahh tysm steph! wow that’s rlly cool + lilo and stitch is one of my faves too obv 

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